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The Jigsaw Puzzle Hobby Blog is a mini journal that..... - lets you know whenever a new page appears on Puzzle Hobby - shares new entertaining stories and photos - updates previous blogs/links - 'GETs' your passion for doing and sharing your completed jigsaw puzzles

Starting a new jigsaw puzzle hobby or are you a jigsaw puzzle enthusiast already? See what we have in ours....

Song Birds Puzzle

The Song Birds puzzle came from the Jigsaw Puzzle Factory which is a new division and brand. They sent it for a review and I love it.

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Best Jigsaw Puzzle Lights

Looking for the best jigsaw puzzle lights or lamps for your assembly table? Read reviews about lights to use and most commonly purchased by puzzlers.

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There's More To Jigsaw Puzzles Than Pieces

This book, There's More To Jigsaw Puzzles Than Pieces, written by Linda Richard is packed with topics of interest for the novice and seasoned puzzlers.

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The Ultimate Jigsaw Puzzle Log Book

The Ultimate Jigsaw Puzzle Log Book is sized at 6" x 9" in a soft cover with 155 pages to log about 150 jigsaw puzzles.

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Jigsaw Puzzle Brands

There are so many good jigsaw puzzle brands these days. The competition is tough and plentiful which is perfect for us puzzlers.

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Welcome to Puzzle Hobby's Bookshop. Here you will find reviews, sponsored Author books and other helpful workbooks.

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Jigsaw Puzzle Reviews

Jigsaw Puzzle Reviews shares links to all Puzzle-Hobby's assembled puzzles with in depth details and photos.

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How To Count Puzzles Pieces

Want to know how to count puzzles pieces? The cut will determine how many. Here's some pointer to try.

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Global Puzzle Pieces Challenge

The Global Puzzle Pieces Challenge uses the puzz2pro APP for this new jigsaw puzzle activity. Please join us.

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Jigsaw Puzzle Size

Decide which jigsaw puzzle size you want. You will need to determine if that means the size in number of pieces or measurements.

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Replace Missing Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces

Here's how to replace missing jigsaw puzzle pieces. With technology today it is getting so much easier.

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No Glue Method Jigsaw Puzzle

Read this no glue method jigsaw puzzle article for a non-traditional option. It will preserve your puzzle for years.

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Jigsaw Puzzle Boards Tables

Looks like you are interested in jigsaw puzzle boards tables. We have shared a few different types here.

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Pottery Jars Puzzle

The Pottery Jars puzzle was sent by Cardinal Puzzles in return for a review placed on their Facebook page. Well worth it.

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Common Quilt Blocks Puzzle

The Cobble Hills Common Quilt Blocks puzzle is 1000 pieces and the size is 19.25" x 26.625″. It's nice and colourful.

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Global Puzzle Pieces Challenge Master Page

This is the Billion Puzzle Pieces Master Page.

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Globetrotters Puzzle

This is a 2000 piece, Eurographics Globetrotters Puzzle that tours over 80 places around the world. It is a huge collage.

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Truce Jigsaw Puzzle

The Truce Jigsaw Puzzle is by Clementoni and not only is the image super sweet, the quality and fit is top rated.

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Blue Flowers Jigsaw Puzzle

The Blue Flowers jigsaw puzzle by Cobble Hills was just as delightful as the Pink Flowers.

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Classic Cars Jigsaw Puzzle

The Classic Cars jigsaw puzzle is a very attractive image but be prepared to spend some time doing the tricky bush and green areas.

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Classic Archie Jigsaw Puzzles

The Classic Archie jigsaw puzzles are a Series of four by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company. I will be doing all four.

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Water Jigsaw Puzzle

The Water jigsaw puzzle is one of four in a Cobble Hill Puzzle Company series titled Elements. There is Water, Fire, Air and Earth.

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Wild Birds Jigsaw Puzzle

The Cobble Hill Wild Birds jigsaw puzzle is very appealing to the eyes when completed. How many birds have you seen?

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Girls Best Friend Puzzle

Karmin's Girls Best Friend puzzle has a bit of a tricky border otherwise it is a delightful quick fix.

