Jigsaw Puzzle Artists

We realize there are a lot of Artists who license their work in the form of jigsaw puzzles, posters, cards etc.

However, we recently discovered that MANY of those Artists are not so familiar to jigsaw puzzlers.

On this page we are going to help Artists and Puzzlers connect.

Each day we will post a series of jigsaw puzzles by a particular Artist. IF you know the name of the Artist, enter it into the form below. Also fill in the brief questions and add any other comments you think maybe helpful, such as your thoughts on the Artist's images.

Artist #28 is Bonnie White


Quoted from her website...

"I have been painting professionally for 20+ years in the Columbia Gorge area.  I consider both Oregon and Washington to be my home.  

I was born in Oregon but have lived on a small farm in Washington (right across the river) for the past 35 years. 

I express my passion for the beauty of my environment through watercolor.  I've structured my life so that my time is available to paint and interact with those online who wish to purchase my work."

Artist #27 is Paul Heussenstamm



Paul Heussenstamm is a painter and lecturer from the United States. He began painting full-time at the age of 35.

He has since traveled the United States, and internationally, conducting "Art as a Spiritual Path" workshops. Wikipedia

Born: September 14, 1949 (age 68), Los Angeles, California, United States

Artist #26 is Anie Maltais



Quoted from her website:

"This project began with my passion for jigsaw puzzles as a hobby. Having notions in drawing and graphics, I began to create images always thinking about what would make a good illustration for a puzzle.

I bring great care to each detail. The designs are different, colorful, highly detailed, with textures and effects that puzzles enthusiasts will love.

The assembly of each of our puzzle has to be an enjoyable experience you will want to repeat."    

Artist #25 is Adrian Chesterman



Quoted from his website...

"Adrian Chesterman studied fine art at Norwich School of Art and illustration at the Royal College of Art in Kensington, London.

Since leaving the R.C.A. Chesterman has worked in nearly every sphere of the art world.

Recent projects include creating the gigantic artwork for the biggest jigsaw puzzle in the world commissioned by Educa Boras in Barcelona.

At an incredible 33,600 pieces and measuring 2 metres by 6 metres it features a Jungle scene brimming with detail."

Artist #24 is Kevin Walsh


Quoted from his website...

"Kevin Walsh was born in Yorkshire, England, in 1950. He studied illustration at Wakefield College for Art. 

In recent years he has become increasingly known for a much wider variety of subjects, landscapes, city life in bygone days and transport now figure prominently among his works.

Kevin's work has been reproduced on many greeting cards, jigsaw puzzles, collectors plates, prints and leisure wear to name a few of the products and recent prestigious commissions have been the design of Harrods Christmas biscuit tins and cards. "

Artist #23 is Linda Picken



The following is from her website;

"Linda Picken lives in America's Ozarks where she revels in the country life surrounded by a menagerie of dogs, cats, horses, ducks, Canada Geese, and an assortment of other birds and wildlife. Her love of animals is evident in her paintings of dogs, horses, and wildlife, which reveal the joy, humor and majesty of the animal kingdom. 

Linda studied at the Des Moines Art Center, majored in art at Drake University, and then very ably developed her own style of wildlife and animal portraiture. She is an award-winning artist, named an Honorary Trustee of Ducks Unlimited and recipient of its first Silver Palette and Chisel award. "

Artist #22 is Lori Schory



Studied Master of Arts at Northern Illinois

University Past: Northern Illinois University and Maine South High School

Lives in Genoa City, Wisconsin

From Park Ridge, Illinois

Artist #21 is Liz Goodrick-Dillon


Lives in Hot Springs, South Dakota

From Fairbury, Nebraska

Manages: Liz Goodrick-Dillon

Art #20 Norman Rockwell



Norman Rockwell Website

Norman Rockwell, c. 1921

Born Norman Perceval Rockwell
February 3, 1894
New York City, New York, U.S.

Died November 8, 1978 (aged 84)
Stockbridge, Massachusetts,U.S.

Nationality: American Education National Academy of Design Art Students League Known for Painting, illustration

Notable work: Willie Gillis, Rosie the Riveter, Four Freedoms,The Problem We All Live With

Awards: Presidential Medal of Freedom

Artist #19 Nicky Boehme



The information found here is from the Fulcrum Gallery.

Nicky Boehme always knew that painting was to be her vocation. A native Californian, Nicky has been painting and drawing ever since she was a child. She studied technical art training in California at the Oakland Art Institute and later became art director for several national ad agencies.  

Nicky Boehme also received awards as an illustrator and graphic designer. Her experience in painting spanning several years has given her the knowledge of dramatic lighting and the ability to transport the viewer to a special place in time through her art, prints and posters. 

Artist #18 is H. Hargrove




From the H. Hargrove website.

"The Story of H. Hargrove- It began with a gift of colored pencils.

One of America's most popular living artists, H. Hargrove was born Nicolo Sturiano in Marsala, Italy, in 1941...."

To read more CLICK HERE

Also click on the link to the left to see the beautiful images in the Christmas Gallery. 

