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This List-Largest Jigsaw Puzzles page shares different websites that hold a list of the largest jigsaw puzzles.

I have located a new one titled It has a list of 275 jigsaw puzzles 6000+ piece puzzles which they determine to be 'largest' puzzles. 

Also, Cronicas Puzzleras also has a current Largest Jigsaw Puzzle List - to view it CLICK HERE


Updating or adding to The List-Largest Jigsaw Puzzles: January 2018 (note: this is an outsider Blogger's List)


Travel Around the World

This new puzzle is manufactured by a French company – Grafika and has been available since September of 2017. It is 48,000 pieces and priced at approximately $510 US dollars (395.99 British Pounds).

This latest jigsaw puzzle is called Travel Around the World that has countries on every continent. The completed puzzle will measure 26.77 x 6.30 feet (8.16 x 1.92 meters).

The puzzle is in a wooden box with wheels at 55 pounds (25kg) of puzzle pieces! There are 24 separate bags of 2000 pieces each. It also comes with 2 posters of the puzzle image, and a poster showing a map of the world with the locations of the individual puzzle images.

Grafika is a jigsaw puzzle company in France so if you visit the website be sure to check the browser bar to have the page change to English or your desired language. At this time it does not appear to be available in the USA but it's interesting to know that it's out there!

Have you seen the new Ravensburger Despicable Me, 9000 piece Minion jigsaw puzzle? How about, if/when it is available in the western world, would you try/buy it?  Either way, this Ravensburger has just landed on the Largest Jigsaw Puzzle List according to this record being kept on the 6000 Pieces and More blogspot.

List-Largest Jigsaw Puzzles continued...

 The 6000 Pieces and More blogspot records up to date (August 2017) listing the above Funny Minions as the most latest added to the other 194 jigsaw puzzles 'largest' list. By largest list, it is indicated that 6000 or more jigsaw puzzle piece qualifies as 'large'. That's likely a matter of opinion but I think a fairly good line to draw. (Note: when you visit the site be sure to check the English version tab if required.)

It appears this Blogger has been accumulating the list since 2014, but the list dates some entries as far back as 1980 being an FX Schmidt Ancient World Map as shared below.

Each entry also lists comprehensive details about the usual interests of a large jigsaw puzzle. Interestingly they have added the "exact" number of pieces rather than the general amount as often shown on the packaging.

  • Number of Pieces: 6000
  • Title: Ancient world map
  • Manufacturer: Schmidt
  • Exact Number of Pieces: 6016
  • Artist: Willem Blaeu
  • Reference Number: #02168 #02766 #57151 
  • Year: 1980*

The Largest List Jigsaw Puzzles is also broken down into the Number of Pieces, with links, images and extensive details for each one. So it starts with the Largest number of pieces, which at this time is the Ravensburger - Disney Unforgettable Moments with 40,320 exact pieces. (Shown below).

Next is the Wildlife, then Double Retrospect and so on. Note they are not in Year-date order but catalogued by the total number of pieces. There are truly some AMAZING jigsaw puzzles on the Largest List and certainly worth taking a look at this most wonderful resource.

My List-Largest Jigsaw Puzzles

I have 2 jigsaw puzzles that are on the Largest List. Both were bought for me as gifts from family members. The New York City Window, now sitting at number 5 on the list and Band of Thunder, sitting at number 24. 

I hope you take the time to have a look at the extremely impressive 6000 Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces and More Blog as it certainly is worth it. You may even be surprised a little bit!


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About: Mastering the Art of Choosing the Right Jigsaw Puzzle

Tips to Avoid Buying Overwhelmingly Difficult Images

Jigsaw puzzles offer a delightful challenge, but there are times when the level of difficulty can be overwhelming. Whether you're a seasoned puzzler or a novice looking for an enjoyable experience, it's important to choose the right puzzle image that matches your skill level and personal preferences. In this article, we'll explore the world of difficult jigsaw puzzles and provide you with a list of tips to help you avoid buying images that might leave you feeling frustrated.

1. Know Your Skill Level

Understanding your own puzzle-solving skills is key when selecting a jigsaw puzzle. Be honest with yourself about your experience and comfort level. If you're a beginner, it's best to start with puzzles that have a lower piece count and simpler imagery. As you gain confidence and experience, you can gradually challenge yourself with more complex puzzles.

2. Consider the Piece Count

The number of puzzle pieces directly affects the difficulty level. Larger piece counts, such as 1,000 pieces or more, can be more time-consuming and mentally demanding. If you prefer a less challenging experience, opt for puzzles with smaller piece counts, such as 500 pieces or even fewer.

3. Analyze the Imagery

Before purchasing a puzzle, carefully examine the image. Complex and intricate designs, such as landscapes with numerous details or abstract patterns, tend to be more challenging. If you're looking for a less daunting puzzle, choose images with clearly defined sections, distinct colors, or simpler motifs.

4. Read Product Descriptions and Reviews

Take the time to read product descriptions and reviews. Puzzle manufacturers often provide information about the level of difficulty, which can help you make an informed decision. Additionally, reading reviews from other puzzlers can give you insights into the puzzle's complexity and whether it aligns with your preferences.

5. Look for Beginner-Friendly Collections

Many puzzle companies offer collections specifically designed for beginners. These collections often feature puzzles with larger pieces, simpler imagery, or even hints and guidance to assist you along the way. Exploring these beginner-friendly options can be a great way to ease into the world of jigsaw puzzles.

6. Seek Variety in Piece Shapes

Some puzzles feature unique piece shapes that can add an extra layer of difficulty. If you're looking for a more accessible experience, consider puzzles with standard grid-shaped pieces. However, if you enjoy a challenge, look for puzzles with irregular or whimsical piece shapes, as they can make the assembly process more complex and engaging.

7. Check for Puzzle-Specific Features

Certain puzzle manufacturers offer features to indicate the level of difficulty. For example, some puzzles may have a "difficulty rating" on the packaging or specify whether they are suitable for beginners, intermediate puzzlers, or advanced enthusiasts. These indicators can be valuable in making an informed decision.

8. Consider Collaborations with Artists

Many jigsaw puzzle companies collaborate with renowned artists, resulting in a wide range of puzzle images with varying levels of difficulty. Some artists may have a distinctive style that makes their puzzles more challenging, while others may focus on creating accessible and enjoyable designs. Research the artist's work and style to ensure it aligns with your preferences and skill level.

9. Seek Recommendations from Fellow Puzzlers

Engaging with the puzzle community, whether through online forums, social media groups, or local puzzle clubs, can provide valuable insights and recommendations. Experienced puzzlers can share their thoughts on specific puzzle images and brands, helping you make informed choices.

10. Trust Your Instincts

Ultimately, trust your instincts and choose puzzles that genuinely spark joy and interest for you. While it's important to consider the difficulty level, it's equally crucial to select images that you find visually appealing and personally satisfying. Enjoying the process of assembling a puzzle is just as important as the challenge itself.

By following these tips, you'll be better equipped to choose jigsaw puzzles that match your skill level and provide an enjoyable experience. Remember, puzzles should be a source of relaxation and fun, so don't be afraid to explore different options and challenge yourself while staying within your comfort zone. Happy puzzling!

(ChatGPT, personal communication, June 20, 2023)