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Flip Flops jigsaw Puzzle

The Paperhouse Mixed Flip Flops jigsaw puzzle is perfect for the summer months because it is short, sweet and has cool whimsies.

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Forest Enchantment

The Forest Enchantment jigsaw puzzle is 300 extra large size pieces and great quality for this brand.

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Buttons Jigsaw Puzzle

The 500 piece Buttons jigsaw puzzle by Ravensburger has the makings of a perfect experience. It's short, sweet and a delight.

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Wolf Chickadees Jigsaw Puzzle

This very lovely Wolf Chickadees jigsaw puzzle is painted by artist Daniel Renn Pierce and is poster like at 16" x 34".

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Higasa Jigsaw Puzzle

This Eurographics Higasa jigsaw puzzle is a theme I find very attractive as will many others. The quality is terrific too.

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Backgammon Jigsaw Puzzle

It's an Authentic Springbok Backgammon jigsaw puzzle titled Jigsaw-gammon. All the game pieces are available.

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Balloons Away Jigsaw Puzzle

Balloons Away Jigsaw Puzzle is my second oldest completed puzzle in my collection dating back to the early 1980's.

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Artists Desk Jigsaw Puzzle

This Ravensburger, the Artists Desk Jigsaw Puzzle is a 1000 piece by Aimee Stewart and a perfect puzzle experience.

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Fireworks Symphony Puzzle

This is a big beautiful Fireworks Symphony Puzzle by Cra-Z-Art. It's 1500 pieces with 5 color codes on the back.

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Fender Guitar Puzzle

Seems like the Fender Guitar puzzle by Paperhouse is no longer available but here is one located at the Thrift Store for $2.00.

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Vintage Typewriter Puzzle

The Vintage Typewriter puzzle is a 750 piece shaped image by Galison. The random shaped pieces make for an interesting yet doable experience.

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Zodiac JaCaRou jigsaw puzzle

This Zodiac JaCaRou jigsaw puzzle is one for the wall. Do not be discouraged by the dark colors. It's totally doable!

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Mini Desserts Puzzle

By CraZart, here is the Mini Desserts Puzzle at 500 pieces and 12 different delightful desserts. The 12 mini puzzles are mixed together.

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Cool Cats Puzzle

This Cool Cats puzzle is by Galison. At 1000 pieces the size is 27" x 20". The artist is Carolyn Gavin and every bit delightful.

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Sugar Skull Cookies Puzzle

The Sugar Skull Cookies puzzle by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company sure is a delightful and colourful pleasure to assemble.

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Tropical Cookies Puzzle

Here's a very colourful Tropical Cookies Puzzle by Cobble Hill at 1000 pieces. Perfect quality and a delight to assemble.

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Tiki Time Puzzle

The Tiki Time Puzzle from Hennessy is a 1000 piece by Artist, Linda Tillman. It's very colourful, delightful and great quality.

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Lures Puzzle

Springbok's Lures puzzles captured these vintage fishing lures which looks excellent when piecing this jigsaw puzzle together.

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Tetris Jigsaw Puzzle

The Tetris jigsaw puzzle has been on my wish list for years! Turns out I waited long enough to locate it at the local Thrift store $3.00.

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Quizzles Jigsaw Puzzles

Have you seen Quizzles jigsaw puzzles? I have never seen them in the social media posts. This one is a first for me.

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Diary Spring puzzle

Diary Spring puzzle is known as the Diary of an Edwardian Lady by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company which is one of four in a series.

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Bicycles Puzzle

The Bicycles Puzzle is a Cobble Hill, 1000 pieces and shares the lyrics of the hit song by Queen along the border.

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52 Pickup Jigsaw Puzzle

This 52 Pickup Jigsaw Puzzle was produced by Ceaco in 1999. It's 500 pieces and a shaped puzzle and measures 23.5"x17.5".

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Jigsaw Puzzle Hobby

Start a jigsaw puzzle hobby to reap the benefits of mental wellness. It's today's easiest drug-free tool!

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Easter Eggs Jigsaw Puzzle

The Cobble Hill Easter Eggs jigsaw puzzle is 1000 pieces of colourful and delightful patterns with a good cut and poster inside.

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