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Pathway to Puzzling...

From down along the banks of the Ottawa River.

Princess Patches Cecil 2020

March 31, 2020

The last day of the month and what a month it has been. For many of us we have been staying home, taking walks at a distance from others and having to adjust to a new world. This is also the time where despite all the sadness we can have hope, hope for a cleaner, wiser and more understanding planet.

 I’m a pet owner as many of you know. If I have learned anything besides puzzling and staying in touch with family and friends, it is the opportunity to watch my pets.

Often they have made me smile, the way they try to out race one another come food time, how they saunter past one another. My favorite is watching the cat sit on her throne and gaze out the window. She sits ever so still when a bird bobs past, her body is taut, her pupils become a thin line, they grow bigger whenever she spots something of interest and her long black tail swishes from side to side.. She is the Princess sitting on her throne. I predict she will be perched on her cat tree for hours this summer.

So now is the time to let my thoughts wander back to the first 1,000 piece puzzle completed in the winter of 2019. It was a beautiful scenery, the artwork of Kim Norlien "painter of peace and tranquility". A friend had given me a bunch of puzzles. The beautiful colors made this a “must complete” puzzle. Plus I wanted to show my sister Linda I could do it. My neighbour helped with the materials to construct a board large enough so the pieces would not fall to the ground. We knew who would snatch the cardboard pieces, not the cat….the dog. The size of this puzzle is 39" x 19.5", so over 3 feet long and made by Masterpieces

The title of this beautiful puzzle is called Sanctuary.  If there is anything I picked up on in the Jigsaw Puzzle Connections Facebook Group it was the importance of giving this information. There has been so much to learn. My sister says, “to go at my own pace.” Perhaps this advice has been what keeps me puzzling to this day. Below is a photo of the puzzle. 

Sanctuary, 1000 Pieces, MasterPieces, Artist: Kim Norlien, 39" x 19.5", large pieces.

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The above jigsaw puzzle(s) have been added to my Puzzle Hobby Tracker 

I am in the process of recording all my past jigsaw puzzles that I still have for my walls and all my current puzzles.


March 28, 2020

Hello, the most glorious sounds have returned, the Canada Geese have made their pilgrimage to our banks down along the Ottawa river. It is very comforting to hear the honking from above. As I look up I admire how the Geese know where their place is in the V shape. Each one slips into their designated spot without any fuss. Nature has a way of reminding us how to do things in a simple way.

This is all so true in our present day health crisis. The sooner everyone stays physically apart, stays home and listens to the medical experts the sooner we humans can look forward to all the enjoyments of living. For now we will plug along. We will pray for one another worldwide. Nature has observed we are living on a sick planet. When we do the simple requests from the Doctors/Scientists/Government leaders perhaps we will heal the world together. I believe we can.

Onto my puzzle ventures. Once folks heard I was doing puzzles they decided to send me what interests me best. I did purchase a couple from an online rescue puggle group that holds an auction every month. This is to go to transport and medically help a pet. Participating was great on two fronts. Animals are given forever homes and then there is the enjoyment of doing a new puzzle. Online groups are excellent for helping out in so many ways. The jigsaw-puzzle-connections FB group is a great way for people to gather together to see what others are doing from all over the globe. It is also a place to feel you are still connected with people during this pandemic. So to all be safe, stay home and let’s beat this one...we can and will.

Who Can Resist a Selfie?

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March 17, 2020

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

The photo to the left is Gingi and she loved the Irish holiday. His owner Amy would put on a spot of green and give him a special treat. Our dog Kaijuk had a fond heart for little Gingi and rightfully so. She was blessed to be rescued and lived a good life with her owners and fur friends. A little window for the good folks to peek in on the life with our puggle down along the snowy banks of the Ottawa river.

My previous post found me so excited to share conquering The Moon, a great 1,000 piece puzzle from Cobble Hill. I sort of got ahead of myself. You see as Linda was easing my interest into the puzzling world she sent me many puzzles over the past two years. It was not until last summer that I began to photograph the completed puzzles sent by her. It was always something to look forward to that’s for sure. 

