More Than 3400 Online Jigsaw Puzzles

Have you tried online jigsaw puzzles? They are not for everyone however you can see from JS Puzzles the interest is certainly there. I have tried it a few times but to be honest with you, I am not into any online type games. 

Take a look at the following image to see the choices of level play that's available so you have the option to determine your own degree of challenges. Some puzzlers keep track of how many puzzles and/or pieces they have achieved. 

With over seven years of online gaming experience, JS Puzzles has the most dynamic website for jigsaw puzzlers who enjoy using technology to fulfill their daily (addiction) passion to complete jigsaw puzzles in the easiest of formats.

Using a simple free sign up form, the User then has the option to upload and build their own jigsaw puzzle photos and store them into Albums. Their photos are collected into the mix for all Gamers to try 'arming' the photos.

The number of times a photo puzzle gets solved is recorded and an option to Vote are both added features to this powerful online jigsaw puzzle website.

The appearance of the website is clean, neat and well organized. Jigsaw puzzles are nicely categorized for very easy selections for your desires. It's a completely well run online jigsaw puzzle website!

Visit JS Puzzles to see how easy it is for enjoying online jigsaw puzzles.

Fireside chat with Hagai Izenberg - Co-Owner

I had the opportunity to ask Mr. Izenger a few questions and he was kind enough to respond...check this out.......

Hagai Izenberg, is one of the 2 Partners who owns and operates JS Puzzles. He lives in Ramat Hasharon, Israel, and is married with a 2 year old son. When asked about his son he then shared this story with me.

QUOTE "......he is one sweet 2 year old boy who is crazy for jigsaw puzzles. He is doing Ravensburger's 12 and 24 piece puzzles completely by himself. He recently also found a 50 piece airplane puzzle (from the Disney movie "Planes") which we started doing together with him. He doesn't give up until the puzzle is complete, and now he also started doing this one by himself as well. He seems to memorize sections of this puzzle and every day it looks like he's putting it together faster. It is fascinating to watch!..."

Hagai has been doing jigsaw puzzles since childhood. He says it was always fun doing these while listening to music and sometimes even watching TV.

When asked why he decided to develop an online jigsaw puzzle website he replies.... "Both my partner Assaf and I studied Computer Science and at the time we started the website Assaf was actually working in China and I was working on our Sudoku website (called Live Sudoku). Most website games in 2007 used Flash or Java, and we wanted (just for the challenge) to create games that will work on any computer without the need to install anything. We started JSPuzzles in October 2007."

You might think it takes a lot of time to operate this type of website so I asked that question. Hagai replied, "It takes around two days a week, sometimes we add new features to the sites, so it takes time to program and test everything.

One thing we spend a lot of time doing, is curating uploaded photos - we allow all players to upload their own photos and make them into puzzles, and the thing is... well, some people upload "inappropriate" materials, so we actually need to approve each and every photo manually, which takes some time.

Recently, we introduced email verification in some specific countries, and the amount of inappropriate photos went down by 90%, making our job easier!

I believe we have one of the largest collection of user-generated jigsaw puzzles available, where all puzzles are moderated and safe for kids."

So there you go....does it get any better or safer to know that your children are using a safe website which is fun and entertaining. Note, it has also been determined that doing jigsaw puzzles is great for relaxation ~ something all of us can always use more of.

The following are links to Hagia Izenberg's Facebook page and websites.

I highly recommend this online jigsaw puzzle website and IF I was an online jigsaw puzzle gamer, I certainly would become a member.


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