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Hello Puzzle Friends! How is the Spring weather treating you?

Have you registered for the 2022 Puzzle Parley that will be held July 22-24th in Sturbridge, Massachusetts yet?

In only three and a half weeks, we have had over 50 people register for the Puzzle Parley (more than 85% have been for the whole weekend!), 8 volunteer applications, 7 Pagey Elliot Puzzle Exchange sign ups, and 1 scholarship application! While we wait for July to get here, below are some fun details we would like to share with you:


The Yankee Swap and the American Antiquarian Society Tour have been the most popular to sign up for, with the Artifact Speed Puzzling Contest and the Puzzle Cutting Workshops following extremely close behind! And don't forget your pocketbook, since about a third of attendees will be bringing puzzles to sell, some from as far away as France!


  • The Pagey Elliot Puzzle Exchange Signups are due March 31st! If you haven’t decided whether or not to play with us, let me tell you, we have some incredibly creative puzzle makers signed up!
  • Early Bird pricing ends April 17th!
  • Applications for the Armstrong Educational Grant are due on April 17th!
  • The Puzzle Cutting Workshops are filling up! There are only these spots left: 4 spots @ 10 AM (the only one where you can also do the Tour!), 6 spots @ 12PM, and 7 spots @ 2 PM.
  • The American Antiquarian Society Tour of their pre-1900’s jigsaw collection has 25 spots left!
  • The Artifact Puzzles Speed Contest sign ups end June 1st! (You don’t need a team, we will match you up with 2 others, but you can list friends too!)

Contact Us

Looking forward to seeing you in July – will you be there?

Your Puzzle Parley Steering Committee:

Bob Armstrong  raahna@oldpuzzles.com

Anne Williams  awilliam@bates.edu

Melinda Shebell  melinda@jardinpuzzles.com

Roz Rea  rozrea11@gmail.com

Chris Yates  superyates@gmail.com

Janell Amely  janell.amely@3catmax.com

Deb Dana  debdana@hotmail.com

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