With permission, it gives me great pleasure to share the Puzzles for a Cause that is selling a vintage Springbok jigsaw puzzle collection and all proceeds will be forwarded to the Westfield Special Olympics and Westfield Food Pantry.

For all those that did not see the recent posts in the Jigsaw Puzzle Facebook Groups, the following shares the links, details and information on this great idea. The images shown here are only thumbnail screenshots but CLICK HERE to get the full screen. To join the Facebook Group CLICK HERE

Puzzles For A Cause

Hello and welcome to “Puzzles for a Cause”. Here you will find a selection of over 140 authentic Springbok puzzles from all eras, including a few Ravensburger puzzles. Most are vintage while others are from more recent times. 100% of the proceeds generated from these sales will be donated to the Westfield Special Olympics and Westfield Food Pantry in memory of Lisa O. Bernardara, who’s puzzles make up this collection.


****This is a first come first serve basis**** In order to procure the puzzle(s) that you want, you will have to comment "I want this one" on the puzzle.

Each puzzle is represented in the photo album below has a number posted on it along with its assessed value, number of pieces, and title. A few puzzles have missing pieces, and will therefore be at a reduced price. The cost of each puzzle is based on fair market value. Please note that the price is non-negotiable, as all funds are going directly to charity.


In order to help simplify this process, we ask that you consider purchasing multiple puzzles at once. We will charge you for what we pay for boxes and shipping, nothing will be marked up. The cost of shipping will determined at time of sale when we know where are shipping the item(s) to.


***We are currently gathering orders to find out quantity and sizes of boxes we need, so we are asking for your patience. Once this has been determined, we will set up payment with you.

***Paying for puzzles is easy. Facebook allows for the secure and safe transfer of funds via messaging. If you are unaware of how Facebook payments work, follow this link for detailed

Q&A: https://www.facebook.com/help/863171203733904/

Also we accept PayPal. 

For further information please contact Robert Bernardara

To view the full-size-image collection please CLICK HERE

For further information please contact Robert Bernardara

To view the full-size-image

collection please CLICK HERE


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