JaCaRou Zodiac Puzzle and Diamond Paintings

This article shares reviews on the JaCaRou Zodiac jigsaw puzzle which is combined with the JaCaRou Zodiac Diamond Paintings Series. 

Below are 3 of the Diamond Painting Zodiac Signs from the Zodiac jigsaw puzzle; Aquarius, Pisces and Leo the Lion. Also included is the Diamond Dots Hearts.

JaCaRou Puzzles has always maintained a high level of quality with their products so I can highly  recommend them. 


JaCaRou Hearts Diamond Dots Paintings


As shown below, each box starts with the majority of the contents rolled nicely into the packaging.......


JaCaRou Zodiac Jigsaw Puzzle


Brand: JaCaRou Puzzles

Title: Zodiac jigsaw Puzzle

By: Anie Maltais

Pieces: 1000

Size: (approx.) 27" x 20" or 70x50cm


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JaCaRou Aquarius Diamond Dots


Presenting JaCaRou Diamonds Painting Kit. This is my third experience with Diamond Dots and the quality by JaCaRou Puzzles has remained great. The above image measures 16" x 12" for framing info.


The above image is the 19" x 15" canvas (48cm x 38cm) which shows all the details surrounding the main image. The color Key codes run conveniently along the right side and some instructions along the left, although it is very simple indeed.

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JaCaRou Pisces Diamond Dots


To read the review CLICK HERE  Next we have a very short video sharing the 'live' colors of the Pisces Diamond Painting Kit.

Leo the Lion Diamond Painting


To read the review CLICK HERE  The following is links to the JaCaRou jigsaw puzzle and Light box to purchase.


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About:  JaCaRou Jigsaw Puzzles

Celebrating Quebec Artistry in the World of Jigsaw Puzzles

Introduction: The world of jigsaw puzzles is not only a source of entertainment but also a canvas for artistic expression. Among the notable players in the industry, JaCaRou stands out as a Canadian jigsaw puzzle company that embraces the talent and creativity of Quebec artists. Founded by Anie Maltais, JaCaRou has gained recognition for its exquisite puzzles featuring artwork exclusively sourced from Quebec artists.

The Origins of JaCaRou: JaCaRou was founded by Anie Maltais, a Quebec artist herself. Anie's passion for art and puzzles led her to establish the company with the vision of showcasing the unique talents of Quebec artists through jigsaw puzzles. Anie's deep-rooted love for her province's artistic community inspired her to create a platform that would elevate and celebrate the work of Quebec artists on a global scale.

JaCaRou's dedication to promoting Quebec artistry did a TV show that is the Quebec version of Shark Tank, "Dans L'oeil Du Dragon (In the Dragon's Eye). It's in French, and it's only in Quebec.  JaCaRou successfully secured funding from the show.

Celebrating Quebec Artists: What sets JaCaRou apart is its unwavering commitment to sourcing artwork exclusively from Quebec artists. Each puzzle released by JaCaRou features original artwork created by talented artists from the province. By doing so, JaCaRou not only supports local artists but also amplifies the rich cultural heritage and artistic diversity of Quebec.

Anie Maltais, the founder and owner of JaCaRou, is herself a celebrated Quebec artist. Her passion for artistry, combined with her entrepreneurial spirit, drives the company's mission to provide a platform for Quebec artists to showcase their work and gain recognition beyond provincial borders.

Exquisite Puzzle Designs: JaCaRou's puzzles are known for their captivating and intricate designs. The puzzles feature a wide range of themes, including nature, landscapes, animals, and fantasy. Each piece is carefully crafted to ensure a satisfying puzzling experience, with attention to detail and high-quality materials. JaCaRou's puzzles challenge enthusiasts of all skill levels, offering a gratifying journey of exploration and discovery.

Embracing the Quebec Art Scene: JaCaRou's dedication to promoting Quebec artists extends beyond the puzzles themselves. The company actively engages with the local art community, participating in art exhibitions, festivals, and other cultural events. By collaborating with Quebec artists and showcasing their work, JaCaRou strengthens the connection between art and the puzzle community, creating a space for appreciation, dialogue, and collaboration.

Growing Recognition and International Reach: JaCaRou's commitment to excellence and the promotion of Quebec artistry has garnered recognition both locally and internationally. Puzzle enthusiasts worldwide have come to appreciate the beauty and quality of JaCaRou's puzzles. The company's success has allowed them to expand their distribution network, making their puzzles accessible to a global audience and bringing the talent of Quebec artists to puzzle enthusiasts worldwide.

