Santa Claus IS Real!

I know this because I met him personally! Yep! AND he gave me this photo of him and Mrs. Claus with his helper too. 

When I saw them in this photo celebrating a 'Summer with Santa' event in a remote area of the world that is top secret, I could not resist becoming just a little creative with it.....

So...the jigsaw puzzle fanatic that I can be at the best of times, I decided to create a personalized jigsaw puzzle using his Secret Santa Summer event photo.

During the summer season, both Santa and Mrs. Claus celebrate a 'Summer with Santa' event at a remote camping ground where they visit each year.

They are well taken care of there and for one day they perform an entire Christmas event with decorations, Christmas trees, food and how cool is that!

I was so touched by this big man and their stories and I wanted to give them a memory, so I created their photo into a jigsaw puzzle and had it framed as a gift for them.

Of course they were thrilled! Who gives Santa Claus a gift... Really! They were really touched and at that moment I realized how sensitive Santa Claus is....a BIG man with a HUGE heart!

Santa Claus visiting with children at the Mall!
Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and Helper at Summer Retreat - this photo was then set to print and cut into a 285 piece jigsaw puzzle
Jigsaw puzzle version
Photo version
Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus - their secret summer hide-away somewhere on earth!
Jigsaw Puzzle framed version

He told me that he was going to share this gift with the next Summer with Santa event which pleased me immensely.

It's great to know that Santa Claus has a place where he can totally relax away from the hustle of the Christmas season. It must take good 11 months to recover from the Christmas season then regain energy for the next one.

He told us so many wonderfully warm stories and opportunities that were presented to him......of course most of these have to be kept top secret too.

He did tell us the most common request he gets is "Hey Santa, how about a HO! HO! HO!" and he gladly belts one out. He often gets rewards with a huge smile and a BIG thumbs up!

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