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ARTIST-ERIC-DOWDLE-The-House-of-Seven-Gables-1000-piecesARTIST ERIC DOWDLE ~ The House of Seven Gables, 1000 pieces measuring approximately 20×27 inches or 48.89×67.63cm
ARTIST-JAMES-HAUTMAN-Clementoni-The-Band-of-Thunder-13200-PiecesARTIST JAMES HAUTMAN ~ by Clementoni, The Band of Thunder, 13200 Pieces, Size 114 5/7" x 53". Photo Courtesy of
ARTIST-M.C.-ESCHER-Selegiochi-Metamorphose-3000-piecesARTIST M.C. ESCHER ~ Selegiochi Metamorphose, 3000 pieces, size 8.5"x159".
ARTIST-KEVIN-DANIELS-Blue-Jays-500-Pieces-Sure-LoxARTIST ~ KEVIN DANIELS, Blue Jays, 500 Pieces, Sure Lox, 19x27"
ARTIST- MONIKA-FORSBERG-Cats-at-Work-1000-piecesARTIST ~ MONIKA FORSBERG, Cats at Work, 1000 pieces, Size 25"x25"
ARTIST-BRALDT-BRALDS-Chorus-Line-Pastime-Puzzles-500-PiecesARTIST BRALDT BRALDS ~ Chorus Line, Pastime Puzzles, 500 Pieces, 18"x24" Include 50 Whimsy Pieces
ARTIST-ANIE-MALTAIS-Glass-of-Hearts-JaCaRou-Puzzles-1000-PiecesARTIST ANIE MALTAIS ~ Glass of Hearts, JaCaRou Puzzles, 1000 Pieces, Approx. 20"x28"
ARTIST-JOHN-PADLO-RayGun-Extravaganza,-Smash-Giant-Puzzles-500-PiecesARTIST JOHN PADLO ~ RayGun Extravaganza, Smash Giant Puzzles, 500 Pieces, 12"x36"
eeBoo.comARTIST-MONIKA-FORSBERG-Cats-at-Work-1000-piecesARTIST ~ MONIKA FORSBERG, Deserts, 1000 pieces, Size 25"x25"

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