Conclusion: JaCaRou's journey in the world of jigsaw puzzles is a testament to their dedication to promoting the arts.  As JaCaRou continues to grow, their passion for art, their commitment to Quebec artists, and their dedication to providing exceptional puzzles will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on puzzle enthusiasts around the world.

(ChatGPT, personal communication, June 20, 2023) 

About: The Sparkling Fusion

How Artists and Jigsaw Puzzle Companies Embrace Diamond Painting Dots

Introduction: In the world of hobbies and crafts, two beloved pastimes have found an enchanting fusion: jigsaw puzzles and diamond painting dots. This captivating blend combines the joy of piecing together images with the meditative and sparkling beauty of diamond painting. Notably, artists and jigsaw puzzle companies have embraced this trend, offering enthusiasts a dazzling array of diamond painting kits that feature familiar and beloved puzzle images. In this article, we will explore how the convergence of these hobbies has enriched the artistic landscape and delve into the role of esteemed puzzle company JaCaRou in expanding their products into the realm of diamond painting dots.

The Fascination of Diamond Painting Dots: Diamond painting dots, also known as diamond art or 5D diamond painting, is a therapeutic and visually stunning craft that involves adhering tiny resin diamonds to a canvas to create a sparkling mosaic-like image. The process is akin to painting by numbers, with each diamond corresponding to a specific color-coded symbol on the canvas. As the diamonds are carefully placed, a breathtaking and shimmering artwork emerges, capturing the imagination of crafters and art enthusiasts alike.

Expanding Artistic Horizons: Artists and jigsaw puzzle companies have recognized the allure of diamond painting dots as an extension of their creative expression. By adapting their beloved artworks and puzzle images into diamond painting kits, they offer enthusiasts a new and immersive way to engage with their favorite designs. From serene landscapes to whimsical illustrations, the possibilities for diamond painting art are boundless.

JaCaRou's Vibrant Journey: Among the esteemed jigsaw puzzle companies that have embraced diamond painting dots is JaCaRou. Based in Quebec, Canada, JaCaRou has gained a loyal following for its diverse and captivating jigsaw puzzle collection, featuring the artwork of talented Quebec artists. Expanding their artistic horizons, JaCaRou ventured into the world of diamond painting, enriching their product lineup with a sparkling twist.

Diamond Painting Kits by JaCaRou: JaCaRou's diamond painting kits offer an array of designs that captivate puzzlers and art enthusiasts alike. From dreamy landscapes that transport you to idyllic worlds to intricate illustrations that showcase the artist's attention to detail, each kit comes with everything needed to create a dazzling masterpiece. The canvas, diamonds, stylus, wax pad, and tray ensure a smooth and enjoyable diamond painting experience.

Embracing the Meditative Joy: Both jigsaw puzzles and diamond painting dots share a meditative quality that allows crafters to lose themselves in the artistic process. As the puzzle pieces or diamonds are carefully arranged, a sense of calm and focus envelops the creator, making these hobbies a delightful form of stress relief and relaxation.

The Joy of Completion: One of the most rewarding aspects of both jigsaw puzzles and diamond painting dots is the sense of accomplishment when the final piece or diamond is in place. Completing a puzzle or diamond painting is a gratifying moment, symbolizing the effort, patience, and creativity invested in bringing the artwork to life.

A Creative Journey with JaCaRou: As JaCaRou expands its creative offerings to include diamond painting kits, they invite art enthusiasts and puzzlers to embark on a vibrant journey of self-expression. The convergence of two beloved hobbies adds a new dimension to their artistic repertoire and paves the way for enthusiasts to explore their creativity in novel ways.

Conclusion: The fusion of jigsaw puzzles and diamond painting dots has added a touch of sparkle and meditative joy to the artistic landscape. Artists and jigsaw puzzle companies, including JaCaRou, have embraced this captivating trend, offering enthusiasts a dazzling array of diamond painting kits. By transforming beloved artworks and puzzle images into sparkling mosaics, they invite crafters and art lovers to explore their creativity in new and immersive ways. The artistry of diamond painting dots shines brightly, enriching the artistic journey and allowing enthusiasts to bask in the beauty of their own sparkling masterpieces. For those seeking a mesmerizing and creatively fulfilling experience, the sparkling fusion of jigsaw puzzles and diamond painting dots offers an enchanting path to self-expression and artistic discovery.

JaCaRou Puzzle Company - Diamond Painting Dots Collection

(ChatGPT, personal communication, July 27, 2023)