Jigsaw Puzzle Company Links

The following list of Jigsaw Puzzle Company LINKS are from around the world. While this is a long list it is not complete. Puzzle Companies may add their link in the form at the bottom of this page.

Company   ~   Country   ~   Website Link

  1. Anatolian(Perre) Turkey http://www.anatolian.com.tr/Default.aspx?_Args=Dynamic,64  
  2. AndrewsBlaine USA http://www.andrewsblaine.com/
  3. Appleone Japan http://www.appleone.co.jp/  
  4. Artbox (Amada Printing Mfg. Co.) Japan http://www.amada.bz/  
  5. Beverly Japan https://www.be-en.co.jp/products/jigsawpuzzle.php  
  6. Bits and Pieces USA http://www.bitsandpieces.com/  
  7. Blatz (Ex-brand of Schmidt, under Good Time Holding) Germany http://www.gt-holding.de/en/good-time-holding/company  
  8. Bone Owl Puzzles - Canada - https://www.boneowl.ca/
  9. Buffalo Games USA http://www.buffalogames.com/  
  10. Cardinal Games USA http://www.cardinalgames.com/products/232
  11. Castorland Poland https://www.castorland.pl/en                    
  12.  Ceaco USA http://www.ceaco.com/index.php?page=home   
  13.  Cheatwell UK http://www.cheatwell.com/puzzle-zone   
  14.  Citadel UK http://www.citadelpuzzles.co.uk/catalog/   
  15.  Clementoni Italy http://www.clementoni.com/en/the-catalogue/puzzles/  
  16.  Cobble Hill Canada http://www.cobblehillpuzzles.com/   
  17.  Cranham UK http://www.cranham.com/epages/es122183.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=Categories   
  18.  Crown and Andrews Australia http://www.crownandandrews.com/jigsaw-puzzles/index-jigsaws.php   
  19.  Curio City (3D wooden Puzzle) USA http://www.curiocityonline.com/index.php?l=product_list&c=73   
  20.  Dowdle Folk Art USA https://www.dowdlefolkart.com/shop/   
  21.  D-Toys Canada http://www.outsetmedia.com/puzzles/dtoys-puzzles   
  22.  eeBoo USA http://shop.eeboo.com/c/our-products_puzzles   
  23.  Educa Borras Spain http://www.educaborras.com/pages/home/language:eng  
  24.  Ensky Japan http://www.ensky.co.jp/category/106.html   
  25.  Epoch (and Apollo) Japan http://epoch.jp/jp/   
  26.  Eurographics Canada http://www.eurographicspuzzles.com/   
  27.  Fabio Vettori Italy http://www.fabiovettori.com/pages/poster-puzzle   
  28.  Fame Puzzle Netherlands http://www.famepuzzles.nl/   
  29.  Funskool India http://www.funskoolindia.com/products-by-category.php?c=6   
  30.  Funtime Gifts UK http://www.funtimegifts.co.uk/Puzzles-amp;-Games/catalogue/1/   
  31.  FX Schmid (under Ravensburger) USA https://www.ravensburger.com/start/index.html
  32. Games2Puzzle - https://www.games2puzzles.com
  33. Galaxy Puzzles - USA - https://galaxypuzzles.com/
  34. Gearheads Puzzle Shop - https://gearheadspuzzleshop.com/
  35.  Gibsons UK http://gibsonsgames.co.uk/puzzles/
  36.  Great American Puzzle Factory USA https://www.facebook.com/pages/Great-American-Puzzle-Factory/117987978248283
  37.  Great British Jigsaws UK http://www.gbjigsaws.co.uk/jigsaws.html
  38.  Grow Brazil http://www.lojagrow.com.br/
  39.  Half Moon Bay UK http://www.halfmoonbay.co.uk/our_brands/
  40.  Harveys Mazzle UK http://www.harveymaps.co.uk/acatalog/map-gifts-and-games-p1.html
  41. Hennessy USA https://www.hennessypuzzles.com/
  42.  Heye Germany http://www.heye-puzzle.com/
  43.  Holdson New Zealand http://www.holdson.com/shop/Puzzles.html
  44.  Horrible Histories UK http://horrible-histories.co.uk/buy/jigsaws/
  45.  House of Puzzles Scotland http://www.thehouseofpuzzles.com/
  46.  James Hamilton Grovely UK http://www.jhgpuzzles.co.uk/catalouge.htm
  47.  Jacarou Puzzles (by Anie Maltais on FB) Canada http://www.jacaroupuzzles.com/
  48.  Jumbo (and Falcon) Netherlands http://www.jumbo.eu/en/products/puzzles/
  49. JVH Puzzles Netherlands https://www.jvh-puzzels.com/
  50.  Karmin Group Canada http://karmingroup.com/karmin-international/
  51.  King Netherlands http://www.kinginternational.com/index.php?option=com_wrapper&view=wrapper&Itemid=65&lang=en
  52.  KS Games Turkey http://ksgames.com.tr/
