JaCaRou Zodiac Puzzle and Diamond Paintings

This article shares reviews on the JaCaRou Zodiac jigsaw puzzle which is combined with the JaCaRou Zodiac Diamond Paintings Series.  Below are 3 of the Diamond Painting Zodiac Signs from the Zodiac jigsaw puzzle; Aquarius, Pisces and Leo the Lion.

As shown below, each box starts with the majority of the contents rolled nicely into the packaging.......

JaCaRou Zodiac Jigsaw Puzzle

Brand: JaCaRou Puzzles

Title: Zodiac

By: Anie Maltais

Pieces: 1000

Size: (approx.) 27" x 20" or 70x50cm

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JaCaRou Aquarius Diamond Dots

Presenting JaCaRou Diamonds Painting Kit. This is my third experience with Diamond Dots and the quality by JaCaRou Puzzles has remained great. The above image measures 16" x 12" for framing info.

The above image is the 19" x 15" canvas (48cm x 38cm) which shows all the details surrounding the main image. The color Key codes run conveniently along the right side and some instructions along the left, although it is very simple indeed.

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JaCaRou Pisces Diamond Dots

To read the review CLICK HERE  Next we have a very short video sharing the 'live' colors of the Pisces Diamond Painting Kit.

Leo the Lion Diamond Painting

To read the review CLICK HERE  The following is links to the JaCaRou jigsaw puzzle and Light box to purchase.