Tammi Parnell V.I.P. Puzzler


I approached Tammi back in 2016 and had asked her if she would be interested in being a VIP- Very Important Puzzler for the Cobble Hill Puzzle Company. She would assemble and review the Rainbow Collection, seven puzzles in total. Tammi was delighted to take on the challenge. She was also gracious enough to send us the following photos and comments about her puzzle adventures. Tammi included a few photos of her furry friends as well!!

Tammi Parnell's V.I.P. Journeys With Her Puzzle Helpers!


My name is Tammi Parnell and I live in the beautiful Annapolis Valley, in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada. I am 42 years old and have been doing puzzles since I was 2 years old!  My obsession and addiction to jigsaw puzzles has grown even more as an adult and I find them very good for calming anxiety and very enjoyable as well.

My other hobbies include trips to local beaches to collect beautiful rocks, especially agate, which is my favorite; and spending time with my family and friends. I am a married mother of 2 and also have 3 cats and a dog. I work full time at an animal hospital and adore animals, but especially cats!

My cats are my "helpers", but mostly sleep in the puzzle box or on the pieces as I work around them.


I cannot answer how many Cobble Hill puzzles I have assembled to date, as I have not kept track over the years, but definitely too many to count!!! It would be well over a hundred for sure!!! (Perhaps closer to 200??? Really not sure.)

I do not do reviews for other puzzle companies; only for Cobble Hill.  I have continued to be a Cobble Hill VIP over the years and the very generous Linda Maxwell, who runs the program, has continued to be positively encouraging of my puzzle activity and puzzle reviews.

Cobble Hill continues to be my favorite puzzle company and I absolutely love their beautiful and unique puzzle images! I am also proud that the company is Canadian, as I am a proud Canadian too!

I tend to buy puzzles quicker than I can do them and have a rather large collection of approximately 1000 puzzles which I am slowly working on selling individually as I assemble them. (I buy too many per year to count or keep track of). I especially enjoy puzzle images with bright colors and anything rainbow!  I love cat puzzles and food and candy puzzles and teacup/teapot/kettle puzzles and collage puzzles and puzzles featuring hobbies, like knitting and sewing and yarn.  I do not enjoy puzzles with bland colors or scenery.

My favorite puzzle brands include Cobble Hill Puzzles and Ravensburger, but I also enjoy many, many other brands and am more drawn to the puzzle image than the brand. I enjoy puzzles that are well made, with thick pieces and funny shapes, as opposed to the standard grid-cut piece shapes and I do not like thin pieces or loose-fitting pieces


My online puzzle purchases are either directly from a puzzle company, such as Cobble Hill or Springbok or Eurographics, or from an online puzzle store, such as Puzzle Warehouse or Jigsaw Jungle, or other online stores that sell puzzles and also Amazon.

When I complete a puzzle, I take a picture of it to post to Facebook and then take it apart and put it back in it's box, in a ziploc bag. (I keep my favorites and sell the rest).

My favorite Facebook puzzle groups are Jigsaw Puzzle EnthusiastsJigsaw Puzzle Connections, and Puzzling Together. These are the groups I post in most often.

I have participated in online puzzle groups and competitions over the years, such as World Puzzle Days, and the Jigsaw Jubilee.

My most outstanding puzzle memory is when I first participated in the North American Jigsaw Jubilee in 2017 and it not only challenged me to do bigger piece count puzzles for the first time in my life (1500 - 2000 pieces), but I was the first person in North America to complete the first puzzle of the competition!

I was very proud of my accomplishments in the Jigsaw Jubilee and also in the World Puzzle Days in the years that I participated in these competitions, because I surpassed my personal goals each time for the amount of puzzles I was able to complete.

This did not mean that I completed more puzzles than the other participants, because some of those people are retired and have unlimited time to work on puzzles. To me, it meant that despite working full time, I was still able to complete a fairly large amount of puzzles and sometimes more than I thought I could have completed.

I am not a competitive person by nature, but it still feels good when you can set a goal for yourself and not only accomplish that goal, but surpass it!

Currently, I am participating in World Puzzle Days 2022 and will strive to do as many 1000 piece puzzles as I can for this, but I can only do them on evenings and weekends, as I also work full time.


How many puzzles I do per week varies greatly. I tend to do more puzzles in the winter and less puzzles during the summer.  I typically enjoy 500 piece count puzzles and sometimes smaller piece counts too.  I have done a 1000 piece puzzle in 4 hours before, but it typically takes me about 6 hours and if the puzzle is more difficult, it can take me 8 hours or more to complete.

I do not currently have a puzzle room, but I dream of having one some day. My puzzles are stored in piles in various closets of my home, but I do wish to have proper shelves built to store and display them in a more organized manner in the future.

I don't usually eat while puzzling, but I do enjoy a cup of tea.

I am the only person in my household who enjoys doing puzzles, so I do them alone and without any help.

I have a very deep passion and love of jigsaw puzzles and how I became a Cobble Hill VIP (Very Important Puzzler) was when I was approached by Linda Richard in December of 2016 and asked if I would be interested in becoming a Cobble Hill VIP and receiving the new Rainbow Collection (all 7) and reviewing them and posting my reviews of them on Facebook.

I was over the moon excited and felt like I had won the lottery to be chosen for such an important task! I immediately fell in love with these bright, beautifully colored rainbow puzzles and upon completing them, each puzzle became more and more addictive and I quickly completed all 7 colored puzzles and posted my reviews.

Tammi's Tip

  • When it comes to assembling a puzzle, there are no rules!
  • Everyone does things differently and every way of doing things is okay because there is no wrong way to do it.
  • Some people insist on not looking at the box cover, but I rely on the puzzle image on either the box cover or an included poster to help.
  • Some people sort pieces and some people don't.
  • Some people start with edge pieces and some people don't.
  • There is no right or wrong way.


Special thanks to Tammi for sharing her jigsaw puzzling experiences with us!


ABOUT THE AUTHORWith her self-published book and  over 300 jigsaw puzzle reviews,  Linda has established herself as a prominent social media marketing influencer and jigsaw puzzle-preneur.  If you want to send Linda a quick message, visit her contact page here.


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