  53.  LANG USA http://www.lang.com/gifts-accessories/puzzles-games/puzzles.html
  54.  Majestic Puzzles USA http://www.majesticpuzzles.com/
  55.  Masterpieces USA http://www.masterpiecesinc.com/
  56.  Mega Puzzles USA/Canada http://megapuzzlesandgames.com/
  57.  Melissa and Doug USA http://www.melissaanddoug.com/melissa-doug-childrens-puzzles?topcat
  58.  Milton Bradley USA (a.k.a) Hasbro
  59.  Missing Pieces (by Donna Marth on FB) US  http://www.themissingpiecepuzzlecompany.com/
  60.  Mondopuzzle Italy http://www.mondopuzzle.com/index.php?manufacturers_id=3
  61. Otter House UK http://www.otterhouse.co.uk/acatalog/Jigsaws.html#.VQOoffmUd9k
  62. Papercity USA http://www.papercitypuzzles.us/
  63. Pastime Puzzles USA http://www.pastime-puzzles.com/
  64. Paul Lamond UK http://www.paul-lamond.com/
  65. Piatnik Austria http://piatnikcardgames.co.uk/produkte/index.php/113/uk/en/puzzles/art
  66. Pintoo Taiwan http://www.pintoo.com/index.php
  67.  Pomegranate USA http://www.pomegranate.com/puzzles.html
  68. Purrfect (Tailten Games) Ireland http://www.tailtengames.com/purrfectpuzzles/
  69. Puzzlebug USA http://lafayettepuzzles.com/index.php/all-puzzles.html
  70.  Puzzle Nathan France http://www.nathan-puzzle.fr/
  71. Puzzle So Hard USA https://puzzlesohard.com/
  72.  Puzzle Twist USA http://www.puzzletwist.com/jigsaw.html
  73.  Ravensburger Germany https://www.ravensburger.com/start/index.html
  74.  Ravensburger (USA) USA https://www.ravensburger.com/start/index.html
  75. Reflective Arts USA http://reflectiveartinc.com/giftware/Boxed-Puzzles-1000pc/
  76.  Renoir Taiwan http://newweb.renoirpuzzle.com.tw/sop/classes.php?classes_id=12
  77. RGS Group South Africa http://www.rgsgroup.co.za/
  78.  Ricordi Italy http://www.ricordi.info/puzzle
  79.  Road Station(Sunlike/Kezuka) Japan http://www.sunlike.co.jp/
  80.  Ryco UK http://www.rycooriginals.co.uk/products
  81.  Schmidt (under Good Time Holding, ex-brand Blatz) Germany http://www.schmidtspiele.de/
  82.  Serendipity USA http://www.serendipitypuzzles.com/home.htm
  83. SeriousPuzzles.com - USA - http://www.SeriousPuzzles.com
  84.  Spilsbury USA http://www.spilsbury.com/category/jigsaw-puzzles
  85.  Springbok USA http://www.springbok-puzzles.com/
  86. Standout Canada http://standoutpuzzles.com/
  87.  Sunsout USA http://www.sunsout.com/
  88.  Sure Lox (TCG) Canada http://www.tcgtoys.com/#section-10
  89.  Tactic UK http://www.tactic.net/products.php?lang=UK&category=19
  90.  Tenyo Japan http://www.tenyo.co.jp/
  91.  Tomax Hong Kong http://www.tomax.hk/products/products.html
  92.  Toyrific UK http://www.toyrific.co.uk/index.php/games-puzzles-toys/jigsaw-puzzles.html
  93. Traditional Games (HTI) UK N/A   Trefl Poland http://sklep.trefl.com/en/puzzle.html
  94. University Games (Bepuzzled) USA http://www.ugames.com/bepuzzled/products.asp
  95. Vermont Christmas USA http://www.vermontchristmasco.com/category/jigsaw-puzzles
  96. Waddingtons (Hasbro) UK (a.k.a.) Hasbro  
  97.  Wasgij (Jumbo) UK http://www.wasgij.co.uk/
  98.  Wentworth UK http://www.jigsaws.co.uk/
  99.  White Mountain USA http://www.whitemountainpuzzles.com/
  100.  WHSmith UK http://www.whsmith.co.uk/dept/toys-and-games-toys-puzzles-and-jigsaws-14x00013
  101.  Wrebbit (3D puzzle) Canada http://www.wrebbit3d.com/our-wrebbit-3d-puzzles
  102. Yanoman Japan http://www.yanoman.co.jp/

 Other Brands with limited information  

  1. AA Jigsaws UK   
  2.  Allders International (Ships) Limited  
  3.  Dino   
  4.  Druon Puzzle France   
  5.  Impronte Edizioni Italy   
  6.  Kodacolor (from Rose Art) USA   
  7.  Marks and Spencer UK   
  8.  Mindbogglers   
  9.  Pazo Japan   
  10.  Selegiochi Italy   
  11.  Spielspass Germany   
  12.  TATE   
  13.  TUCO USA   
  14.  Whitman USA  
  15.  Wild Horse Puzzles Netherlands                            

This is an ongoing list that will be updated. Send us details that are not yet included.

(List started by and courtesy of Matthew Kwan, thank  you.) 

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