Free Puzzle Hobby Tracker 

Scroll down to locate the FREE Puzzle Hobby Tracker in the downloadable excel format or the downloadable PDF printable version. You are free to print as many copies as you wish. You do not have to ask permission.

The excel version was created using the Microsoft Excel Program. You may try to use it on Google Sheets but the file contents may not look the same and some of the embedded formulas be be lost during upload. 

FREE Puzzle Hobby Tracker in the downloadable excel format or the downloadable PDF printable version.

The  free Puzzle Hobby Tracker is a downloadable Excel digital file used to track many details related to your jigsaw puzzle hobby.

There are 20 pages that consist of:

  • Master List with photos
  • 500 entries per page
  • Quality Rating System
  • Time Sheet - time up to 8 puzzles at a time with 5 sessions each
  • Monthly sheets
  • Wish List, Favorites and more....

Benefits of the Puzzle Hobby Tracker

  • Get started right away
  • This is the only digital file you will ever need in your life
  • Keep a very accurate list of your collection including a photo
  • Rate the Quality of the puzzle/brand to determine future purchases
  • Many details about puzzles are documented 
  • Keep a current line up of puzzles that you would like to do next (to make that decision easier)
  • Record your 'most wanted' on the Wish List - just delete it when you get it
  • Track your assembled puzzles on the Master sheet AND which month you assembled it
  • You can time up to 8 puzzles at a the same with 5 sessions for each one. This will show you how much time you spend on puzzling
  • Track your total pieces assembled over the lifetime of your workbook. You enter the number in the column and it AUTO-ADDS the amount into the totals at the top
  • Track how much money you spend on your puzzle hobby giving it value now
  • Keep your favorites on a separate sheet
  • Track which puzzles you want to sell with all the information handy on one sheet
  • Track which puzzles are missing pieces - if you decide to keep them
  • Email the most updated version to your mobile phone/device before you go shopping for puzzles - this way you can check to see if you own a puzzle you are considering to purchase (*if your phone/device has the capability to open the file)
  • Upload your file to the Facebook Jigsaw Puzzle Groups for others to see
  • Use the 2 Extra pages to set up a custom tracking purpose for yourself; like a certain brand, theme or only the puzzles you have completed over 1000 pieces 
FREE Puzzle Hobby Tracker in the downloadable excel format or the downloadable PDF printable version.

Features in the Puzzle Hobby Tracker

  • Downloadable instantly
  • 500 entries per page = 10,000 entries
  • Formulas are embedded for calculations
  • Quality Rating system
  • Date, Brand, Title, size, notes, photo
  • Keep current 'TO DO' List
  • Add to Wish List
  • Track every puzzle
  • One Master page to list all puzzles
  • Track puzzles assembled monthly
  • Track TIME up to 8 puzzles with 5 sessions for each puzzle
  • Track total pieces
  • Track total costs
  • Keep favorites on separate sheet
  • Track puzzles for sale
  • Track puzzles with missing pieces
  • How TO's page - also available to print CLICK HERE
  • Email to phone for access 
  • Uses Excel* for Windows* and Mac*
  • Can open in the Free version of Excel called Apache Open Office *
FREE Puzzle Hobby Tracker in the downloadable excel format or the downloadable PDF printable version.

Here is the FREE handy tool to help you track ALL the details around your jigsaw puzzles on a list and/or by the month. Upload a Thumbnail image, track time, costs, dates and other pertinent information about your puzzles. The download link will be  in the reply email as well.

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*Disclaimer: The Puzzle Hobby Tracker is provided as is without any guarantees or warranty. In association with the product, Puzzle Hobby makes no warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, of title, or of noninfringement of third party rights. Use of the product by a user is at the user’s risk.

The Puzzle Hobby Tracker uses the *Excel software program on Windows and Mac devices. The Apache OpenOffice Calc is a free downloadable software program that is similar to Excel. Use of these products by the User is at the User's risk.

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