Artist #17 is Josephine Wall


From the Josephine Wall website: Click Here

"I was born in May 1947 in a very English town called Farnham, which is in Surrey, with wisteria growing outside the window.

I now live with my husband Bob at “ Wisteria Cottage” in Dorset which is enveloped in a 70 year old” Wisteria”.

Each May it blooms and the beautiful aroma mixes with the scent of the bluebells in my garden to produce an overpoweringly gorgeous fragrance."

The Official Josephine Wall (Facebook) is worth taking a look at her personal side. Click Here

Artist #16 is Sam Timm


Currently residing in Wautoma Wisconsin, Sam Timm's artwork can be located at the White River Art gallery in Wautoma, Wisconsin.

Take a moment to view this link. There is a numerous collection of his prints available in various sizes. CLICK HERE

The jigsaw puzzles in this post are not similar to his larger collection of 'real life' beautiful nature images that are so filled with intricate details they appear realistic.

Artist # 15 is Persis Clayton Weirs


A specific website link cannot be located. This Google link will take you to a page to view her images. CLICK HERE

From The Hidden Artist website we have quoted the details to the right.

For Persis Clayton Weirs, becoming a wildlife artist seemed only natural. Born on an island off the Maine coast and residing on the New England coast her entire life, Weirs has always been surrounded by beautiful scenery and bountiful wildlife.

Weirs is known for her extraordinary ability to paint both domestic and wild animals. Her original works, which are featured in some of the most prominent museums and celebrated private collection across the country, were selected to go on an international tour to Beijing, China.

"If my paintings can pass on the others just a fraction of the pleasure and fascination I find in nature, then I have succeeded."

Artist #14 Lynn Lupetti



Lynn has produced some of the most beautiful and creative images that appear in a story-book-like display giving the puzzler the pleasure of enjoying the tiny details.

LYNN LUPETTI was born 1938 in Alameda and raised in San Carlos which is located on the peninsula to the south of San Francisco, California, USA.

She studied at San Jose State University then began working as an illustrator for a children's textbook publisher. Her husband Roberto introduced her to oil painting and they continued to work together on numerous projects and murals.

A move to the Monterey Peninsula also let to a new marriage and the Lynn Lupetti Gallery which has been in operations over 20 years. 

Artist #13 Lewis T. Johnson


Lew’s recent works focus on wildlife. Many of his paintings are inspired through his travel experiences and photographic journals from Chincoteague, VA and coastal Maine. Lew specializes in varied media such as watercolor, gouache and acrylic. Lew makes his home in West Chester, Pa where he lives with his wife Mimi and their 2 Maine Coon cats Gipper and BoJangles.


Upon Graduation form Tyler School Of Art with a BFA in the fine arts as well as deans list honors, Lewis Johnson began his career as an illustrator/ designer.

Since then, Lew has worked in-house for a number of corporations such as Lenox China, Current Inc., and American Visual Arts before starting his own freelance studio in 1994. Since then, he has produced art for a wide variety of products from greeting cards, gift-wrap, children’s books, prints, packaging, graphics and photography for brochures, custom graphics for jigsaw puzzles, product development concept sketches and finished renderings for coins and collectibles as well as licensing many of his designs for greeting cards, jigsaw puzzles, craft kits and apparel. He also participates in local art shows in Chester County such as Yellow Springs, the Daylesford Abbey and the Devon Gallery at the Devon Horse Show.

Artist #12 Jim Daly



Jim Daly was born in Holdenville, Oklahoma, US. He studied at the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, California.

His painting are held in private and corporate collections as well as Museums, Historical Societies and numerous Galleries.

His paintings are also used as illustrations in numerous books.  He has also produced several of his own books some of which have been published as far as foreign countries.

Artist  #11 Howard Robinson


Quoted from Howard Robinson's website...

"After many years of hard work and study I seem to be living the dream at the moment. From childhood I have always been fascinated by nature and this has become the main feature of my art and so I am never short of inspiration as work and hobbies have just become  one and the same.

Having been successful in breeding many rare birds I now get invited to give presentations as far afield as Africa and Australia and where I am then able to explore the wilds with the world's experts. I visit so many amazing places I often have to pinch myself and so bursting with inspiration and reference I return home to paint my images. These images are frequently licensed by Zoo’s and Aquariums and so I then get to visit ‘behind the scene for hands on experience with even more fascinating species. Inspiration is all around me even as I work, at the end of my studio I have a glass wall enclosing my own piece of rainforest complete with waterfall and tropical plants in which poison dart frogs live and breed.

I really do work far too hard but if I was to retire today what would I do?, exactly what I am doing now."

Artist #10 is Ciro Marchetti




Ciro Marchetti was born in Italy and is a well known Illustrator.

Currently residing in Florida, this award-winning artist from the United Kingdom has produced extremely colorful and creative artwork in fantasy themes filled with details of beauty.

His studies of art in London led to a career in Europe and South America. He settled in the United States with his own design agency in Miami.

Ciro shares his talents by providing workshops and lectures on digital imagery and illustration at the Fort Lauderdale Art Institute.

