Horses Jigsaw Puzzles

Horses are another favorite for jigsaw puzzler hobbyists including me. But I really favour them much more than others. I have a few extremely awesome ones in my collection that I will be delighted to assemble and share here so stay tuned.

In the meantime, here are a few. Note: The Band of Thunder is on the very top of my wish list and I have yet to acquire it for my collection.....all in good time ;)

The Band of Thunder included here is contributed by my puzzler pal may read about the below at the link.

Brand: Sunsout

Title: Horses in the Wind - Artist:  Jim Warren 

500 pieces, 19 inches round

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Brand:Clementoni  Title: Band of Thunder

Pieces: 13,200  Size: 2.92X1.35, OR 114 5/7"x53"

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 Brand: Puzzlebug          Title: Meadow Run

   Pieces: 500              Size: 18.25 x 11” or 46x28cm

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More to come........