Hello Puzzlers. It’s Puzzle Pete here. I love my job as I get to tell you all the new numbers at the Global Puzzle Pieces Challenge. Also, one of the Admins in the Global Puzzle Pieces Challenge, Dorothy, has found an innovative way to assist Puzzlers who do not have the technical access to join in the Challenge.  Here's what she told us...

Neighbour Uploads Puzzle Pieces for Neighbour - That Works too ;)

Hello to all our fellow puzzlers and game changers!!! I had to add the last part for fun. You see I know Puzzle Pete, Puzzle Fairy Para and Leila are over the moon with the puzzle piece count going up, up, up. That’s thanks to all our participants.

I’m going to let you in on a little something that you may find worth a try. My neighbour does not use computers or any techno gadgets however she loves to puzzle. For as long as I have known her she has always been interested in passing the time away by puzzling. 

Now, I told her about our new Global Puzzle Pieces Challenge game using the Puzz2Pro APP. She was so excited, then her face dropped. Her expression was somewhat sad. When I asked what was wrong, well she hesitated to reply. It dawned on me, this neighbour wanted to get involved but could not see how. After a few days I proposed an idea to her and this is what we came up with and she certainly is pleased.

I decided to add her to the Global Puzzle Pieces Challenge  using one of my other ‘gadgets’ (devices). Yes, her own place on the leaderboard! She was so excited to see that with a little help she could actively puzzle along and see her pieces added to the count. Every time I visit, it is a given that she has a few puzzles done. The iPad goes upstairs with me now so I can take photos for her and load them up under her Username on the Puzz2Pro APP. We kept it a simple name so she would see it straight away.

Then, another solution for her. Even though she is not on the Puzz2Pro APPI am able to do the work for her. Sort of like some family members helping out other puzzlers. I found we needed to log all the info, so I purchased 2 BePuzzled Log Books and will leave one for her to keep. She can log her info then take her puzzle apart...after I have photographed it. There will be a log book in transition at all times so I can double check all of her work is uploaded. This also saves on trying to remember to bring her book back up. 

Gosh, who would have thought our offline puzzlers can participate in the game with a little help from family/friends. We certainly hope this inspires puzzlers that want to play but need a little help. I can see Puzzle Pete now, jumping up and down with such excitement. I think Puzzle Fairy Para and Puzzle Leila will have to calm him down before the little cardboard puzzle Boy fades him self away...just kidding. Smiles. :) 

Master Page - Global Puzzle Pieces Challenge

Puzzle Pete here - for Week Four, August 31st - September 6th, 2020 numbers CLICK HERE

It is exciting to see our count reach over 900K. Wow, imagine in the short time that our puzz2pro App has been up and running I’d say we are off to a great start! For details and sign up to the Global Puzzle Pieces Challenge CLICK HERE

All of us would like to thank the Puzzlers that have signed up and are actively participating in the growing count. I see some pretty darn good puzzles on the leaderboard. 

The Global Puzzle Pieces Challenge Master Page Update will be posted out weekly on Mondays with the latest counts and also in the weekly Newsletter so you may want to sign up for that below.

 One thing Puzzle Fairy Para pointed out is when a puzzler posts his/her puzzle,  you can see larger pictures when you click on the small ones. This is especially handy when deciding on what puzzle to submit next.

Well, that’s all for now. There is so much more to come but we will wait until puzzlers are comfortable in using the APP. 

From the gang at Puzzle Hobby

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Welcome to the latest game in the jigsaw puzzle world! We hope you hop on board and join us in our long term challenge of recording  ONE BILLION jigsaw puzzle pieces using our puzz2pro App - It can be done, all in good time….let the games begin!!!

Hi, I’m Puzzle Pete. I hope you all  participate in our challenge. I’ve been told that puzzlers are tops.  All of the info is ready for you to get your name and puzzles into the count. You know I really believe we can reach our mark but we need you to help us see one billion pieces recorded from around the world on our puzz2pro APP. Just imagine all the busy puzzle dust flying everywhere. What a happy bunch we will be! To sign up CLICK HERE

We will be sending out important updates with the increasing number of pieces collected and other details, therefore you may want to sign up for our newsletter first. All your information is private and we do not share it with any other companies because we like our privacy too ;)

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Introduction to our Challenge

August 2020 - The last few months have been very trying for everyone around the world. This time gave us opportunity to bring a little positive into your lives.

Linda Richard, founder of puzzlehobby.com had been mulling over an idea she is certain will be of great interest to all puzzlers. So, she decided to bring her brainstorm of an idea to her sister Dorothy’s mind. You see Linda had gotten Dorothy interested in puzzles and believes this idea will certainly keep the momentum going from the novice to the amateur puzzler. 

With all the negative and hard to watch news, puzzles are gaining more attraction. People are looking for a place to escape all the statistics, fear and anxieties they are experiencing. Puzzles also bring many families together. So despite the gloomy headlines on tv and posts on social media an idea was being born.

We would like to introduce you to the puzz2pro app. This little app will depend on the puzzlers interaction. This means you. Our main, long term goal is to record one billion pieces of  cardboard/wood puzzles. We are working in the background while still maintaining our presence in the FaceBook Jigsaw Puzzle Connections Group.  We will not reveal this fun app to all fellow puzzlers until we are 100% ready for its release. It will be soon, very soon.

Now, you must be asking yourselves how much is it to join? Absolutely nothing! You will sign in, however you must know we have taken every step to make sure none of your personal information is available to the public. All that will show is the Username you choose example, 'PuzzleStar' and the submission of your own personal puzzle photo with all the info such as size, pieces, company etc.

Please do not be intimidated to the long term goal. Imagine watching the numbers climb 1,000, 2,000, 3,000...it won’t be long before we reach 100,000. We encourage you to stay tuned as we make sure there are no glitches. A little secret...look for this little fella Puzzle Pete. 

Until then keep on recording your puzzling…

The Crew