The Moon

by Dorothy Krusky
(Ontario Canada)

Cobble Hills 2020 featured The Moon, 1,000 pieces.

In the past couple of weeks I took the “out of this world,” experience. For all the folks in the Jigsaw Puzzle Connections they can relate in so many ways. I’d say many of them are a seasoned group, dedicated to puzzling. Some members will challenge themselves by doing a puzzle of 5,000 pieces and up. I can only say WOW! Then other members count how many puzzles they do per month. Their challenge is to see if they beat last year’s count. In any event these people amaze me.

That was one reason for attempting to do a puzzle of 1,000 pieces titled The Moon from the 2020 collection of Cobble Hill Puzzles. Little could I imagine what this puzzle would go through to get complete. I’ve come to know having a good space to lay out a puzzle is most important however little did I anticipate dropping a couple of pieces. I rescued the first one from the jaws of the puggle. Whew. Now that would have been a big event in itself but nope. The next day I was moving the puzzle and kerplunk, down it went. Did I get use. Each section was picked up and set gingerly back in the box. The thought was to put it away.

The puzzle was on my mind so much so that once again the busy hands began the task of finding all the little pieces to put in their correct place. Well, once again the dog managed to find a piece and totally destroy it. Was The Moon telling me something? Not giving up and getting encouragement from my sister Linda I continued. Cobble Hill Puzzles was generous in that once they heard about the plight of the puzzle they helped to see this one come together by sending a replacement puzzle for me to locate the 2 er… missing pieces. Definitely a big thank you.

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Apr 22, 2020
Great Post
by: Linda

Thanks very much for posting your experience with The Moon - well done!!!

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