Nature Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery

Nature is alluring and some of the best jigsaw puzzles I've seen are related to grand scenes of Mother. Some of the images are breathtaking and stunning. We are thankful the Artists and photographers have the talent and ability to capture the perfect scenes. Take a look at some of the following displays...... 

Title: Woodland Wildlife 1981 

Brand: Waddingtons, Bramelea, ON Canada 

Size: 20 inches in diameter OR 50cm   Pieces: 500

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Brand: Sunsout jigsaw puzzles          Title: Wolf and Chickadees

                       Artist:  Daniel Renn Pierce 2005

          Size: 16”x34” Poster-type          Pieces: 1000

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   Brand: Puzzlebug          Title: Meadow Run

   Pieces: 500              Size: 18.25 x 11” or 46x28cm

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More to come.....