txtics  are  text graphics 

40 Puzzle Pal txtics  $3.99 Download, Save File, Unzip File, Upload to Social Media

40 Puz-Pal Stickers $3.99 Download and Print

txtics  Text-graphics - Add a new twist to your Facebook Pages, Groups or tweets to express daily chatter and general Holidays. Simply upload to Social Media like a photo or PRINT for projects, cards or crafts.

Choose from 18 different txtics Bundles

txtics are funky graphics with daily chatter text on them. You can use them for your social media. txtics are a new way to 'talk' to your friends and fans. Quickly post one image without having to add text because the comment is already on the graphic.

*36 txtics in Each Bundle

  • txtics have 16 courtesy daily text comments starting with 'Good morning', 'Good afternoon' etc, that you can easily post using a different graphic. 
  • txtics have 19 different graphic Statutory Holidays with text.
  • txtics has a four line 'Happy Birthday Friend' song in each Bundle or choose the Family HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bundle with 30+ different family members, one Worker and one Friend txtics

*Note: The Grata, Heart, Love & Notes  Bundles have less than 36 txtics Texts Graphics.

The Bundles have 36 texts each with it's own (same) graphic. At this time there are 18 different txtics shown above. Some of the graphics are hobby related such as a puzzle graphic for puzzlers, a book graphic for readers, a crayon graphic for those who like to color. Each Bundle reads the following text comments. 

Have you seen these txtics?

txtics Happy Birthday Custom Bundle

txtics Happy Birthday graphics are custom created for use in social media. They are a fun way to express your Happy Birthday wishes to all your Family members.

Get a Bundle of 30+ Family member titles - Add a new twist to your Facebook pages, Groups or tweets. It's as easy as uploading a photo.

Happy Birthday Bundle $3.99

  • Instant download
  • Save - Unzip
  • Upload image
  • Brother, Sister/ in-law
  • Mother, Father/ in-law
  • Dad, Father, Daddy
  • Mom, Mother, Mommy
  • Hubby / Husband / Wife
  • Daughter, Son/ in-law
  • Auntie, Uncle
  • Cousin, Niece, Nephew
  • Gramma, Nana, Nanny, Grandmother
  • Mémère, Pépère
  • Grammpa, Papa, Grandfather
  • Friend, BFF, Co-worker


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