A Cats Retreat - Cobble Hill Jigsaw Puzzle

Reviewed by Dorothy Krusky 

When introduced to the Cobble Hill jigsaw puzzles it was the beginning of a good thing. “A Cats Retreat” was a fun puzzle to do as it has a lot going for it. First off the size of the puzzle is a  24” x 18” (62cm x45.7cm) with 275 easy handling pieces. This made for a comfortable layout on the kitchen table. The pieces have a good quality feel to them. So different from puzzles back in the day. The matte finish has a nice texture. This was most appealing to me.

A Cats Retreat, 275 Pieces, 24" x 18"

The best part is this puzzle is the random cut, the size was certainly easy to handle. I found they could be easily picked up. The random shapes made for an interesting puzzle venture. It was most helpful to have a poster to follow along instead of erecting the box lid into a standing position.

This is a most colorful puzzle. I love the felines hanging out in the garden shed. It makes me wonder if perhaps they were searching for catnip? A delightful puzzle that I would most certainly recommend to the novice puzzler.

This is a close up of the random cut. As you will note the shapes are of various sizes making it for easy handling.  Being somewhat new to puzzling I work from box to table.  I definitely would recommend this delightful Cobble Hill 'A Cats Retreat' jigsaw puzzle especially if your thoughts are dabbling towards taking up a relaxing hobby.

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