Artist #9 is Dona Gelsinger




Dona Gelsinger learned to appreciate art from a very young age. She studied art at Cal State Long Beach in Southern California.

She started working freelance while raising her family. After a move to Oregon and years of submitting her artwork, she received her first publishing deal with Arthur Kaplan to produce the Stations of the Cross in print. After that her work has been published with Lightpost Publishing, Danbury Mint and then The Bradford Exchange. 

Now established in business for over 20 years now her son is running the licensing agency in the amazing Rogue River Valley of Southern Oregon.

Artist #8 is  Trevor Mitchell




Trevor Mitchell  was born in England and after attending Bradford Art College he became an art director at a London advertising agency in 1979.

He started to freelance in 1986, illustrating greeting cards for publishers. These were then published into art prints and jigsaw puzzles.

Now his artwork can be found in prints, cards, jigsaw puzzles, metal signs and collector plates. 

His niche market is recreating the past on canvas that depicts brightly lit colors of splendid scenes in a vintage era.

Artist #7  - Alexander Chen


Alexander Chen was born in Canton, China in 1952. Drawing since his childhood, then at age 16 he worked as a farmer in the country. 

Next he found work on a road theater where he painted stage backgrounds.

He returned home to Canton to enroll in art schools and colleges where a classmate would later become his wife. Alexander’s artwork captures the city life and the beautiful countryside.

In 1989 Alexander and his wife moved to America where he where his talents were excelled quickly into paintings of busy cities and the beauty of nature. One painting can take up to two months to complete.


Artist #6 Linda Nelson Stocks



Linda Nelson Stocks was born in 1939 and was last living in Woodbury, CN.

Previously living in Illinois, Linda was an accomplished artist having sold numerous prints and made calendars of her artwork for 30 years.

The enhancement of bright spots within the image and the clean-crisp details of her artworks make her paintings perfect for jigsaw puzzles.

Artis #5 is Russell Cobane





Born in 1946, Russell Cobane of Lake Orion, Michigan, USA is an award-winning Nature Artist.

During his youth he spent his time as a landscape artist with many hours camping and fishing. After his time at Madison Ave as a commercial illustrator, in 1984 he began to fulfill his passion for painting wildlife.

His wife, Margaret Cobane, is an established artist and product designer. Visit the Cobane Ornaments website for a beautiful supply of products available for sale. Also available for purchase on the Cobane Studio website are the 'Made in Michigan' 'Made in the USA' canvas giclee prints. 

Artist #4 is Jan Van Haasteren


Jan Van Haasteren was born Schiedam, Netherlands in 1936. He is well known as a Dutch comic artist.

In 1966 he became a freelancer as a cartoonist and he created many stories for the comic magazines Perry, Pep, Donald Duck and others.



The company game manufacturer, Jumbo has produced a large number Jan Van Haasteren images for  jigsaw puzzles.

The website shares with link to a PDF file that lists ALL the jigsaw puzzles.

Click Here

When asked "How long do I work on a puzzle?" He replies (quote from website), "Weeks ....... First I start with a sketch on A3 format in which I define the perspective and the main joke character. I'm going to fill it completely and I ink it. With such a sketch I am busy for two weeks for sure.  For certain subjects, I do research on the topic by looking at pictures or taking pictures. It must be realistic, but in my own style. The plane is my plane, just as the cow is my cow. If the sketch is approved by Jumbo - and they always are - I make that sketch on my canvas but to the size of the puzzles. Then the old fashioned handiwork starts by neatly developing in pencil, inking and colouring. In total, an image takes about two months to finish. "

Artist #3 is Aimee Stewart

Artist: Aimee Stewart


About Aimee Stewart Click Here


Aimee is a self taught artist, photographer and writer.

After creating website designs in 1999 she started from simple graphics which led her to photomanipulation.

By combining 'digital' art and 'traditional' art her images have excelled into wondrous creativity.

She has articles published in the Advanced Photoshop Magazine with tutorials on the photoshop digital program. 

Aimee is married and lives in Washington State.

Artist #2 is Dominic Davison


Image not available



Dominic was born in London, 1972 and now lives in Buckinghamshire, UK. 

He has worked as a freelance artist and also provided tutorials that have been published in magazines such as 3D Artist and Advanced Photoshop.

Incredible talent shines through the images on his jigsaw puzzles.

Artist #1 is Kate Ward Thacker

White Mountain Puzzles Confessions of Desperate Housewife
1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle - Welcome To The Lake
Buffalo Games - Route 66 - 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
Buffalo Games - Signature Collection - Vintage America - 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
Buffalo Games - Baseball - 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
MasterPieces World's Smallest Route 66 1000 Piece Tin Box Jigsaw Puzzle


No image available.

Kate Ward Thacker has a phenomenal amount of artwork on her websites and the images licensed to Jigsaw Puzzle Companies is a very tiny portion.

Kate has been producing and selling her artwork since high school and further educated herself in design. Her artwork has been involved in the theme park designs for Paris Disneyland and Walt Disney World.  

IF you know the TV show 'The Americans' or 'Bones' those images are listed on the websites below. 





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