Paris in a Day

by Roberta S.
(Scottsdale, Arizona, USA)

The inspiration

The inspiration

Brand: EeBoo
Size: 21” x 28”
Pieces: 1000

I turned 75 in October and just recently decided I needed a new hobby. Started with a Cobble Hill 500 piece rectangular puzzle, then an EeBoo round 500 piece, then a MasterPiece 750 rectangular one. I researched many companies, focusing on puzzle quality, piece cut, variety of piece shape, etc. There are some boutique companies like eeBoo, that don’t get much press, but offer a highly rated product. I was ready for 1000 pieces, or so I thought. The first of those was a Springbok called State Plates — little did I know they list in their hard category. I chose it because their finished puzzle is larger than most others, so the pieces would be bigger. Unfortunately, it had a missing piece Remember, I’m a beginner. But, I was feeling pretty confident!

I was particularly taken with the quality and look of the first eeBoo, they do have a shiny surface which I know may not appeal to everyone, but otherwise the pieces are sturdy, the fit is pretty solid allowing small sections to be moved without falling apart, and they snap in place without having to pick up surrounding pieces. I chose the one that is the subject here because it reminded me of a Paris street artist’s primitive painting that has hung in my home for 45 years (included in this commentary). Sad to say, 6 pieces had irregularities — bent or lifted bobs, separation. But none were missing — that is the biggest deal, I think.

I admit it, I am pretty proud of myself for what I’ve accomplished. But mostly I see puzzling as a super activity for the mind and spirit. Getting lost in the process is actually a reboot to face the day. If I’ve learned nothing else, taking breaks from puzzling is imperative, going back to it renews the joy.

Thank you for this beautiful site! A wealth of knowledge and inspiration! I have learned so much and am putting it into practice with each puzzle I tackle. I love a challenge, but it will be quite a while before I tackle some of the ones you have completed. Wow! At this point, I look at composition. I consider the prospect of sorting by color. I am a graphic designer (retired to hobby status :-) ), which I am certain reflects my puzzle choices. I don’t even want to work on the frenetic, mishmash of many “collage” themed puzzles. Nor do I need to be so challenged by, for example, an entire red puzzle. Maybe someday.

One more shoutout to eeBoo. A New York based company dedicated to producing sustainable products. They are “Woman owned, mother run”. Many of the puzzles reflect women’s strengths and accomplishments. There is an entire series themed “Piece and Love”. The artwork is colorful, sometimes quirky, and offers a variety of subjects. I loaded the round one (23” diameter) here — no bent pieces, none missing. It was joyful all around!

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Dec 12, 2021
Thanks for you terrific review
by: Linda

Hi Roberta,
Thanks very much for your terrific review on your eeBoo jigsaw puzzle. I can certainly agree with you on their products as I have had the pleasure of assembling a few of their puzzle as well.

I'd also like to congratulate you on your retirement and choosing jigsaw puzzles as your new found hobby.

Thank you for your feedback on our website. As you noticed, there is a lot more to puzzles than pieces if a person wants to find it.

Feel free to add more reviews here if you like too.

Thanks again and happy puzzling.

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