VIcki Burtcher

by Vicki Burtcher
(Heber City, Utah)

Brooms, Brushes, and Barrels

Brooms, Brushes, and Barrels

Brooms, Brushes, and Barrels
Coming along nicely...
All done!

MB Charles Wysocki's Americana - Brooms, Brushes, and Barrels, 1000 pieces. I picked this one because the apples mean it's autumn!

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Oct 15, 2017
Halloween Contest 2017
by: Linda Richard - Admin

Yes Vicki, you got this one entered for a Fall-Autumn rule where the apples in the barrels are on the image.

Picking apples is a very common Fall activity which we used to do back in the day as well. Gotta wonder how they get them apples nowadays, right?

It does look like a delightful image to complete with the other ongoing activities in the image.

Thanks for the entry and happy puzzling today.

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