Fran Duffee-3, Dowdle - Trick or Treat by Eric Dowdle - 500 pieces - 16” x 20”
Nick Guinn-32, Master Pieces, Titled: It's a Wrap 19" x 14" 500 pieces
Vicki Burtcher-22,Roseart Hometown Collection, Homecoming by Heronim. 1000 pieces
Fran Duffee-2, White Mountain 2014 - Jack-O-Lanterns - 1000 pieces - artist Lori Schory
Nick Guinn-31, SunsOut, Halloween Scene 12"x 36", 500 pieces, Artist: K. Sean Sullivan
Julie Smith-35, Witchy Fairy 1,000 pcs by Piece Time Puzzles, art by Sherrie Spencer, 20 x 28 inches
Nick Guinn-30, Sunsout Trick Treat Halloween Family Jigsaw Puzzle 625 pieces Legacy Tree Fun puzzle.
Melanie Newby-6, Gibsons, 1980s Sweet Memories, 19x27, 1000 pieces, Artist: (c) Robert Opie Collection.
Jean Belloff-14, Dowdle, All Hallow's Eve, 16 x 20", 500 pieces, Eric Dowdle
Willard Belloff-6, Bits and Pieces Titled: Haunted Haven, 20 x 27", 1000 pieces, Artist: Ruane Manning
Julie Smith-34, Sunsout, The Cat's Meow, 1,000 pieces, 20 x 27 inches, art by Kate Ward Thacker
Vicki Burtcher-21, White Mountain 1000 pc New Hampshire
Nick Guinn-29, Dowdle Folk Art Witchfest at Gardner Village 16x20 500 Pieces Artist: Eric Dowdle
Jean Belloff-13, SunsOut, Selling Pumpkins, 15 x 29, 500 pieces, Mark Daehlin
Julie Smith-33, White Mountain Lunch Boxes 1,000, 24 x 30 inches, art by Lois B. Sutton
Vicki Burtcher-20 ,MB Charles Wysocki's Americana Labor Day in Bungalowville. 1000 pieces
Jean Belloff-12, Vermont Christmas Co., Halloween Town, 18 x 24,550 pieces, Randy Wollenmann
Julie Smith-32, The House of Puzzles (Scotland): Panmure Collection: Toffee Apples, 1,000 pieces, 19 x 27 inches.
Fran Duffee-1, Springbok 2016 - Terrorific Treats - 500 pieces - Sandra Garvey
Nick Guinn-28, Ceaco, Candy Logo Collage 24"x18", 550 pieces
Vicki Burtcher-19, Cra-z-art Colorlux 1500 pieces, Fun Candy Table
Julie Smith-31, Vermont Christmas Company, All Hallow's Eve, 1,000 pieces, 24 x 30 inches, art by Carol Newsom
Eduardo Tellez Giron-1, Disney Parks, Tim Burton's, The Nightmare Before Christmas,1000 piece, Size 25 x 24"
Jean Belloff-11, SunsOut, Uninvited Guest, 18 x 24", 500 pieces, Jeff Tift
Vicki Burtcher-18, LOG Puzzlebug Colorful signs at the country market. 500 pieces.
Julie Smith-30, Educa Calaveritas Collection: Jean, 500 pieces, 18 3/4 X 13 1/2", art by Javi Moiner The King of Pop
Julie Smith-29, Ceaco Candy Logo Collage 550 pieces, 24 x 18 inches
Julie Smith-28,Springbok Rock Candy 500 pieces, 18 x 23.5"
Julie Smith-27, Masterpieces Sweet Shoppe: Candy is Dandy 500 pcs, 14 x 19 inches
Julie Smith-26, Masterpieces Farmer's Market 500 pieces, diamond shaped puzzle, 19" x 19", art by Art Poulin
Julie Smith-25,V ermont Christmas Company Jack O'Lanterns, 1,000 pcs, 30 x 24", art by Carol Newsome
Nick Guinn-26, Andrews + Blaine Trick or Treat 19 x 14 500 pieces Artist: Betty Padden
Nick Guinn-25, Bits and Pieces Backyard Camping 16 x 20 500 pieces Artist: Christine Carey
Julie Smith-24, Sunsout Great Pumpkin Festival, 500 pieces, 24" x 18" Art by Tricia Reilly Matthews
Nick Guinn-24, SunsOut, Count Dogula, 15"x24" 550 pieces, Artist: Tom Wood
Vicki Burtcher-17, MB Charles Wysocki's Americana - Black Birds Roost at Mill Creek. 1000 pieces
Julie Smith-23, Lafayette Puzzle Factory Bee's Apple-Honey Farm, 1,000 pieces, 19.25 x 26.625, art by Mark Frost
Courtney Lazzara-3, Hometown Collection Amish Harvest, 19 x 27", 1000 pieces, Heronim
Alexis Whaley-4,SunsOut, Halloween House, 20 x 27, 1000 pieces, art by Nicky Boehme
Helen Tsalevich-5 Andrew + Blaine, Haute Halloween, Bella Pilar-Artist, 1000 pieces.
