Günther Simetsberger Jigsaw Puzzle Hobbyist

Günther Simetsberger has completed the 33,600 jigsaw puzzle pieces called Wildlife created by the artist Adrian Chesterman.

He lives in Lambach, Austria. He is also the Founder of World Puzzle Days in it's 5th year for 2017.

Every morning I wake up and wonder what exciting fun things will happen in my jigsaw puzzle world today... Often it's Group members from around the world sharing their latest finds or fantastic creations or offering up an article for the Jigsaw Puzzle Connections online magazine or Newsletter. These things I am always so grateful for as people of the same passion reach out to connect.

Today, and I think you will agree with me, this one deserves a little bit of extra attention.... Günther Simetsberger has not only completed the 33,600 jigsaw puzzle pieces called Wildlife created by the artist Adrian Chesterman, but now has provided a YouTube video to show us how he mounted this massive jigsaw puzzle to his wall. 

Click on the following link to watch it now......

Well I was very happy that I got to watch it over a Sunday morning coffee......this 47 minute video and wall mounting of the 33,600 piece Wildlife jigsaw puzzle was entertaining and the information details are extremely helpful for others who are looking for ideas or ways to mounts their puzzles.

I was really impressed with the close up corner video shot....that amazed me how well those pieces went together....likewise, Günther, thanks for sharing the extra honest commentary about not filming the corner...Understandably, I would have likely done the same thing. (see the comments in the video)

Gunther has provided a complete commentary and demonstration with the possible hazards of glue and measurements ~ working the left to right~ from front to back, down to spacing the screws and replacing the puzzle pieces over top (genius idea by the way!)  

AND......working the frame around the puzzle. Simply amazing the amount of work and effort put into this project.

Then once again I enjoyed viewing the close up panorama on this Masterpiece of a jigsaw puzzle provided by none other than the Puzzler Master himself who shared his personal event with us. 

I commend you Günther with all your efforts taken and given to us for a sensational journey on your wonderful accomplishment. I know there is a tremendous amount of work involved in not only (possibly the 4th person) to complete this 33600 piece jigsaw puzzle, then the steps to mount the puzzle to the wall but also the time and efforts used to create/edit this video.

Here is the link for 192 photos for your 'close up' viewing pleasure. CLICK HERE

Kudos to you Günther for being included in the Wildlife 33,600 piece jigsaw puzzle completion history books!!!

Many thanks Günther and big CHEERS and CONGRATS!!!


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