At that time my interest was not as far as it has come now. I couldn’t tell a Galison from a Ravensburger, or a Puzzle Bug from a Sure Lock puzzle. Back then a puzzle was just a puzzle to me that is until I attempted to do a thousand piece puzzle. It was both a challenge and exciting. You see I couldn’t wait to share with Linda my conquest.

Puzzling has become more of an art, a relaxation time, a way to unwind and forget whatever may have been on my mind. Below are some photos of puzzles completed. I really must apologize for not knowing the brand, pieces or title of the work. Let’s just say those were the baby steps. There is so much to learn, thankfully Jigsaw Puzzle Connections has such understanding members. They enjoy whatever you put out there without anxiety. A puzzler is a puzzler to them and for me that’s a thumbs up....until the next time....keep on puzzling....

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March 14, 2020

Hello from down along the rainy banks of the Ottawa river. Yes, it is that time of year where we anticipate all the sounds of Spring. The other morning when looking out the window with the feline we saw a Red Cardinal perched in the Pine tree that’s close to the house. Now I hear they are a good sign, “someone from above watching over you.” The little Red Cardinal certainly made my morning. Here is the tree when covered with snow. The white blanket slipped off allowing the birds to begin the Spring ritual to gather nesting material. It should make for an interesting new season.

The Moon - fallen pieces

In the past couple of weeks I  took the “out of this world,” experience. For all the folks in the Jigsaw Puzzle Connections they can relate in so many ways. I’d say many of them are a seasoned group, dedicated to puzzling. Some members will challenge themselves by doing a puzzle of 5,000 pieces and up. I can only say WOW! Then other members count how many puzzles they do per month. Their challenge is to see if they beat last year’s count. In any event these people amaze me. 

 That was one reason for attempting to do a puzzle of 1,000 pieces titled The Moon from the 2020 collection of Cobble Hill Puzzles. Little could I imagine what this  puzzle would go through to get complete. I’ve come to know having a good space to lay out a puzzle is most important however little did I anticipate dropping a couple of pieces. I rescued the first one from the jaws of the puggle. Whew. Now that would have been a big event in itself but nope. The next day I was moving the puzzle and kerplunk, down it went. Did I get angry...no use. Each section was picked up and set gingerly back in the box. The thought was to put it away.

The puzzle was on my mind so much so that once again the busy hands began the task of finding all the little pieces to put in their correct place. Well, once again the dog managed to find a piece and totally destroy it. Was The Moon telling me something? Not giving up and getting encouragement from my sister Linda I continued. Cobble Hill Puzzles was generous in that once they heard about the plight of the puzzle they helped to see this one come together by sending a replacement puzzle for me to locate the 2 er… missing pieces. Definitely a big thank you.

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March 1, 2020

Time sure has a way of escaping us. The weather has required attention in that the snow needed to be shovelled allowing the dog to go out for short 

periods at a time. He is a puggle and a most stubborn one at that. Lately, he has found the cold to be a bit too much so more pathways have been made to accommodate him. As you can see it is beautiful countryside here along the banks of the Ottawa river. Both myself and Kaijuk enjoy the warmer days playing fetch with snowballs.

Puzzle friends I believe you would be happy to note that my sister Linda  found a way to move me up into doing larger puzzles. She would call and tell me all about the neat little puzzles she found and how she believed that I could handle doing 240 - 300 piece puzzles. There was a bit of self doubt here nonetheless listening to my sister being so excited to share the new finds had me looking forward to her parcel. I’m not sure if there was a plan going on with her or if it was a testing of the puzzle waters. Whatever it was I most certainly found myself enjoying putting together the two pack puzzles.  Here are a couple that I took great delight in completing. Do you see how Linda incorporated my love for felines as well as her love to puzzle?

These little delights arrived not too long after our conversation.

Note the felines in the socks on the clothesline. I’m certain this was a well chosen puzzle to send.

At first glance my thoughts were 480 pieces? Once I really looked there they were delightful cupcakes and a cute marine life puzzle.

