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Intro from the Puzzle Warehouse website: "Puzzle Warehouse first opened its doors in 2003, and since then we've grown to become the largest jigsaw puzzle company in the world carrying over 10,000 items and still counting. Located in St. Louis, Missouri, our family-run business offers dozens of brands, piece counts, shapes, and sizes bringing smiles to puzzle lovers all over the world. With over 80 jigsaw puzzle brands, and thousands of puzzles we literally have the largest selection of puzzles in the world."

Puzzle Warehouse Company - Q & A's

We have established a connection with one of the employees at the Puzzle Warehouse and got some Q & A's together for this article.  They are below the following video that's a tour of the Puzzle Warehouse Online Store.

Enquiring Puzzlers want to know...

1. How do you select which puzzle company's products you will shelve? As in, do they approach you or do you approach them?

We select new brands based on customer input as well as doing research into the up-and-coming brands. If you are hoping we will carry a certain brand, let us know! We also do have brands approach us asking to be stocked. If they offer a high quality product and are a good fit, we onboard them and start offering their puzzles on our website and in our retail store.

2. Do you have one large database LIST of all the current puzzles you have in stock?

We don't currently have a list, but you can view all available and in-stock puzzles here. You can use the filters in the sidebar to narrow down the selection as well.

3. Do you keep stats on the most popular selling, brand and/or jigsaw puzzles? If so, can you share that with us?

We definitely do! We keep track of sales for each and every puzzle we carry. This helps us predict trends and know how many of each title to order. In 2021, our top selling brand was SunsOut. For July of 2022, our top three sellers were Shaggy's Surf Shop from SunsOut, Springtime Valley from SunsOut, and Summer Terrace from Vermont Christmas Company.

4. Just to be clear, there is the 13000 SQFT store and the 40000 SQFT warehouse - are there any other facilities in the USA? Do you plan on opening any more stores?

We have our retail store in St. Louis, MO as well as our 50,000 sqft warehouse-totally packed with puzzles! We don't have any immediate plans, but we are always looking for opportunities to expand.

5. Will PuzzleWarehouse.com set up an affiliate program?

We currently have an Ambassador program and rewards program. Our rewards program gives customers 5% cash back on all purchases that can be used towards future orders. There are also exclusive deals and sales for those who are signed up. The Ambassador program is for die-hard puzzlers that want to be rewarded for writing for our blog. Our team is currently full, but we may be opening up more spots for the 2023 team.

6. Where is your Head Office company's location?

We are headquartered in St. Louis, MO, but we have many employees working remotely all over the US from South Dakota to Alabama!

7. How many generations of family members have worked in the business?

See #9 for answer :)

8. What can we look forward to seeing in the future?

We are always adding new titles to our selection of over 10,000 different puzzles. Keep an eye on the blog for the latest releases and puzzle trends. We are working on improvements to our website including artist pages, sort by puzzle theme, sort by puzzle type, and more! If you have an idea for us, please contact our customer service! We'd love to hear what you want to see from us going forward.

9. What is one 'inside' short story you can share with us-example, ‘you can have your dogs at work’ or ‘a mascot’ or ‘ most popular puzzle EVER sold’.

Puzzle Warehouse has always been a family-run business. It started out as a couple selling puzzles out of their home. Soon the business took off and they had puzzles covering every surface of their house. Eventually the couple sold the company to our current owner, Brian. You can find his wife and children helping out in the retail store from time to time!

What's Inside - take a tour of the puzzles on the shelf...


Buyer's Experience on the Puzzle Warehouse online website store

Our Guest Writer, Roberta, shares her shopping experience using the online Puzzle Warehouse website.

Shopping at Puzzle Warehouse

My Top 10 great reasons:

1. Well, shopping means spending, so let me say up front, the pricing is competitive and the shipping is extremely reasonable. That’s only one of several reasons to shop here, but an important one. Beyond that, the purchasing process is straightforward and orders arrive in a timely fashion. Standard shipping is 3 - 7 days, but usually faster than a week in my experience. Check-out is so simple - fill in your info, choose shipping method, choose from several payment options, place order. Tracking info follow up e mails or texts keep you posted.

2. Brand Selection: A gazillion brands — okay, at least 113. What’s super here is going to Jigsaw Junkies on this site and looking at the brand comparison. There I can get an overview, find out the piece cut and even look at an example of the pieces to see how many of the traditional shapes are represented.

3. Shop by . . .: Not a gazillion, but by piece count, any of 18 different ways to search puzzles from 35 to 6000+ pieces. By theme, 18 interesting ones from Animals to Vehicles. What no “Z”? — well, 40 choices come up with a search for “Zoo”, 34 for Zodiac. By type, there are 25 categories, everything from large pieces, to shaped, to round, to mystery, to 3-D builds, to jigsaw puzzles with sound — who knew there was such a thing? By age, from 2 to 102, there’s categorized choices galore.

4. Navigation: Excellent! The site is very well organized, and for us lazy folk, the search engine is very comprehensive.

5. The wish list: A great way to not forget that puzzle you loved and will get later. Plus, if you allow it, they will e mail you when a wish list puzzle is running low on stock. My wish list is filled with maybes and definitely want puzzles. That e mail has come in very handy more than once.

6. Puzzle Warehouse is beyond a puzzle store: The Blog - Jigsaw Junkies is a valuable resource for learning about puzzling techniques, and so much more. Articles - read about the artists who are featured on those puzzles you admired. More stuffaccessories like sorting trays and glue, plus games, crafts and brain teasers — so much fun here!

7. Problems: It’s a business, there are stipulations, but they are very fair. From missing pieces to returns, customer service is just a phone call, text, or e mail away.

8. Sales: Of course! There seems to always be a SALE section, but there are often specialty ones for holidays or not, like Christmas in July.

9. Free shipping with a minimum purchase: Stock up, buy gifts, find an excuse, doesn’t everyone reading this need more puzzles?

10. Puzzling is such a wonderful hobby, a process that clears your mind and calms your soul. It also keeps your brain active in beneficial ways. Shopping here is so easy - a one stop shop for a plethora of all good things!

Company Spotlight - Puzzle Warehouse Comments

We have covered many areas of the Puzzle Warehouse Company, be it the online store, personal 'brick/mortar' store shopping experience and viewed their social media platforms - no where did we find any negativity. This company clearly focuses on customer experience and feedback. It's pretty clear they listen because there is not anything missing. I could not find anything (other than some brand suggestions) customer-relationship related to ask for them to include or improve upon. 

Their website is clean, well organized, speedy and very user friendly. It's likely in your best interest to sign up for their newsletter to stay up to date with new and upcoming puzzles.

Another option is to follow them on any of the following social media platforms for current updates. 

It's been our pleasure to share a review on the Puzzle Warehouse Company.