Pass The Puzzle Pieces Program is a way for Puzzlers to forward puzzles to others who do not have easy access to gain new or different puzzles but are in need of puzzles.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Puzzle Senders must be willing to pay the shipping for the puzzles to the Puzzle Receivers (NO C.O.D.s)

The connection is screened through the program for safety and security purposes. The Puzzle Receivers are reviewed and approved through authentic communications to ensure your puzzles are going to be used and appreciated.

The Puzzle Senders are well known and trustworthy Group members to ensure the safety of parcels being sent to the Puzzle Receivers.

Puzzle Senders will fill in the form below and provide details of the puzzles they are willing to pay for shipping to a Puzzle Receiver (within the USA only at this time).

We will review the Puzzle Sender's puzzles/information and contact the Puzzle Receiver to confirm acceptance and ensure they are aware the puzzles are being shipped so they are available to receive them.

People in need of puzzles;

Our first person in need of puzzles is Mr. Walter Bartlett who is almost 90 years old. He completes two 1000 piece puzzles a week on a limited income. Mrs. Dot Bartlett helps with Mr. Bartlett's mobility as much as possible however puzzles are the main event of his day AND what gets him through each day.

Mr. Bartlett is a retired Captain from the Police Department in 1980 and Mrs. Bartlett is a retired accountant. They raised three girls and then adopted a boy (10 years old) and a girl (15 years old). They now live in a Senior residence with limited income and are coming up on their 70th year of marriage in 2019. Truly inspiring! ☺️

Their ZIP code is 22712. To calculate what the cost to ship a puzzle please  CLICK HERE

Be the reason that someone smiles today!

If you have 1000 piece puzzles to send to Mr. Bartlett please fill in the form with your details below and we will make the connection with the details required. He has assembled most of the 'newer' puzzles in the last 5 years and he prefers 1000 pieces but not Charles Wysocki's. Please be sure there are no missing pieces in the puzzles you are sending. 

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Please enter the word that you see below.


Puzzles Pieces Past so far......

The following shares images and details of Jigsaw Puzzles Pieces Past. Mr. Bartlett was very skeptical of our puzzle passions and this program which is understandable however after receiving the puzzles below he has become elated, thrilled and still hard to believe the generosity from the good people of the world.

SO many big thanks to the Puzzlers below who have supported the Pass the Puzzle Pieces Program and making Mr. and Mrs. Bartlett have BIG smiles today. 

The very first Puzzle Pieces Passed on are these 3 lovely puzzles sent by a Group Member of Jigsaw Puzzle Connections. Mr. Bartlett has already started one of them. He received them June 12th.
These 2 jigsaw puzzles were past forward to Mr. Walter Bartlett and have been received on June 14th from our Jigsaw Puzzle Connections Group member Jean Belloff. Farm scenes and nature are certainly different from all the Charles Wysocki's he has assembled to these are perfect!
This one has been recently shipped to the Bartletts and due to arrive on June 16th by Melinda Tyne. Being a farm scene will be a perfect fit for Mr. Bartlett.
To arrive the week of June 18-23 from Linda Richard of is these 2 Cobble Hill jigsaw puzzles.
Upon showing Mr. & Mrs. Bartlett these 2 puzzles she replied the following... """"Just showed these two pictures to hubby. LOVES them. We both are animal lovers and those dogs are just precious to look at. WONDERFUL""""

Once again, it is with our deepest gratitude to the good people of world paying it forward to those in need and yet share our puzzle passion! 

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