Courtney Lazzara

by courtney
(Salem NH)

Photo #1 Start

Photo #1 Start

Photo #1 Start
Photo #2 Progress
Photo #3 Finished

Grandpa's Giant Pumpkin
39" x 27"
2000 pieces
Bonnie White

Love her artwork.

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Oct 16, 2017
Halloween Contest 2017
by: Linda Richard - Admin

Wow! Never thought there would be a 2000 pieces jigsaw puzzle entry here but this is a beauty Courtney.

This one covers both Halloween and Fall contest entries. Look at the size of those pumpkins! Some pumpkins actually do grow big like that and farmers even have contests at the Fall Harvest Fairs.

Super nice one and a lot entailed in that one - it is greatly appreciated indeed Courtney. Thank you very much!

Happy puzzling today too!

Also did you see this?

BONUS DAY - note. On October 25th ONLY, you will be allowed to enter more than 1 puzzle that day.

You will still follow the same rules as 500+ pieces for Halloween images or 1000+ pieces for Fall images with the 3 required photos that includes your chosen Secret Symbol. This is to help break any upcoming ties.

Happy Puzzling!

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