Global Puzzle Pieces Challenge

Welcome to the latest game in the puzzle world! We hope you hop on board and join us in our long term challenge of recording  ONE BILLION jigsaw puzzle pieces on our puzz2pro App - It can be done all in good time….let the games begin!!!

Hi, I’m Puzzle Pete. I hope you all  participate in our challenge. I’ve been told that puzzlers are tops.  All of the info below is ready for you to get your name and puzzles into the count. You know I really believe we can reach our mark but we need you to help us see one billion pieces recorded from around the world on our puzz2pro APP. Just imagine all the busy puzzle dust flying everywhere. What a happy bunch we will be!

We will be sending out important updates with the increasing number of pieces collected and other details, therefore you may want to sign up for our newsletter first. All your information is private and we do not share it with any other companies because we like our privacy too ;)

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Basic Rules and Instructions  (subject to change)

  1. After signing up and logging into the puzz2pro App you can start submitting your assembled puzzles. You MUST use your own personally assembled jigsaw puzzle photo as it is REQUIRED (not the box- it will get removed)
  2. Add your number of pieces you have completed as a number is REQUIRED 
  3. Submit as many puzzles you have completed from the past and up to date using your personal puzzle photo
  4. Fill as much details as possible in the other boxes (comments or reviews not required)
  5. NOTE: The number of pieces are recorded separately from the puzzle details and photos. Due to the volume of puzzle details and photos that need to be recorded, they will remain on the Weekly Leaderboard for 1 week, then the All-time Leaderboard and your Profile page temporarily so at certain times they will be removed.
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Bookmark this page then enter the Global Puzzle Pieces Challenge APP using the puzz2pro APP below

puzz2pro App

How to's, Help and FAQ's

There are videos below to help you.

To install the APP on your desktop please watch this short video where our APP is hosted:

To install the APP on your phone/tablet please watch this short video where our APP is hosted:  

To see what’s inside the APP please watch this video:   (Views APP tabs)

To submit a puzzle please watch this video:  

Here are some images to give you some visual help...

When you are prompted for your one time PIN it will be in your email as shown below. Please check  spam folders. If you sign out of the APP you will be prompted for a PIN each time you sign in.

You can use the APP to sign in on any device and more than one device. If you log out you will need a new PIN sent to your email to sign back in. 

IF you use your Gmail account to sign in you will see the following (one time) situation. We host our APP on GlideApps which also follows all the Privacy Policies and Terms and Conditions as required.


1. I see there are copy/paste links in some of the reviews. I am allowed to post mine there too?

A. The copy/post links posted by PuzzleStar are uploaded by the Admin. Please contact us before you post your link there as there are details you will need to know. Post/links that are posted without permission will be removed. Thanks.

2. I am using the APP on my desktop and I got an error after I entered my details.

A. Since the APP is on your desktop you may need to close and reopen the APP to refresh the new numbers and re-input your new submission.

3.  I saw on the profile that there is a personal record of "this week's submissions". Is that going to be reset on a weekly basis? Or will there be a complete archive to the puzzles I personally submit?

A. Once the data sheet reaches a certain number of submissions it will get set to have the data transferred to a Mastersheet and reset so your Profile Data will be removed at that time as well. Going forward from there it will be scheduled weekly for this process.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our Puzzlers who will be joining us globally for this long term jigsaw puzzle journey. Lets have FUN!

For question or help please send us an email. We do try to respond quickly but also please refer to the videos and/or images above for quicker answers.

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