Julie Smith

by Julie Smith
(Lewes, DE, USA)



In Progress - Really tough puzzle. I ended up having to move all the pieces to another table as my able was not big enough.

F.X. Schmid Halloween Party, 39.5 x 22.5 inches, 1,000 pieces, art by Herb Schwartz. This is an extremely hard to find puzzle that was released in 1997. It was very challenging with tons of very tiny little pieces and the pieces were NOT interlocking. There were multiple butterfly whimsy pieces in the puzzle too. I promised myself I would tackle this one for this contest as it's the most unique Halloween puzzle I have ever seen and I doubt many have ever seen it.
Puzzle #6, October 6, 2017
P.S. That's a Day of the Dead headband and candy as my Secret symbols in photo 1. Dreamer decided to enter the shot on this one. He patiently was allowing me to try Halloween costumes on him earlier.

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Oct 07, 2017
Halloween Contest 2017
by: Linda Richard - Admin

You are correct Julie. This is one of the most creative pieces of artwork for a Halloween image I have seen yet!

I cannot even imagine getting all those tiny orange pieces into place. There are several mind-boggling areas in the image too, however when the big picture is complete the patterns are very clear. The butterfly whimsies are a bonus touch added to the shape of the puzzle.

The only other Halloween idea that may have been added was IF the shape of the entire puzzles was a black bat rather than a butterfly.

That said, of course the butterfly shape adds to the complexity of assembling this one. It's quite large too. An excellent entry Julie. You have amazing puzzles.

Coincidently, does Dreamer's eyes always look dreamy like that or is that just this particular photo? He looks like a terrific puzzle buddy to have around.

Thanks for the awesome entry and I will be totally blown away if you can top this one Julie.....!!!!

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