Kids Jigsaw Puzzles Gallery

Chances are pretty good you are looking for a guide to pick out the kids jigsaw puzzles for Christmas this year. 

Here is a general guide (stated loosely) for children but it is not limited to these numbers because some children develop differently than others. Of course that does not mean as an adult you cannot do these.

Child                  Number of Pieces

Ages 2 - 3          4 to 12 Pieces

Ages 3 - 5          12 to 50 Pieces

Ages 5 - 6          50 to 100 Pieces

Ages 6 - 7          100 to 200 Pieces

Ages 7 - 8          200 Pieces

Ages 8 - 10        300 Pieces

Ages 12+           500+ Pieces

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Kids Holiday jigsaw puzzles are a very common activity for families. The 500 piece seems to be most favoured during the season.

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3D Kids Christmas jigsaw puzzle is a cute idea to have around during the holiday time.

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Knitting Chicks 100 pieces

JaCaRou Puzzles 4+

Size 14-1/4 x 9.5" or 35.9 x 24.2cm

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Look forward to more kids jigsaw puzzles in the future......