World Puzzle Days (WPDs) 2018


1. What is the World Puzzle Days Event?

Well, I can't explain this in only five words... The World Puzzle Days Event (short WPD) is an online puzzle party where hundreds of friends of jigsaw puzzles play together. Each player gets their own photo album where he can present his daily progress. The players are asked not to show their box of the puzzles in their photos of progress. So they should keep their image being a little secret for all other players who watch them. Every player or spectator may watch all albums of all other players, comment on his photos and ‘like’ them. All albums you can find here. The surnames contain links to the players albums. All finished puzzles you can find above in cell B3 where it's written MINE IS DONE. Also an international exchange of experiences with brands of other countries is easy to do there. In the WPD, players play for several accounts. First for their own account. All pieces of one player's puzzles during the 59 days long event will be added up to his account. He can try to beat his personal 59 days record of a former WPD. The players can set also personal goals in the registration form. For every 2000 pieces he will get a ticket for a concluding raffle. (Maximum four tickets.) His pieces (and all pieces of his countrymen) will be added up to another account called after his country. So Canadiens can try to assemble more than their neighbours of the USA or any other country. But this is not all. Since 2017 players have the possibility to choose up to four fun-groups. Their pieces will be added up later also to these groups. Such a group may be called after a puzzle forum, a Facebook puzzle group or any other name. Players may find such a group easily writing it in the registration form in the columns X, Y in the first empty line from above. Later all other players can join this players fun-group and play so together. No matter their nationality. Because in the country ranking there is no way for Brazilians to play for Italy, or so. But they may play for an Italian fun-group. All the pieces of all worldwide players will be added up to a "Number of worldwide done pieces". Our record from 2016 is pretty high with 4,746,381 pieces and to beat it requires many many players. But we have also other high records possible to beat them even with much less players. For example our record of "Average pieces per player" which is from the year 2017 at 10,721 pieces. But the main thing should always be the fun to play. Is there a lot of fun the new records are only a question of time. ;) Every player and spectator may ‘like’ the completed puzzles of the players and every week we have a chart show of the 40 most liked jigsaw puzzles of last week. In the WPD you may know every year 200 and more different brands of the whole wide world and thousands of amazing jigsaw puzzles from far countries like Taiwan, Russia, Spain, Brazil or many other countries. Yes, there exists much more than only Ravensburger in the puzzler's world. Players play from 30 to 50 different countries every year. This number varies every year. Also the number of players that vary between 200 and -our record- 739. To get again more than 500 players in 2018 I decided to offer 1 trip to Belgium in Europe to the legendary puzzle event of Hannut where players play in teams during 24 hours as much as they can. On condition that we are at least 500 players. I deeply hope to raise the number of players again by this way. Besides this there are also many puzzles to win at the end of the event by a raffle.

2. Why should I join the World Puzzle Days Event?

Because it's the one and only worldwide puzzle party and makes great fun to play there and to know world wide puzzle friends and brands from all over the world. New York is the city that never sleeps? Well, the World Puzzle Days is the event that never sleeps during its running time of 59 days.

3. Who can join the World Puzzle Days Event?

EVERYBODY is welcome. We have kids at the age of 5 years and also players at the age of 70. On our puzzles you may see Jesus and also islamic handwritings. Your origins or religion doesn't matter. We all are one.

4. Where is the World Puzzle Days 2018 registration link?

The WPD 2018 registration link is exactly here: 

5. When is the World Puzzle Days Event?

The WPD usually runs from January 1 until February 28, every year 59 days long. Every leap year we have one bonus day and play 60 days long until February 29 inclusive. Due to the different local times of our worldwide players the start is on January 1 at 0:00, local time New Zealand or Taiwan and the end on the last day of February at 24:00, local time California. So North American may play already on December 31 while our Taiwanese players may play still until 5pm on March 1. Close to Taiwanese midnight I betray the secret symbol in the group. This is the starting signal for all players worldwide.

6. Does it cost to join?

Yes. But only a few euros. 12 euros.

