PuzzFolio Jigsaw Puzzle APP

The FREE PuzzFolio APP is now available!

  • Android 5.0+ version - phones/tablets
  • Buy or Sell jigsaw puzzles using private messages thru Social Medias
  • Post your own completed puzzle photos
  • Keep a current puzzle detail record
  • Join in the jigsaw puzzle community
  • Browse post from other users
  • See other Puzzlers profile 
  • Use Likes and share to Facebook, Twitter, email and other Social Media
  • Use a search function
  • Never buy a duplicate jigsaw puzzle - check your PuzzFolio APP first!!!!
  • See screenshots and video for usage that follow.....

Watch this video to see the PuzzFolio APP in Action....

APPs may often crash which can be due to conflicting files or.....

IF you receive the 'Puzzfolio app has stopped working'


Here's what you can do with your FREE PuzzFolio APP account.....

*When PuzzFolio becomes 'live' you will download the free APP from Google Play Store

*On your Android phone or tablet, create your free PuzzFolio APP account using your (hidden) email address with your name. Then use the Post function to start listing your jigsaw puzzle records and uploading your photo.

*Post your Facebook or Twitter account on your Profile page so you and others have instant access to buy and sell jigsaw puzzles - this will be the contact for private messages to make sales.

*Add as much info/comments/details to your posts as you like. Note they will be seen by other members too, who also may leave comments and / or favorite them.

*Submit your completed jigsaw puzzle photo and add details like the For sale-price-date-title-brand-pieces-size-rate it-comments

*Add your location (option)

*Simply delete any post anytime you want by swiping the post to the left and then tap the Delete button

*Upload your own Avatar/Profile and Cover Image from your own Photos file

*Share your post with Facebook, Twitter, Mail, SMS etc (social medias on your device)

*View other Puzzler's posts to see their photos, comments and profile info (does not include your private email address that you sign in with)

*Follow other Puzzlers and / or Favorite (Like) their posts

*Use a Search function to locate what you may be looking for

*Tap the 'Activity' link to see who is connecting with you ~ swipe to the left to see their posts

*Tap 'Popular' to see the highest rated posts

*When using the text/comments add fun emojis.

*To make your Post.....

  1. Tap the upper right corner "feather-pen" to add your posts - at 'what do you want to post?'......
  2. Tap to bring up the keyboard....
  3. Tap the camera to add 1 image
  4.  Tap the icon next to it to add your location (option) 
  5.  Start typing comments using keyboard or 'voice' command and/or use Smileys, ThumbUp etc
  6. Tap 'Post' and it will be added to your PuzzFolio APP  account

There are also banner ADs at this time for testing purposes.

PuzzFolio is the first Android Universal Social Jigsaw Puzzle Photo App - let's make it THE 'GoTo'  App for Jigsaw Puzzle enthusiasts around the world and create a NEW sharing community of our achievements  and accomplishments.....


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