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The Jigsaw Puzzle Hobby Insider, Issue #001 Meet Para
November 15, 2016

Bringing You MORE For Your Jigsaw Puzzle Passion

Puzzle Hobby Insider     Issue 1        October 2016

Hey....this is very exciting for us. It is our pleasure to send out our first Issue of the Puzzle Hobby Insider.

The reason we call it the Puzzle Hobby Insider is because it's all about what's Inside the box......the jigsaw puzzle pieces of course.....but really we think outside the box too!

We will share with you stories and experiences that you may not have ever seen or thought of. We will show you far more than just jigsaw puzzles because this is not just about putting pieces together on a board - NO....we are enthusiasts that go way beyond the inside of the box!

Sport teams have mascots, we have Para. She will be flying about the different Social Medias associated with the Puzzle Hobby website and you just never know when a FREE giveaway will appear OR when a special announcement may surface.

Keep your eyes peeled on these links; 

Feel free to send your comments or feedback by replying to this eZine.

We always welcome new writers to our website.

Linda Richard

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