Willard Belloff-5, Vermont, Halloween Barn Dance, 30x24, 1000 pieces, Randy Wollenmann
Nick Guinn-23, Sunsout Harvest Market 15x29 500 pieces Artist: Ken Zylla
Jean Belloff-10, SunsOut, A Country Town In Autumn, 15 x 24", 550 pieces, Sam Timm
Vicki Burtcher-16, Dowdle, Trick or Treat, 500 pieces.
Julie Smith-22, Sunsout Trick or Treat 2, 500 pieces, 18 x 24 inches, Sheila Lee
Melanie Newby-5, Springbok,Toss Me a Life Saver!, 20.25 x 20.25" Over 500 pieces
Nick Guinn-22, Buffalo Trick or Treat Hotel, 21.25 x 15", 500 pieces Artist: Charles Wysocki
Jean Belloff-9, Bits and Pieces, All Hallows Barn Dance, 20 x 27", 1000 pieces, Joseph Holodook
Julie Smith-21, Andrews + Blaine Cat-O'-Lantern 500 pieces, 16 x 20", Photographer: Rachael Hale
Nick Guinn-21, SunsOut Witching Hour 18x24 500 Pieces, Artist, Susan Rio
Vicki Burtcher-15, Mega Puzzle Hometown Collection, Sunset Visit by Heronim. 1000 pieces
Melanie Newby-4, Buffalo, Trick or Treat Hotel, 21.25 x 15", 500 pieces, Artist: Charles Wysocki
Nancy Hart-5, Master Pieces, Picking the Perfect Pumpkin, 37.8" x 26.8", 2000 pieces, Bonnie White/Next Day Art
Julie Smith-20, Educa Calaveritas: Las Vegas 1,000 pieces, 26.8 x 18.9", art by Javi Moiner
Nick Guinn-20, Springbok, Sweet Tooth, 18"x23.5", 500 pieces
Julie Smith-19, Sunsout Valley Farm 500 pieces, 18 x 24, art by Tom Wood
Vicki Burtcher-14, Karmin brand, Spooky Night by Bob Fair. 550 pieces
Nick Guinn-19,SunsOut A Country Town in Autumn 550 pieces 15x24" Artist: Sam Timm
Jacqueline McCal-4, Bits and Pieces Jack-O-Lantern Festival 20 X 27 1000 pieces
Julie Smith-18, Haunted Inns of England, 1,000 pieces, 27 x 19" by Express Gifts
Julie Smith-17, Sunsout Harvest Market 500 pieces, 15 x 29 inches, art by Ken Zylla
Nick Guinn-18, SunsOut, Boo Cat, 18”x24”, 500 pieces, Artist: Tom Wood
Melanie Newby-3, Springbok, Candy is Dandy, 20 3/8 in. diameter, Over 500 pieces
Vicki Burtcher-13, SunsOut, Bear Valley by Mark Keathley, 1000 pieces 20"x 27"
Jean Belloff-8, SunsOut, Halloween Fright Night, 18 x 24", 500 pieces, Cheryl Bartley
Jacqueline McCAl-3, Mega Puzzles, Scarecrow Festival, 20 X 27", 1000 pieces
Nick Guinn-17 ,SunsOut, Haunted Hayride, 18x24", 500 pieces Artist: Cheryl Bartley
Julie Smith-16, Hallmark, The Color of Fun (Crayola), 1,000 pieces, 24 x 30"
Vicki Burtcher-12, LPF Puzzlebug - Candy Fun. 500 pieces
Alexis Whaley-3, Vermont Christmas Company, Ghostly Gathering, 30" x 24", 1000 pieces, Randy Wollenmann artist
Willard Belloff-4, Sunsout, Monsters Night Out, 26x26, 1000 pieces, Bill Bell
Jean Belloff-7, White Mountain, Jack-O-Lanterns, 1000 pieces, Lori Schory
Nancy Moore-2, Springbok, Autumn Harvest, 29 X 36", 1500 pieces
Courtney Lazzara - 2, Masterpieces, Grandpa's Giant Pumpkin, 39" x 27", 2000 pieces, Bonnie White
Nancy Hart-4, Dowdle Folk Art, Witchfest at Gardner Village, 16 x 20", 500 Pieces, Artist Eric Dowdle
Julie Smith-15, Heye Monsters! Cheers! 1,000 pcs, 19.7 x 27.6",by Michael Slack
Nick Guinn-15, EuroGraphics Halloween Treats 19.25 x 26.625" 1000 pieces
Vicki Burtcher-11, Guild, Lake Superior Harbor, Bayfield, Wisconsin. 1000 pieces. 20x 27"
