Framed Jigsaw Puzzles Gallery

Since there are an endless amount of jigsaw puzzle images, there are just as many that would be really enhanced in a frame.

I have a few that are framed. I would also like to suggest a couple of ideas here;

  • If you are looking for a frame try the Thrift Stores
  • If the colour does not suit your jigsaw puzzle image, paint it
  • When buying a frame, keep the thickness of the puzzle pieces in mind
  • For difficult size puzzles buy frames larger than the puzzle and use a backdrop mat behind it in a colour that blends with the puzzle image and frame
  • Be certain the frame is strong enough for the weight of the puzzle

The Christmas Cat Story

I created this 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. The entire story is typed onto this image with artwork images. I used an online website to have the image uploaded and converted into a jigsaw puzzle.

I purchased the frame at the Thrift store and then painted. It is behind the glass and it is quite heavy.

But this is a perfect example of you creating your own jigsaw puzzle and framing it.

To read further about my biggest project please CLICK HERE 

Artist: M.C. Escher's

Title: Concave

100 pieces

Mini-Wood jigsaw puzzle

Brand: Eurographics

Title: World Map

Pieces: 2000

Size: 38.25" x 26.63"

To read review please CLICK HERE

Brand: Wentworth

Title: He Looked Like A Peddler

Pieces:  500 - wooden

Size: 20.07x14.18” or 510mmx360mm

To read review please CLICK HERE 

I had this photo uploaded to an online jigsaw puzzle making website.

It is 285 pieces and 12 x 16.5"

Title: Santa's Summer Vacation

To read review please CLICK HERE 

Brand: Ravensburger - Triptychon 

Title: Wellness - Panorama

Pieces: 1000  Size: 98 x 37.5 cm or 39"x 15"

Brand: Karmin jigsaw puzzles

Title: Hello Angel

Extra: Mandalas - Assemble then color

Pieces: 500     Size: 16x20" or 40x5.51cm

To read the review please CLICK HERE 

More to come.......


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