Puzzle Hobbyist Vee Petersen

Vee Petersen has the true makings of an entrepreneur. She is a Photographer by trade and also offers other services to Jigsaw Puzzle Groups.

Let’s take a look……

One of the most common concerns for jigsaw puzzlers is keeping enough jigsaw puzzles in the line up. We don’t just do one puzzle per month or year. Most jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts have one OR more puzzles on the go ALL the time. The other concern is the “GOTTA  HAVE IT!” situation and that happens - often!

Of course, the source of the “GOTTA  HAVE IT!” situation is most often discovered in Jigsaw Puzzle Groups -  hence a shipping problem. This is where Vee has a wealth of knowledge. She can make arrangements for jigsaw puzzles to be shipped to-from anywhere in the world using her Ebay Store! These are typically jigsaw puzzles that are being purchased between Group Members (not online stores/websites).

Vee also maintains her own online platform Storefronts where she sells many of her jigsaw puzzles from her stock of  400 puzzles. Group members enjoy shopping because she gives them the option to bargain for more puzzles to combine a better shipping rate. AND she is quite generous with her offers….check it out below! CLICK on the following image.

Much like me, Vee Petersen is truly a puzzle hobbyist and loves many ideas about jigsaw puzzles. Another venture that Vee has offered to Jigsaw Puzzle Groups is her own Jigsaw Puzzle Jewellery designs. 

Here is samples of her work in progress and including one of her very first completed designs.

She also provides a Puzzle Pieces Replacement Service 

It’s very articulate and Vee displays her skills in this new service she offers to jigsaw puzzlers.  

This takes a lot of patience and one must pay close attention to details to create a replacement piece to this level of perfection. 

Vee has also taken on the role of the  Travelling Jigsaw Puzzles as Group Activities Administrator.

At this time of writing there are currently 16 jigsaw puzzles travelling around the USA at the time of this article. Vee is providing the task of maintaining the organization to all these travelling puzzles. Please contact her if you are interested in joining in this fun activity. 

These Travelling Jigsaw Puzzles only travel in the USA and the Puzzle Hobbyists pay for shipping to the next destination.