Melanie Newby-2, Bit and Pieces, Arena Farms, 20 x 27", 1000 pieces, Artist: Kemon Sermos
Julie Smith-14, Masterpieces Sweet Shoppe It's a Wrap 500 pieces, 14 x 19"
Vicki Burtcher-10, MB, Charles Wysocki's Americana - Brooms, Brushes, and Barrels, 1000 pieces
Nick Guinn-14, Dowdle Art, All Hallow’s Eve, 16”x20”, 500 pieces, Artist: Eric Dowdle
Alexis Whaley-2 ,Buffalo Games, Autumn Reflections, 26.75 x 19.75, 1000 pieces, Kim Norlien.
Julie Smith-13, Sunsout Count Dogula 550 pieces, 15 x 24 inches, art by Tom Wood
Vicki Burtcher-9, Buffalo Games, Autumn at the Lake by Darrell Bush. 1000 pieces
Julie Smith-12, Sunsout Haunted Hayride, 500 pieces, 18 x 24 inches, art by Cheryl Bartley
Helen Tsalevich-4, Bits and Pieces, The Witching Hour, 20x27", 1000 pieces, Bonnie White
Nick Guinn-13, Springbok, Terrorific Treats 20" x 20", 500 pieces
Nancy Hart-3, White Mountain Puzzles, Harvest Time, 24" x 30", 1,000 pieces, Lewis T. Johnson
Vicki Burtcher-8, Sure-Lox 3 Deluxe Jigsaw Puzzle Set, Peaceful Pond. 1000 pieces, 29"x 19"
Melanie-Newby-1, USAoploy, It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, 19x19", 500 pieces, Artist: Charles Schulz
Julie Smith-11, Sunsout, Halloween Fright Night 500 pieces, art by Cheryl Bartley, 18 x 24"
Jean Belloff-6, SunsOut, Spooky Lane, 12" x 36" 500 pieces, Debbi Wetzel
Nick Guinn-12, Andrews + Blaine, Trick of Treat Glitter puzzle, 14"x19", 500 pieces, Artist: Janet White
Julie Smith-10, Brand: All Jigsaw Puzzles Title: The Ambler Collection: Halloween size 1,000 pieces, 26 x 20 inches artist Michael Durkan
Vicki Burtcher-7, Fame Puzzles, Berchtesgaden, Germany, 1000 pieces, 27"x 19"
Willard Belloff-3,Eurographics, Halloween Treats, 19 1/4 x 26 5/8, 1000 pieces.
Nick Guinn-11,Vermont Christmas Company Halloween Town Jigsaw Puzzle 18x24 550 pieces Artist: Randy Wollenmann
Nick Guinn-10, SunsOut Mom, This is the One 15.5x18 550 pieces Artist: Patricia Bourque
Jean Belloff-5, SunsOut, Spooky House, 26.5 x 35 ", 1000 pieces, Lori Schory
Julie Smith-9, Gibbs Smith, Day of the Dead, 27 1⁄2" x 19 1⁄2" 1,000 pieces
Helen Tsalevich, Bits and Pieces, Halloween Patchwork, 20x27", 1000 pieces, Artist: Helz Cuppleditch
Julie Smith-8, Sunsout, Boo Cat, 18 x 24 inches, 500 pieces, art by Tom Wood
Jean Belloff-4, SunsOut, Halloween in the City, 15 x 29, 500 pieces, George Kovach
Nancy Hart-2, White Mountain, 1000 pieces, Autumn Quilts, Diane Phelan, 24x30"
Nick Guinn-9, SunsOut, Selling Pumpkins 15"x29", 500 pieces, Artist: Mark Daehlin
Vicki Burtcher-6, MB Charles Wysocki's Americana puzzle #4679-24. No title. 1000 pieces. 22x 26"
Tammi Parnell-1, Springbok Sweet Tooth Jigsaw Puzzle (500 Piece) 23.5 x 18
Julie Smith-7, Mega Hometown Collection, Pumpkin Maze, 1,000 pieces, art by Heronim, size 19 x 26.75"
Nick Guinn-8, Andrews + Blaine Puzzle Cat ~16x20 500 pieces John Coulter
Willard Belloff-2, Vermont, Autumn Canal, 30x24", 1000 pieces, Artist David Maclean
Nick Guinn-7, Artist: Bella Pilar Titled: Stella 16"x20", 500 pieces
Jean Belloff-3, Bits and Pieces, The Witching Hour, 20 x 27", 1000 pieces, Bonnie White
Nancy Moore-1, Milton Bradley (Hasbro), Monte Minding the Store, 23 X 26", 1000 pcs. , Charles Wysocki, 2002.
