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The Jigsaw Puzzle Hobby Blog is a mini journal that..... - lets you know whenever a new page appears on Puzzle Hobby - shares new entertaining stories and photos - updates previous blogs/links - 'GETs' your passion for doing and sharing your completed jigsaw puzzles

Starting a new jigsaw puzzle hobby or are you a jigsaw puzzle enthusiast already? See what we have in ours....

Fictions Puzzle


This Fictions puzzle sure has lots of interesting books to read. Our Guest Writer, Roberta says it was very entertaining.

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Fender Guitar Puzzle


Seems like the Fender Guitar puzzle by Paperhouse is no longer available but here is one located at the Thrift Store for $2.00.

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Fan-Tastic Jigsaw Puzzle


The Fan-tastic jigsaw puzzle is a random cut, extra large 300 Bits and Pieces image of multiple fan and reviewed by our Guest Writer, Roberta.

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Extravaganza Puzzle


This vibrant Extravaganza puzzle is a 1000 piece by Cobble Hill and artist Peggy Davis.

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Everything Wavy Puzzle


Turns out this Everything Wavy puzzle is not as easy as it looks according to our Guest Writer, Roberta.

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Eurographics Ice Cream Flavors puzzle


The Eurographics Ice Cream Flavors puzzle is puzzle is reviewed by our Guest Writer/Puzzler, Roberta, who says it was challenging.

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Jigsaw Puzzle Diamond Dots


This is my new project. Jigsaw Puzzle Diamond Dots. See how my progress is going with photos.

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Elvis Jigsaw Puzzles


Master Pieces jigsaw puzzles presents Legends of the Silver Screen starring Elvis Presley and Marilyn Munroe.

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Einstein's Rainbow Jigsaw Puzzle

Einstein's Rainbow

Check out this beautiful wooden puzzle titled Einstein's Rainbow by Peaceful Puzzles.

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Eiffel Tower Puzzle


The Eiffel Tower puzzle is plastic pieces so this is a friendly reminder that plastic pieces can be testy on sensitive hands as our Guest Writer, Roberta will share in her review.

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Best Quality Jigsaw Puzzles


What are the best quality jigsaw puzzles? Here's a list of the top 30 with review snippets by seasoned puzzlers.

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Puzzle Brands


250 Puzzle Brands List - Use the submission form to add puzzle manufacturers.

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Framed Puzzles


Looking for ideas on framed puzzles or how to frame a puzzle? There's plenty here to give you a good idea.

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Top 10 Disney Characters Available in Jigsaw Puzzles


Discover the top 10 most popular Disney characters available in jigsaw puzzles, from classic favorites to newer heroes and villains.

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James Christensen Puzzles


James Christensen puzzles are very popular. He has such a phenomenal talent. Take a look at some of the images located here.

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Jigsaw Puzzle Boards Tables


Looks like you are interested in jigsaw puzzle boards tables. We have shared a few different types here.

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Springbok Jigsaw Puzzle List


This article has links to a very extensive Springbok jigsaw puzzle list available in 42 pages of PDF or an Excel spreadsheet.

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Mathematics of Jigsaw Puzzles


The Mathematics of Jigsaw Puzzles is written Scott Davidson who is a retired Computer Scientist so he shares a logistic angle associated with jigsaw puzzles.

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Replace Missing Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces


Here's how to replace missing jigsaw puzzle pieces. With technology today it is getting so much easier.

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How To Count Puzzles Pieces


Want to know how to count puzzles pieces? The cut will determine how many. Here's some pointer to try.

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Best Jigsaw Puzzle Lights


Looking for the best jigsaw puzzle lights or lamps for your assembly table? Read reviews about lights to use and most commonly purchased by puzzlers.

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Best Jigsaw Puzzle Brands


What are the top quality, best jigsaw puzzle brands for adults in 2022? See Comparison With Linked Examples, JaCaRou Puzzles, Cobble Hills Jigsaw Puzzle Company, Eurographics, Ravensburger, Springbok.

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Villainous Puzzles


Villainous Puzzles are produced by Ravensburger and based on the game and film by Disney. There are six in the Series.

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Jigsaw Puzzle Hobby


Search, research the best jigsaw puzzle brands, lights, tables, missing pieces and more. Updates on news, events, products and reviews.

