Julie Smith

by Julie Smith
(Lewes DE USA)

Photo #1 Start

Photo #1 Start

Hallmark, The Color of Fun (Crayola), 1,000 pieces, 24 x 30 inches
#16, October 17, 2017
I wanted to do a back to school puzzle but most of my back to school ones were only 500 pieces. Then I remembered this one. Remember when you used to get your list of school supplies to shop for as a kid. In those younger years, school crayons were always on the list. This one has some great vintage packaging with "school crayons for educational color work."
I'd like to say this was fun but it was one of the harder crayon puzzles I've ever done, the kind were you agonize over placing every single piece, examining the box for tiny details. The only truly easy parts were the red sections with the sharpener. It looks so easy once put together but it was not. I am so happy this one is completed.

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Oct 18, 2017
Halloween Contest 2017
by: Linda Richard - Admin

This certainly is a reminder of a Fall activity - Back to School. I recall that whole scene of school supply shopping...seems like something we quickly dismiss as adults unless of course we have children in school.

That said, I can see there are a lot of tricky areas here Julie. The same crayon colors are strategically placed among the boxes. I am impressed with the image and very pleased it is completed. It's cool to see how the boxes have been revised
over the years too.

What a excellent entry Julie. Thank you so very much and happy puzzling today!

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