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The Jigsaw Puzzle Hobby Blog is a mini journal that..... - lets you know whenever a new page appears on Puzzle Hobby - shares new entertaining stories and photos - updates previous blogs/links - 'GETs' your passion for doing and sharing your completed jigsaw puzzles

Starting a new jigsaw puzzle hobby or are you a jigsaw puzzle enthusiast already? See what we have in ours....

Fall Into September

Fall Into September with these selection of seasonal changes in various jigsaw puzzles sizes and shapes.

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Mandalas Jigsaw Puzzle

The Mandalas jigsaw puzzle are in black and white and then colour it in with your choice of colour patterns. Be mindful of the type of colour tool you use.

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Best Jigsaw Puzzle Lights

Looking for the best jigsaw puzzle lights or lamps for your assembly table? Read reviews about lights to use and most commonly purchased by puzzlers.

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Best Jigsaw Puzzle Brands

Looking for the best jigsaw puzzle brands for 2021? The competition is tough and plentiful which is perfect for us puzzlers.

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Jigsaw Puzzle Boards Tables

Looks like you are interested in jigsaw puzzle boards tables. We have shared a few different types here.

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Cat Library Puzzle

The Cat Library Puzzle is created by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company. It's 1000 pieces and the size is 19.25" x 26.625″. It also comes highly recommended.

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Balloons, Tiger and NYC 14" Round Jigsaw Puzzles

Balloons, Tiger and NYC 14" Round Jigsaw Puzzles from LPF are really quick 350 pieces and good clear images.

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Northern Exposure Puzzle

The Northern Exposure Puzzle is a Canadian Goose shaped puzzle that is over 3 feet wide made by Sure-Lox. It was quite easy to assemble.

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Triptych Wellness Puzzle

I gave my daughter the Ravensburger Triptych Wellness puzzle for her birthday. We added our own frame to it.

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MT Blanc France Puzzle

The MT Blanc France puzzle is a vintage TUCO brand with triple thickness pieces and unfortunately overused and smelly.

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Garden Friends Jigsaw Puzzle

The Garden Friends jigsaw puzzle is part of the Cat and Dog collection of images created by artist Giordano. Also 100% biodegradable.

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Zodiac JaCaRou jigsaw puzzle

This Zodiac JaCaRou jigsaw puzzle is one for the wall. Do not be discouraged by the dark colors. It's totally doable!

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Ultimate Jigsaw Puzzle Log Book

The Ultimate Jigsaw Puzzle Log Book is sized at 6" x 9" in a soft cover with 155 pages to log about 150 jigsaw puzzles.

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Love Bug Puzzle

The Love Bug puzzle by Gearheads reminds me of the Bug vehicle in my childhood. It's a 500 piece and a tad tricky.

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Norman Rockwell Jigsaw Puzzle

The Norman Rockwell jigsaw puzzle has a little twist to it. You will discover dozens of mistakes hidden in the images.

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Classic Cars Jigsaw Puzzle

The Classic Cars jigsaw puzzle is a very attractive image but be prepared to spend some time doing the tricky bush and green areas.

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Quizzles Jigsaw Puzzles

Have you seen Quizzles jigsaw puzzles? I have never seen them in the social media posts. This one is a first for me.

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Cruisin Classics Jigsaw Puzzle

It's a 36" x 11.25" shaped Thunderbird Cruisin Classics jigsaw puzzle by Lewis T. Johnson with over 500 pieces. Read the review here.

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Britto Jigsaw Puzzle

Britto Jigsaw Puzzle For The Two of Us was sealed and missing two pieces. After a very challenging experience it was disappointing.

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Wildlife Circular Jigsaw Puzzle

The Woodland Wildlife circular jigsaw puzzle is one of the best wildlife scenes I have seen thanks to Mother nature.

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Gearheads Chevy Gold jigsaw puzzle

The Gearheads Chevy Gold jigsaw puzzle image is very impressive. The dark colors makes it perfect for puzzlers who enjoy challenges.

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Red Chev Jigsaw Puzzle

Red Chev jigsaw puzzle is a fantastic image that is clear, colorful and very attractive. The pieces are thin on these Puzzlebugs.

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Song Birds Puzzle

The Song Birds puzzle came from the Jigsaw Puzzle Factory which is a new division and brand. They sent it for a review and I love it.

