I'd Rather Be Reading Jigsaw Puzzle

I’d Rather Be Reading - 1000 Piece 

                                       Design Galison

                                      Photograph by Phil Shaw

                                      Size - 20” x 27”

Guest Blogger Dorothy Krusky reviews the Galison,  I'd Rather Be Reading Jigsaw Puzzle.

When I first saw this puzzle it was an instant “gotta have”, it is beautiful. Being a newbie in the puzzle world and not knowing the various brands well I just had to find out about this particular design. My fingers clicked on over to a wonderful FaceBook group Jigsaw Puzzles Connection as this is where a load of great info could be found. It turns out many members like the modern, colorful style of the Galison creations. This opened my eyes to yet another exciting path to puzzling. Just who were Galison and what inspired them? A little Google search helped me to find the answer to such an all important question.

https://www.galison.com/pages/about-us - follow this link where you will discover puzzles are just a part of what they offer. Take the time to read where they state “they are proud of their artist’s creations.” I have a feeling my visits to Galison will be more often. How can I not adore such beautiful works of art. There is a little of something for everyone. 

This puzzle was a delight to do. The rows of books in solid colors were an inspiration to complete. As each shelf came to life I found a desire to see the next colored row completed. There was no real need to read the titles as each color was a thin shade different. 

The puzzle pieces were easy to handle and pick up. This was important as it makes doing puzzling more enjoyable. The low gloss made it easy when working under overhead light. 

Becoming interested in puzzling meant that the puzzle had to be colorful, interesting in content and encouraging as each piece clicked in with the other. When moving the puzzle it held together really well. This is a feature that is a bonus for any puzzler. 

Would I recommend this particular puzzle to others? You bet, especially to those that enjoy doing colorful puzzles with a book theme. A well put together puzzle from the box to the packaging. It also really helps when there is a poster included.

Note the Galison Logo. You will know when you have found a gem when you see their name clearly printed on the front of the box. A sampling of one shade of color pieces below.

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