Vicki Burtcher-5, MB, Charles Wysocki's Americana - Welcome to Bluff Point. 1000 pieces. 22"x 25"
Julie Smith-6, F.X. Schmid, Halloween Party, 39.5 x 22.5 inches, 1,000 pieces, art by Herb Schwartz. This is an extremely hard to find puzzle that was released in 1997.
Jacqueline McCal-2, Bits and Pieces, The Long Walk Home, 20" X 27", 1000 pieces, Tuula Burger
Jean Belloff-2, SunsOut, Trick or Treat 2, 18 x 24", 500 pieces, Sheila Lee
Nick Guinn-6, SunsOut, Uninvited Guest, 18x24" 500 pieces, Artist: Jeff Tift
Vicki Burtcher-4, White Mountain Puzzles - Majestic Moose by Mark Daehlin. 1000 pieces. 24"x 30".
Nick-Guinn-5, SunsOut, Halloween in the City 15x29", 500 pieces By George Kovach
Julie Smith-5, Andrews + Blaine Trick or Treat, 19 x 14 inches, 500 pieces, Betty Paddey
Jean Belloff-1, AB, "Halloween Chic", 38.6 x 13.4", Bella Pilar
Julie Smith-4, White Mountain, Jack-O-Lanterns, 24 x 30 inches, 1,000 pieces, art by Lori Schory
Vicki Burtcher-3, MB Charles Wysocki's Americana - Supper Call. 1000 pieces. 22"x 25"
Nick Guinn-4, SunsOut, Bombs Away 15"x24" 550 pieces Artists: Tom Wood
Nancy Hart-1, Milton Bradley, The Old Village Hardware, Bird-In-Hand, PA Size- 20" x 27", 1,000 pieces, Artist - Thelma Winter
Jacqueline McCal-1, Buffalo Olde Buck's County 26.75 x19.75" 1000 pieces, Charles Wysocki
Julie Smith-3, Masterpieces, Autumn Mistress, 19.25 x 26.75", 1,000 pieces, art by Karl Bang
Helen Tsalevich, Bits and Pieces, Harvest Village Pumpkin, 750 pcs, by Rosiland Solomon
Vicki Burtcher, Kodacolor, Glorious Autumn Bounty, 1000 pieces
Courtney Lazzara -1, Bits and Pieces, Jack-O-Lantern Festiva, l 20 x 27", 1000 pieces
Nick Guinn-3, SunsOut, Trick or Treat 2, 18×24" 500 pieces, Artist: Shelia Lee
Alexis Whaley-1, White Mountain, Lunch Boxes, 24" x 30", 1000 pieces, Lois B. Sutton
Julie Smith-2, Andrews + Blaine, Trick of Treat Glitter puzzle, 14 x 19 inches, 500 pcs, Artist Janet White
Willard Belloff-1, Buffalo, Olde Buck's County 1000 pieces, Charles Wysocki, 26.75 x 19.75"
Nick Guinn-2, SunsOut, The Great Candy Heist 13"x19", 500 pieces, by Tom Wood
Nick Guinn-1 Spooky Lane, SunsOut, 12x36", 500 pieces
Helen Tsalevich-1 Sunsout, Trick or Treat 2, 18×24, 500 pcs, Shelia Lee- Artist
Vicki Burtcher-1, Buffalo Games, Trick or Treat Hotel by Charles Wysocki, 500 pieces. Lots of fun!
Julie Smith-1, Ceaco Night Glow City: Spooky Night, approximately 24 x 16 inches, 550 pcs by Ceaco (2005 release), art by HIDEKI YOSHIOKA. Thanks to Barbara Woods St.

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