Neighborhood Swap Jigsaw Puzzles

The New England Jigsaw Puzzlers Group has managed to organized the best local Neighborhood Swap of Jigsaw Puzzles I have seen yet.

This is the second time these puzzlers have gathered to meet at Jennifer Taylor's home simply by connecting with her in their Facebook Group.

The Meet was intended to be set up outside but due to Mother Nature it ended up being inside Jenny's home.

There were a tremendous amount of jigsaw puzzles to choose from and the huge Goodie bag made sure no one went home empty handed.

There was also this table of left over jigsaw puzzles that Puzzler Guests could just pick what they wanted.

Not only does she open her home for the event she also sends her guests home with jigsaw puzzle 'Goodie' bags. 

These bags included brand new puzzles from White Mountain Jigsaw Puzzles and Ceaco Jigsaw Puzzles.

The WMP and Ceaco giveaways at Saturday's Swap happened like this.

An equal number of puzzles were put in large gift bags. The bags had a number on them. Puzzler Guests pick a number from a jar and find the corresponding bag. 

Each bag had between 7-10 puzzles in them. 


Table displays...

The New England Jigsaw Puzzlers Members

Here's a group photo of the Neighborhood Swap Group in New England on Saturday, August 5, 2017.

If you live near this area and are interested in swapping jigsaw puzzle with others then feel free to join the Group for further swap meets coming up.

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