Nancy Moore

by Nancy
(Lebanon, Missouri U.S.A)

Milton Bradley (Hasbro), Monte Minding the Store, 23 X 26", 1000 pcs. , Charles Wysocki,
2002. Used, one piece chewed on, but otherwise complete. Fun puzzle.

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Oct 07, 2017
Halloween Contest 2017
by: Linda Richard - Admin

Hi Nancy and welcome to the Halloween Jigsaw Puzzle Contest.

It took some trying but your entry has been successfully uploaded now. You have a terrific Halloween image here certainly combined with a lot of Fall colors. I see some tricky areas you managed to complete first. I hope that one piece is not too damaged.

Love your Halloween flower pot you are using for your Secret Symbol too.....that would be perfect to use in the yards during this Halloween Season.

Thanks for your entry and we look forward to your next one also hoping the process is a little bit easier.

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