7. How do I register for the World Puzzle Days Event?

By the link of answer #04. You'll find several columns to write your datas in the first empty line from above. Surname; First name; (if you have already played in a former WPD the program will fill most columns automatically after writing your name); in case you play together with your kids or husband a "Team Name" in column E; in column F you may set a personal goal for yourself. Beside your personal table you'll see later how many pieces are still missing to reach your goal. Column H is for new or in 2017 not playing may write there who recommended you to join the WPD. The program will offer you all players names. Column J is only if your name on Facebook is different to your real name in columns C and D. So that I know who uploaded your photos. Columns K and L are for your country and city where you play. In columns O, P, Q and R you may choose up to four fun-groups. I explained them in answer #01. Column U shows you a link that leads you to payment informations in your language. After transferring money I mark your incoming entry charges and you can see in column T "Registration completed!" Then you know that your money arrived. In the columns X and Y you may found an own fun-group writing it in the first line from above in column X, your name in column Y.

8. How do I join the World Puzzle Days Group?

You need a Facebook account to join the WPD. (A WPD-website is planned, but there's still no site. In further years Facebook accounts are hopefully no longer necessary.) The link to the WPD group is here: Do not only visit us. Send us also a member request. Only members are able to upload photos and to write comments. Facebook users who try to disturb or to sell sun-glasses, etcetera or offer personal loan will be kicked out immediately to offer our players an undisturbed fun. 

9. When is General Registration?

You may register from September 1 on and until February 20 (for players who meet us at the last "minute" and still want to join us). From September 1 until December 24 you pay the standard charges of 12,- euros. From December 25 on there are 2,- euros extra for last minute registration.

10. How will I know I am registered?

Explained in answer #07. When you see in column T "Registration completed! in the line of your name, you can be sure that I got your money."

11. Are there any other requirements to join?

Requirements no. Only that your puzzles should not have pornographic images. Remember we also have playing kids watching the puzzles of other players. I would have to delete your puzzle and it would not count to your or any other account.

12. How do I submit my completed jigsaw puzzles?

For your daily photos of progress you get a personal photo album with a cover picture created by me. This is only for you. Only you may upload to your personal album. But the photo of your completed jigsaw puzzle you should upload also to an album called MINE IS DONE (MID). When you upload into the MID please write a photo's description with "Players name: .........", "Title of puzzle: .........", "Brand: .........", "Number of pieces: ......"
Note: The MID is full after around two weeks. So go always to the MID by the link in cell B3 (, please. Every time I open a new MID I'll change this link to the actually MID and you won't upload to a full album.

13. What is the Secret Symbol?

You want to know the Secret Symbol of the WPD 2018? Hehehe. ;) I understand your question. The Secret Symbol is something that we show on at least three photos of progress of every puzzle beside our puzzle. This symbol says "my puzzle was done during the WPD". Because before the WPD nobody knew what it would be. It is so very secret that I can not tell you now what it will be next time. But it is always something every player has in his home. Once it was a ball point pen, once a coffee mug or a key chain,... The Secret Symbol of 2018 will be... "pssst!" :)))

14. How does the Secret Symbol work?

Explained right now in answer #13.

15. How do I participate in the 'voting-likes' for the post on the World Puzzle Days Event?

Every completed puzzle may be ‘liked’ and also shared (with the MID!) to your personal Facebook or puzzle group. But you should stay fair and ask your friends there also for ‘likes’ for the other players. Every player is happy for each single ‘like’ on his works. Behind every completed puzzle is a soul like yours and me that feels happy getting ‘likes’. Every week we have a chart parade of our 40 most ‘liked’ puzzles of last week. But to avoid that there are only displayed the puzzles of our players with most friends on Facebook I take from every player the most liked puzzle of last week. So I take care that the 40 puzzles are from 40 different players. I try to keep fairness by this step.

16. How is a winner determined?

Everybody is a winner in the WPD. We don't search the quickest player, we search the sense of worldwide togetherness. Of course we have also rankings to raise the fun and make it still more interesting. You can look for example on which place you are worldwide ( but also where you are only in your country ( Or there is a Hall of Fame with every player's highest number of pieces ( If you want to know how good is your country, then look here ( I try to make it more interesting by all these rankings. But winners we have only in the concluding raffle. And there can win also the slowest player of us with a little luck.