Wow I had graduated to 500 pieces and didn’t even notice it. Oh my sister sure is a sneaky one.

These were most enjoyable to do. They handled pretty good. The size made it easy to set them on a small board and relax on the couch while listening to the TV. Sometimes it is best to dip your fingers into a puzzle box before throwing your hands right into the project. 

 I’d say “mission accomplished Sis, the small puzzles were a definite stepping puzzle piece into the world of puzzling.

****Please note: Puzzlebug puzzles can be purchased at Dollar-type Stores a an extremely low price-please shop around first before you buy. Until the next time...


Feb. 11, 2020

The Ottawa river is located in Ontario, Canada. Having said that I thought perhaps you would enjoy the fun that goes on in the winter on the frozen river. The photo is of myself and our rehome puggle enjoying the sport of ice-fishing. Ok so we are great spectators...

In the summer the activity that goes on is boating, folks canoeing, jet skiing, fishing, and sometimes swimming close to the edge. Every year there is a Fishing Contest that attracts many of the locals. The dock provides a venue where people gather for the weekend and have a good time.  Now readers you have an understanding of the title for this blog.

My sister Linda found that I enjoyed doing the small feline puzzles so much that she dared to move onto sending another parcel containing small desserts puzzles. How could I resist? They were so delicious to create. The chocolate chip cookie was my favorite. It reminded me it was time for tea. :)

Often I would see these little gems crop up in the Jigsaw Puzzle Connections FaceBook group and the reviews were great to read. The members have certainly opened my eyes to the wide variety, the degree of difficulty, the different puzzle companies and the beautiful image of each puzzle. I’ve been in both awe and intimidated. The impression you get when scrolling through the page is how much people enjoy puzzling. So with that thought in mind I would not give up.

It was a treat how the puzzle pieces did not take long to put together. Also, the quality of the cardboard was pretty darn good. Every completed image was easy to pick up without falling apart.These little puzzles were fun to do, a pleasure to look at when complete. I’d say Linda Richard scored another positive to peaking my interest in puzzling! Could she be onto something? Stay tuned….

The above image is a photo of the CraZart, 12 Mini Desserts Jigsaw Puzzle totalling 500 pieces in individual puzzle sections. To read Linda's full review CLICK HERE 

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February 04/2020 

When my sister Linda asked me if I would like to blog about my puzzle experience I was not too certain as to how to write about this topic. You see I am a novice puzzler. The Facebook jigsaw puzzle Group I belong to has some pretty amazing folks in it. Their work on 1,000 piece puzzles or larger is fascinating.This has me doubting if I could rise to the occasion. But does it mean placing such high expectations? 

There are some members in Jigsaw Puzzle Connections Facebook Group that find such enjoyment in doing puzzles that are 100, 200 and 350 pieces. The images are simply beautiful. This FaceBook group grows every day. It is wonderful to see people from all over the world, different ages and unique interests in the style of puzzles  they post. Truly, they enjoy the outcome of their work as do the other members.

When I was young puzzles took too much patience. That was a trait lacking in my life. Our Aunt used to say, “patience is a virtue…” well I certainly did not possess this quality. It was something that had to be worked on all my life. The puzzles we had back in our childhood were too boring for me. Those little pieces of cardboard would slip out of place, somehow there were other pieces that landed on the floor. Hmmmm...I wonder...winks. 

So as you can tell puzzles were not high on the list. Now felines - they were my passion! I’d rescue any lost feline that purred it’s way onto our property.

Little did I know that my love for the cat became a source of my renewed interest in puzzles. Did I just say that???? 

 Kittens by the Dozen  was assembed by my sister Linda and if you want to read her review just click on that link.

The small pictures you see throughout this post are my first introduction back into the puzzling world. As you can see they are so delightful. How could I not want to put them together? The best part is that it was a great introduction to Linda’s love of puzzles.

Happy puzzling, Dorothy

The above jigsaw puzzle(s) have been added to my Puzzle Hobby Tracker 

I am in the process of recording all my past jigsaw puzzles that I still have for my walls and all my current puzzles.

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