Puzzle With A Cause - Nonprofit Organization

Puzzle With A Cause is a charity raising donations for Cancer and other Charities.

It is founded by Eduardo Tellez Giron L. 

He gives us the following details on how Puzzle With A Cause functions and future plans.

"Ok, it's time to share and I'm very proud of it.

Three months ago I launched a charity project which I had been planning for long ago. It's name is "Rompecabezas con causa" (Puzzles With A Cause) and consists in inviting people to sponsor puzzle pieces (with economic donations). 

This funds serve to buy jigsaw puzzles for our volunteers (mainly elder people and other persons with some disability). They make the puzzles that lately are put for sale (to recover costs).

The raised funds along with the sale of the puzzles are then donated to children charity foundations, making us a viable way to support these 2 vulnerable groups with one donation.

Puzzles help the elder keeping active their brain and it also works as an occupational therapy for the disabled, while the funds serve in many ways to the children.

Now, why did I waited 3 months to share this with you friends? Well, I wanted to have everything in place and working, and while this is just the start, yesterday I was able to make our first economic resources donation to a foundation for children with cancer, along with some puzzles for their toy-library. It was a wonderful moment that I will cherish in my heart forever, but it was possible because of the help of my many donors and followers in the social media. 

While puzzle donations are accepted, we do not request for that kind of support, mainly because puzzles don't feed or pay for medicines, but also because we provide our volunteers with a puzzle completely of their choice, size and new. That way they feel pampered, and are motivated to do it knowing something important is on their hands, and it will finally help others.

Because of this, today we have accomplished about $1,000 dollars in donations. In this post you can see some pictures of yesterday's event and I have a list of so many other charities we will help in the near future.

In invite you to follow, share and promote my pages on FB @rompecabezasconcausa TW @rompecabezascc IG @rompecabezasconcausa and find out everything that I've been doing for this cause.

Either way, if you feel the desire to help with donations I have set a PayPal account  www.paypal.me/rompecabezasconcausa 

I thank you for reading, puzzle love for all!!!"

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