Paul Palnik Jigsaw Puzzles

Born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1946, Paul Palnik received a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Arts. Paul now lives with his family in Columbus, Ohio. 

He has created drawings for International and American newspapers,  as well as corporations like American Greetings, Coca-Cola, and Dell Publishing.

I do love a challenge with puzzles but these pieces of work are certainly challenging.

This puzzle was produced for sale in 1983 and I was lucky enough to locate it still in the plastic cover. To me that was a score…(I know, one man’s pleasure…..I hear ya.)

Brand: Great American Puzzle Factory 1983

Artist: Paul Palnik - 1979

Title: People are People

Size: 18in X 24in   Pieces: 550

That said, I researched my second brain, (aka ‘the internet’) to discover Mr. Palnik’s website  and a wonderful display of his work and his background. So, I contacted Mr. Palnik regarding his work and how it turned up in a jigsaw puzzle. He told me was approached by the owner of The Great American Puzzle Company.

He replied, “They are located in Norwalk, Ct. They saw my work at a show I did at The Javitch Center in Manhattan. They did several other puzzle images of my work besides People are People. A drawing called Someday I'm Gonna Own This Town, was also an excellent seller. Both of these puzzles were a couple of the best selling puzzles in the USA for four years.”

Mr. Palnik sells several prints and each print is an 18X24, pencil signed, numbered, limited edition, serigraph. He also has the full collection available in book form which features over 100 separate drawings on high quality acid free paper. And you can have the book signed by the artist.

Turns out the puzzle is an odd-shape cut, therefore the pieces are odd sizes and odd shapes and some even just lay beside each other. There are labels for the people such as farmers, nurses, doctors etc, which helps distinguish areas of the puzzle. I tape the backs of the ‘loose end pieces’ to help keep the puzzle pieces positioned.

Needless to say, being a ‘bean counter’ (bookkeeper) a good portion of my adult life, doing meticulous challenging puzzles is the best part of the fun…..then once it is completed, I will tape up the back, tack it to press board, place shrink plastic wrap on it and heat it up to seal it. Then I will place it on my wall so I can take great pleasure in looking at my accomplishment.

This is by far not for the 'faint of heart' jigsaw puzzle hobbyist. It is extremely challenging and is rarely seem completed in any of the online Groups and I have yet to see one completed. I even searched the internet images or videos with no results.

When I do complete mine, I will be happy to share it everywhere!!!!