JaCaRou Leo Diamond Dots

Presenting JaCaRou Diamonds Painting Kit. This is my first experience with Diamond Dots and what better products to start with for quality than the trusted JaCaRou Puzzles. And they certainly did that, as you can see in the above image which measures 16" x 12".

The above image is the 19" x 15" canvas (48cm x 38cm) which shows all the details surrounding the main image. The color Key codes run conveniently along the right side and some instructions along the left, although it is very simple indeed.

The next 4 photos shares the close up images and the glossy diamonds. I counted the diamonds and estimated it to be approximately 15,000 diamonds.

The above image shares the diamond key codes very close up.

The image below shares the actual Zodiac 1000 piece JaCaRou jigsaw puzzle that has all 12 months of Zodiac Signs. That means you can buy the Zodiac puzzle and ALL 12 months in the Zodiac Diamond painting kits.

You can see that I got the 1000 piece puzzle and 5 different months in Diamond painting kits. Thus far I have completed 2 Diamond painting kits, the Pisces and Leo the Lion. Both are birthday gifts, one for my daughter (Pisces) and one for my Mom (Leo). 

As you can see in the image below, the puzzle and kits are neatly protected for shipping and arrived safely unscaved.

As shown below, each box starts with the majority of the contents rolled nicely into the packaging.......

so when you  open it you will see the following contents as shown on with the Pisces Diamond-dots.

  • Canvas print (glazed over with heavy sticky glue and covered with clear plastic to protect the glue
  • The beads are packaged and labeled with numbers/codes (there are far more beads than required)
  • A 5 pack plastic container with solid lids ( I did not feel a need to use this)
  • The green tray, the pink stylus (pen-type-tool) and the pink square puddy used in the stylus (I did 2 of these canvas's and still have way over half of the puddy left from the 1st puddy square so more than required there too. 

Next we have a very short video sharing the 'live' colors of the Pisces Diamond Painting Kit.


An ultimate experience! I have been eyeing Diamond Painting, sometimes known as Diamond Dots, for about a year now.  When JaCaRou came out with their kits that are also connected to their Zodiac 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, I knew I would instantly be buying both.

As you saw in the images above, the one with the package of products, how well the products are packed. Once I managed to get all the items opened and admired, I started with the Zodiac Pisces Diamond Painting Kit. Since it appeared there were so many dots, I counted across the top and side, then multiplied the numbers which calculated approximated 15,000 dots. 

I had watched previous videos to know that I would add the Diamond puddy (pink square) into the pink stylus (pen-like tool) by dipping the tip into the puddy. It will fill the stylus tip, which in turn will assist with grasping the diamond dots to carry them over to the canvas for placement. 

Now the key code along the right side of the canvas is the same as the numbers on the packets of diamonds AND the canvas image. I chose to start with  #1-color-310 because there was a lot to get colored. This would give me a great chance to get a feel for diamond painting.

So, you will see there is a clear plastic sheet that covers the entire image which is stuck to the glue. Slowly peel the plastic coating right to left or left to right (depending on your preference). When you are finished your painting session lay the clear plastic sheet back over your finished areas to help protect it from dust and preserve the glue.

Dip the Stylus onto the puddy block. Then put colored diamonds into the green tray. Now tap the Stylus onto the rounded-side-up diamond so it sticks to the Stylus (do not take the flat side of the diamonds). The flat side is the side placed onto the printed image on the canvas. Continue picking up diamonds and placing them onto the canvas according to the color codes. As I have said, you may not have to replenish the puddy for quite some time.

The following image shows a very good close up of the codes for the Aquarius Diamond Painting image. The clear plastic is pulled away to the right and what you see is the extremely gluey surface. The diamonds stick really well onto the surface but they are also 'shiftable' should you not set the diamond on the perfect square. (Note: these diamonds are round but there are also square diamonds, just not in the JaCaRou kits.) 

So the flat surface of the diamonds sits on the gluey surface. If you put one in the wrong code, simply catch the side of the diamond with your stylus and push away from you and the diamond dot will pop up. You may have to 'work' that a bit and carefully too. 

I then thought how I might like to continue after I finished with #1-color-310. I suppose I could have 'painted' with 5 different colors using the set of 5 container. I felt that might entail more tracking of the color numbers and because some are very similar to each other, I opted out to work only 1 color at a time. When I missed one on the canvas, I would just go back to the plastic packet and get one. It is not how it HAS to be done but that's just how I chose to do it.

I did buy the light to use under the canvas which increased the experience by 100 percent. The process went much faster and the whole image took about 30 hours of very enjoyable and relaxing time.

Here is the amount of puddy I used so far. This is how much is left after doing 2 JaCaRou Diamond Painting Kits. So you can see how little is required. 

Once you have the 'puddy' in your Stylus you can pick up and move many many many diamonds. You will know you need more puddy when your diamonds are not longer sticking to the stylus. I did note that the White Diamonds were a little tricky to stick to the Stylus due to the pearly coating on them however there was not much white in the images so that did not discourage the fun.

I located an old cafeteria type tray that works quite well for this size of canvas leaving room for the stylus and Dots tray.

Now that I have completed the entire canvas I am determining how I am going to frame it up. The following 2 items are available on Amazon. To purchase the JaCaRou Diamond Painting kits please CLICK HERE


Lastly! What do I think of Diamond Painting? LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Total enjoyment - addictable. Mindfulness. Pleasantly pleased with the overall experience and finished product. Quality is extremely high and tools worked quite well. The color of the diamonds are the same as DMC Embroidery threads. The pretty light colors are brilliant against the dark colors in the image and they sure do shine! You will be impressed with your progress as you add more diamonds to the image (hence the addiction....).

All that said, I can easily highly recommend the JaCaRou Diamond Painting Kits.