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I Love Canada Puzzle

This, I Love Canada Puzzle from White Mountain by Charlie Girard is a terrific 24" x 30", 1000 piece experience. Loads to enjoy here.

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Greetings From Canada Puzzle

This Greetings From Canada Puzzle by Cobble Hills is a collage type image that captures features in each province of Canada.

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Canada Parks Reserves

The Canada Parks Reserves jigsaw puzzle by Cobble Hill Company has tiny numbers to show the parks on the map.

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Potting Shed Puzzle

Grandpa's Potting Shed puzzle is a 2000 piece Buffalo Games but don't let the size of 38.5 x 26.5 inches discourage you.

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Wild Birds Jigsaw Puzzle

The Cobble Hill Wild Birds jigsaw puzzle is very appealing to the eyes when completed. How many birds have you seen?

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Forest Enchantment

The Forest Enchantment jigsaw puzzle is 300 extra large size pieces and great quality for this brand.

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Sizzling Summer puzzles

This page will list our Sizzling Summer puzzles which will share a variety of different brands and styles related to Summer images.

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Bicycles Puzzle

The Bicycles Puzzle is a Cobble Hill, 1000 pieces and shares the lyrics of the hit song by Queen along the border.

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Rainbow Seashells Puzzle

This Rainbow Seashells Puzzle by Galison is 2000 pieces that measures 38.6" x 29.5". It sure had some tricky areas too.

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Diary of an Edwardian Lady Jigsaw Puzzles

Diary of an Edwardian Lady produced by Cobble Hill Company Jigsaw Puzzles is a series of the four Seasons, Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. Take a look here.

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Lures Puzzle

Springbok's Lures puzzles captured these vintage fishing lures which looks excellent when piecing this jigsaw puzzle together.

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Mini Desserts Puzzle

By CraZart, here is the Mini Desserts Puzzle at 500 pieces and 12 different delightful desserts. The 12 mini puzzles are mixed together.

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Springbok Jello Jigsaw Puzzle

My review for the Springbok Jello jigsaw puzzle titled, There's Always Room For Jello, is a delicious, colorful, random cut, super fun experience.

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Tiger Jigsaw Puzzles

There are 2 Springbok tiger jigsaw puzzles here. The Tiger Tiger Burning Bright and Sitting Pretty came in the same box.

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Bluejays Jigsaw Puzzle

The Bluejays jigsaw puzzle by Kevin Daniel is titled Touch of Blue. Nature has been captured at her best on this lovely Thrift store find.

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Standout Puzzles

The Standout Puzzles Company sent these two terrific images for review. Read more here.

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Tiki Time Puzzle

The Tiki Time Puzzle from Hennessy is a 1000 piece by Artist, Linda Tillman. It's very colourful, delightful and great quality.

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18 Mini Butterflies Puzzle

Here is the 18 Mini Butterflies Puzzle at 500 pieces with colour coded backs. Even includes glue by CraZart.

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Smurfs Jigsaw Puzzle

The Cobble Hill Smurfs jigsaw puzzle looks fantastic, was a good challenge with a tricky border but totally fun!

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Eggs in Frames

The JaCaRou, Eggs in Frames jigsaw-puzzle is one of the first productions by Anie Maltais and reviewed by us.The quality is great.

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Buffalo Splash of Coca Cola Jigsaw Puzzle

This Buffalo Splash of Coca Cola jigsaw puzzle was whipped up in just over an hour. Not to mention delightful.

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Springbok Coke Jigsaw Puzzle

The Springbok Coke jigsaw puzzle titled Decades of Tradition coke is a top of the line experience.

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Horse Show Puzzle

The Horse Show Puzzle was a super fun, 500 piece quick fix by Bits and Pieces and looks terrific.

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On The Wings Of An Eagle Jigsaw Puzzle

Look at this "On The Wings Of An Eagle' Jigsaw Puzzle by FX Schmid. It's over 3 feet in wing span and only 500 pieces. To see the hidden images inside the picture, Click Here.

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Solstice Floral Jigsaw Puzzle

The Solstice Floral jigsaw puzzle by Springbok is another complete Thrift Store find for $1.00 and it has it challenges . To read the review click here.

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Quilt Blocks Jigsaw Puzzle

The Quilt Blocks Jigsaw Puzzle is by Cobble Hill Puzzles and the fastest 2000 piece puzzle I have assembled. Love it.

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