The Puzzle Barn AND Puzzle 

The Puzzle Barn is quite the unique idea and Ron Degenfelder has a perfect setup. It used to be his chicken coup but since the cost of upkeep of the chickens was costing more than the amount of eggs they were producing, the chickens moved out and with a small amount of modifications, the jigsaw puzzles moved in.

Now, The Puzzle Barn has been placed on the map by 2 News Agencies and visited by many puzzlers who swap, donate, trade and pay a minimal fee for previously loved puzzles. In fact, a Puzzlers even custom made 'The Puzzle Barn" puzzle for The Puzzle Barn Store. It's a great story with photos below, so read on....

The Puzzle Barn Puzzle

My good friend (and PB regular) Erica had this puzzle made for the 1 year anniversary of The Puzzle Barn. It was fun putting this together. Funny to see the bright orange from the sign. Notice the red lights from the cell tower across the street. This also reminded me why I shy away from scenery puzzles. 🙂. Thank you Erica!

The Real Puzzle Barn 

  • The Puzzle Barn is located at 9130 Zimmerman Rd, Boston, NY 14025.
  • Open during daylight hours. $2 for 1000+ pieces, $1 for under 1000 pieces.
  • Return the puzzle at your earliest convenience.
  • No late fees! Haha.
  • Self check out but feel free to say 'Hello'.
  • Accepting gently used puzzles.
  • Earn 2 free rentals for each donated puzzle.

Thought I would share my crazy idea. Converted a well built chicken coop into The Puzzle Barn where people can stop and rent puzzles.

Donating a puzzle earns a free rental. Sort of like Blockbuster but instead of movies, you rent puzzles. Self serve, self checkout. Even made the local news here in Western New York.

I am getting people just dropping off/donating puzzles….many not wanting to rent any (or redeem their free rentals). I now can display 121 on the walls with several more stored in the bins on the floor. I have “regulars” now who come every few weeks which is nice.

Inventory is always changing with the donated puzzles. One benefit of starting this….I do not have to buy puzzles myself but I still do . Still fun to check out thrift stores or peruse FB marketplace.

The fee is $1 for under 1000 pieces and $2 for 1000+ pieces. My philosophy is if I already have done a specific puzzle, if it doesn’t get returned, no big deal. I am running out of room.


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