Chunky Rainbow Puzzle

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Roberta's Review for the Chunky Rainbow Puzzle

Chunky RainbowBuffalo - Art by Josie Lewis
500 Pieces
Ribbon Cut
Finished Dimension: 21.25” x 15”
My (advancing) Newbie Di
fficulty Rating - Easy but . . .

. . . False Fit! No, that’s not when you had a hard time buttoning your favorite jeans. It’s when pieces seem to fit perfectly where they don’t really go. This is especially annoying when a piece is totally surrounded by other pieces and looks perfect. I spent too much time having to take apart tight fitting sections to correct those issues! Oh yes, this puzzle had tight piece fit, I picked the whole thing up when it was (finally) complete. That’s usually something I quite admire in a puzzle, but not when it just made the puzzling experience less than satisfying.

Well, let’s assume this was a one off issue. You might get this puzzle cut at another time, and therefore have a new cut pattern. Because, this could be a really fun puzzle to piece together. All you have to do is follow the puzzle mantra - “Find the edge pieces and sort by color.”

The frame goes together pretty quickly (I did it in10 minutes! And, I’m a slow puzzler.) The sides were full of color information, but even the top and bottom were simple enough. After that you might want to sub sort out the shades of each color. In this puzzle it was quite straightforward to distinguish what made up each 17 piece inner row. Yes, it was, really!

Quality: Aside from false fits, it’s good. The pieces are a bit glossy, they are sturdy, none were together uncut, none were damaged, and none were missing. All traditional shapes were represented. There were also some non traditional pieces that did not interlock, but mostly it was ribbon cut. A lot of consideration is given to the environment — small but solid box, no shrink wrap, the pieces were loose inside, along with a full size poster. The box is glued shut; requiring breaking the seal apart. It does leave residue that doesn’t show when the box is closed. So not pristine, but good enough. There was no puzzle dust. Color match on box and poster were true to the puzzle pieces. Buffalo puzzles are also well priced.

I really want to recommend this puzzle. It’s a colorful, entertaining introduction for new puzzlers. For seasoned puzzlers, it’s a quick fix for a bad day! After 7 months, that’s not me, but I didn’t put in very many hours. Without the aforementioned false fit issue, I would have enjoyed this little puzzle very much. As it is, I always get pleasure from the puzzling process. I cannot say often enough how calming it is to puzzle, to get lost in the effort (even when annoyed), clear my mind, be at peace.

My grades: Quality B+, Fun Factor (for me) B-. I have to grade the box of pieces I receive. Otherwise, this is possibly 500 pieces of A+ fun.

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