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eeBoo jigsaw puzzles is a company owned by women, run by mothers and has fantastic artist images to assemble.

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eeBoo Desserts Jigsaw Puzzle


At 1008 pieces, the eeBoo Desserts jigsaw puzzle is terrific for family entertainment. For more details read the review here.

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eeBoo Cats at Work Jigsaw Puzzle


Get your paws on eeBoo's Cats at Work puzzle. 1000 pieces of feline fun to keep you entertained.

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Earth Puzzle


The Elements Earth Puzzle is one of four in a Series by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company. It also includes Water, Fire and Air.

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Earth Fire Air Water Puzzles


The Element Series consists of the Earth, Fire, Air, Water puzzles sold by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company and come in 1000 pieces each.

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Earth 3D Puzzle


The Earth 3D Puzzle is a Ravensburger with 540 pieces and its size is 8.7” or 22cm that also sits in a stand. Pretty cool!

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First Date puzzle


First Date puzzle is a Buffalo Games, Ribbon Cut with 300 Large Pieces and an 18” Square. It is rated easy by our Guest Writer, Roberta.

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Dusty Plains Puzzle


Now this Dusty Plains puzzle by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company has so few elements to deal with that it really isn't that difficult! I have to admit that I enjoyed it.

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Drops of Color puzzle


The Drops of Color puzzle is reviewe by our Guest Writer/Puzzler, Roberta, who says, "it’s as perfect as it gets!"

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DRINKS jigsaw puzzle


This little DRINKS jigsaw puzzle id reviewed by our Guest Writer, Roberta. It's by Ravensburger and is part of their Moments Series.

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Dream Worlds puzzle


The Dream Worlds puzzle is reviewed by our Guest Writer and Jigsaw Puzzle Connections Facebook Group Member, Sherri. She says it's like a slow dance together.

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Dr-Seuss Puzzle


This Dr Seuss puzzle is by the OP Puzzle brand which is rated as 'super' by our Guest Writer, Roberta. Great review here.

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Kittens by the Dozen


These Kittens by the Dozen are actually 12 mini puzzles by Bits and Pieces jigsaw puzzles. They really were quite delightful. The review shows all 12 individual kittens.

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Downton Abbey Jigsaw Puzzles


Downton Abbey jigsaw puzzles by Pressman are images from the TV series. Take a closer look at these two.

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Dowdle What A Wonderful World Puzzle


Dowdle, What A Wonderful World puzzle has become a 60k piece, 60 day challenge for AddictedToPuzzles social media influencer.

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Dowdle Calgary Jigsaw Puzzle


Eric Dowdle painted the Calgary Jigsaw Puzzle about the Stampede event that Alberta Canada is famous.

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Dowdle Banff Jigsaw Puzzle


The Dowdle Banff jigsaw puzzle image is very close to where I live and have visited more than once. Dowdle quality is great.

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Doors Jigsaw Puzzles


The Panoramic Colourful Doors Jigsaw Puzzles is definitely colorful, long and fun but the pieces are of low quality.

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Donuts Jigsaw Puzzle


Yummy, the Donuts jigsaw puzzle by Cobble Hill is every bit delightful as it look. It's 1000 pieces at 9.25" x 26.626".

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Donut Club Puzzle


The Donut Club puzzle is reviewed by our Guest Writer, Roberta who rates this one as easy.

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Dominion Jigsaw Puzzle


This Vintage Dominion Jigsaw Puzzle dates back to 1945 purchased at an Antique market and includes all the pieces.

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Dog Quotes Jigsaw Puzzle


The Cobble Hill Dog Quotes jigsaw puzzle is cute and funny. The 1000 random cut, mat finish pieces are good quality.

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I'd Rather Be Reading Puzzle


Dorothy, our Guest Blogger, is reviewing the Galison - I'd Rather Be Reading Jigsaw Puzzle in this post.

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A Cats Retreat by Dorothy Krusky


When introduced to the Cobble Hill puzzles it was the beginning of a good thing. “A Cats Retreat” was a fun puzzle to do as it has a lot going for it.

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Disney Pixar Jigsaw Puzzle


The Ravensburger Disney Pixar jigsaw puzzle had quite the loose cut for the pieces which is rare for this brand.

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