Congratulations Julie Smith - Nick Guinn - Vicki Burtcher


Julie Smith

Nick Guinn

Vicki Burtcher

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The TOP 3 *Winners who submitted the most completed Halloween - Fall Scene jigsaw puzzles to this contest are .....

  • 1 Julie Smith  - 35 Entries
  • 2 Nick Guinn - 32 Entries
  • 3 Vicki Burtcher - 22 Entries

The WINNERS get a free Cobble Hill Jigsaw Puzzle (your choice) delivered to your address.

Thank you to ALL Puzzlers Entries
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A big Thank You to all Puzzlers who entered completed puzzles to the contest. 

Honorary Mention & Special Thanks to...

Eduardo Tellez Giron, Disney Parks, Tim Burton's, The Nightmare Before Christmas, 1000 pieces, Size 25 x 24"

Special thanks also goes to.....

  • Jacqueline McCal
  • Alexis Whaley
  • Nancy Hart
  • Helen Tsalevich
  • Jean Belloff
  • Willard Belloff
  • Fran Duffee
  • Nancy Moore
  • Melanie Newby
  • Courtney Lazzarra

Contest Entries - Halloween -Fall Scenes Gallery

Special thanks to our Sponsor for providing the 3 Winners with a jigsaw puzzle of their choice including delivery.

The Halloween Jigsaw Puzzle Contest was sponsored by  Cobble Hill puzzles 

Please note...

The Christmas Contest for 2017 has been cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control. There were technical issues that arose during the Halloween contest which has forced a change in use of a Contest platform.  A new platform will not be user-friendly in time for the Christmas Contest. A this point it is too late (15 days away) to have alternative options to be ready in a timely manner for the Christmas Contest. Our apologies......

Sad as that is because we really enjoyed watching the competition during the Halloween Contest. However there may be hope for a Christmas Contest in 2018.