Alice In Wonderland Puzzle 
by Guest Writer Roberta Shore

We invite you to read Roberta Shore's review on the following jigsaw puzzle. Since she has discovered the advantages of jigsaw puzzling, she has reviewed/journaled several that will be available on this website.  New York Puzzle Alice In Wonderland puzzle Amazon link

Alice In Wonderland Puzzle - Roberta's Review

Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland

New York Puzzle Company
Random Cut
100 Pieces
Finished Dimension: 9” X 7”
Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland

New York Puzzle Company
Random Cut
100 Pieces
Finished Dimension: 9” X 7”

Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland

New York Puzzle Company
Random Cut
100 Pieces
Finished Dimension: 9” X 7”

My Confident Puzzler Difficulty Rating: Delightfully Easy

I’ll get to the puzzle qualities in a while, but first a question. Have you ever bought a puzzle because it evoked a long forgotten happy memory? That’s what happened for me with this one. I hope you enjoy my condensed version of the Adventure this book took me on.

When my 50 year old daughter was in college she had the assignment to create an activity for young children featuring elementary level skills. I was often recruited to create large dimensional presentations to accompany her research.

I set out to create an Alice in Wonderland themed floor size game board with directions that featured elementary reading and math and of course fun. First player to the middle got to push the lever of my prototype mechanical device that sent a deck of cards flying in the air. She got an A- for the project. Professor’s comment “a little too heavy on the marketing aspect”. My fault I suppose. It’s in my blood, but I had no intention in that regard. It ended up in the back of my car. A close friend saw it and inquired.

Next thing I knew, the friend had made me an appointment with a copyright lawyer. And so the adventure to produce the game began. I went to conventions where I met lots of game inventors and disinterested game distributers. Then I started contacting toy companies directly with the accompanying non disclosure letter. Soon after I received a rejection letter from Golden Books; in short “we specialize in books and puzzles, not interested.” So I wrote back suggesting my game board could start out as a floor PUZZLE.

Either intrigued or impressed with my persistence, I was invited to his office in New York City’s Toy District. Yes he was impressed, but still considered my project too big for Golden Books. However, to quote “If you make A, B and C additions, changes, etc., I will introduce you to Ideal and Hasbro.” That was enough. I had reached a pinnacle I could live with. Sometime later another toy company came out with a game, different subject, flying fish, and same mechanical result. That did not sour my experience, and lawsuits are not fun. I was done and decided to feel flattered for it all. (Well, it is puzzle related in a way. :-) )

On to the puzzle review . . .

From the on site description ”Another adventure in wonderland for Alice! Surrounded by roses and mushrooms Alice finds herself in the company of the Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, and the Cheshire Cat. Penguin Random House book cover art by Artist Mary Kate McDevitt, originally published in 2014.”

This is one of a sizable collection of 100 piece puzzles the company calls “Mini”. They have, as can be seen above, nicely sized pieces and stature worthy of a frame. Really not “mini” as might be thought. There are many illustration that would appeal to adults. I know — 100 pieces, really? Yes! No matter the piece count, the puzzling process evokes the same positive results - clearing the mind and offering calm. Pressed for puzzling time? These little gems are the answer!

Quality: More than acceptable. The puzzle pieces I received may have traveled through the cutter at a bit of an angle. The box illustration shows even width borders. There was some puzzle dust. Piece fit was loose. None of that really interfered with construction. The illustration is on the top of the sturdy, travel size box. Inside is just a sealed bag of pieces. Color match pieces to image is perfect. The pieces have “linen finish” for very low sheen. The solid, easy to handle pieces had no damage, none were together uncut, and none were missing.

Getting started: Find the edge pieces and sort by color. I turned all the pieces face up, sorted out the edges, and then sorted the Title lettering, the top, the middle and the bottom designs.

Construction: I built the frame first. Then i put in the top designs and Lewis Carroll. Filled in the middle and bottom designs. And the fat turquoise scroll. The title lettering was last. Total FUN without eating or drinking or falling down a rabbit hole. :-)

Final thought. Please try these delightful puzzles. I did this one on a small board sitting up in bed. So amazingly relaxing, really!

My grades: Quality A-, Fun Factor A++


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The New York Puzzle Company has established itself as a leader in the puzzle industry, offering a wide range of high-quality puzzles with captivating artwork. With their diverse collection of artwork styles and themes, collaborations with famous artists, and various puzzle piece counts, they have something to offer every puzzle enthusiast.

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