17. What prizes are available?

This is a good question. I have already several puzzles from players who donate a puzzle for the concluding raffle. Beautiful puzzles of China, Japan, Turkey or the USA. I myself give also every year several puzzles to the raffle. But this year I am very late to decide which puzzles I'll give. I am wondering about "free puzzles" to choose on a certain online puzzle store. So the player could choose his most beautiful puzzle. I want to speak once again with the owner of this store. Because some stores have very high shipping charges. But my goal is to change from offered puzzles to puzzles free to choose online. In this case I would have to say only "the winner may choose a puzzle of -for example- 17,- euros or lower" and he may choose between hundreds of puzzles. But this has to be fixed still during the next weeks. - And yeah! Of course, in case that our last years players recommend at least two new players each one we'll be again more than 500 players worldwide and I donate one flight to Belgium, the entry charges to play in the "24 Hours of Belgium" and 250,- euros for a stay in a hotel free to choose by the player. Because players from all over the world would like to play once in this legendary event in Hannut. But I am not Santa Claus or Bill Gates. Sorry! I must set here a condition. We must be 500 players. 

18. How will I know if I am in the running for a certain prize?

You get for every 2000 assembled pieces one ticket for the raffle at the end of the WPD. Maximum is four tickets per player or team. If you assembled for example 8000 pieces during the 59 days you can be sure that in the vase of our raffle are 4 tickets with your name. For the trip to Belgium I'll pull out 13 players, not one. By this way I avoid doubts that I could have helped one closer friend to go to Belgium. These 13 players have to choose 1 out of 13 piggy banks in a live video. 12 are empty and 1 contains the treasure, your trip to Belgium. So it is the players decision which piggy bank he'll choose. If you are one of these 13 players I'll contact you to choose a piggy. If you win another prize it'll be seen in the raffle video and you'll be mentioned below it in the comments. Of course I'll contact you also for your shipping address to send you your prize.

19. When/how will the prizes be sent to me IF I win?

Prizes sent by donating players will be sent during the next two months. Usually sooner than later. Prizes sent by me as soon as I get your address. Prizes sent by a puzzle manufacturer will be shipped also during the first two months usually.

20. How do I donate jigsaw puzzles for this Event as prizes or for other players?

You may contact me and send me datas and a photo of your puzzle. Of course the puzzle should be manufacturer sealed and not used. The puzzle stays by your side until after the raffle in the first days of March 2018. I'll present you and your kind gesture of a donation and your puzzle by a photo of the puzzle in the group of the WPD. After the raffle I'll contact the winner to tell me his shipping address and forward it later to you (the donator) who can ship it directly to the winner.

21. How can I help support the World Puzzle Days Event?

Everybody is very welcome to support the WPD. Support is easily possible by a transfer by Paypal. Interested persons may ask me for the Paypal-address to me. Supporters will get a thank you from me. So they will know that their money really arrived to the WPD. All the service of the WPD means really a lot of work behind the curtain, also during the year. And there is also a VERY SPECIAL PARADISE for jigsaw puzzle fans planned in the www. But all this costs a lot of money and is not realizable by only 200 paying players a year. So of course the realization of this project is more realistic by supporters.

22. Are there future plans for WPDs?

Concluding I'd like to say that I have really big plans for an online paradise for friends of jigsaw puzzles from all over the world. This paradise would be like a triptych and every user could decide if he would like to join left, right or the center. My plans are something "close to unrealizable" and would offer services that jigsaw puzzle players until now not even dare to imagine that it could exist one day.  This paradise would open a new age for jigsaw puzzles in times our kids prefer to play electronic games. The WPD would be only a part of this triptych. If these lines will be seen one day by somebody who would like to help realizing something incredible with his lottery win, or if an american puzzle manufacturer is seriously interested in a new age for puzzles I would feel happy for serious contacts. I have 13 pages of a word document full of ideas which could be also interesting for manufacturers of (still not invented) electronic tools needed on this triptych. My head is full of visions for a puzzler's world of tomorrow. But my hands unfortunately are bound.


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