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Starting a new jigsaw puzzle hobby or are you a jigsaw puzzle enthusiast already? See what we have in ours....

Global Puzzle Pieces Challenge Master Page

This is the Billion Puzzle Pieces Master Page.

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Best Lights To Use For Jigsaw Puzzle

Need some suggestions on the best lights or lamps to work jigsaw puzzles? We have some suggestions for lights to use for jigsaw puzzles that are most commonly purchased by puzzlers.

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Global Puzzle Pieces Challenge

The Global Puzzle Pieces Challenge uses the puzz2pro APP for this new jigsaw puzzle activity. Please join us.

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The Ultimate Jigsaw Puzzle Log Book

The Ultimate Jigsaw Puzzle Log Book is sized at 6" x 9" in a soft cover with 155 pages to log about 150 jigsaw puzzles.

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Puzzle Hobby's Puzzle Gallery

Puzzle Hobby's Puzzles gallery of completed puzzles.

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Jigsaw Puzzle Boards and Tables

Do cloth mats work well for jigsaw puzzle boards? Read this hobbyist’s opinion. The pros, cons and comparable are discussed here.

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Yuletime Ride Springbok Jigsaw Puzzle

A review is ready for the Springbok Yuletime Ride Christmas jigsaw puzzle. Sadly there is a missing piece.

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Wooly Mittens Jigsaw Puzzles

The Wooly Mittens jigsaw puzzle is a Family-cut puzzle meaning that it has the pieces cut into 3 different sizes. It's also a Hallmark Christmas theme.

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Hometown Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle

The Hometown Christmas jigsaw puzzle is a delightful activity for families during the Holiday season.

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Hill of a Lot of Snowmen Jigsaw Puzzle

Hill of a Lot of Snowmen Jigsaw Puzzle is by Cobble Hill Puzzles at 500 pieces that makes a terrific family puzzle.

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Snowman Delight Jigsaw Puzzle

A perfect holiday season jigsaw puzzle. Check out the Springbok Snowman Delight. It will make an excellent Christmas decor on your wall.

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Global Puzzle Pieces Challenge NEWS

Global Puzzle Pieces Challenge NEWS is information and updates about the puzz2pro APP and the growing numbers posted weekly.

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Ready for Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle

The Ready for Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle is a Eurographic 1000 piece delightful image and perfect for the season.

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Heart Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle

This Ravensburger Heart jigsaw puzzle is a 948 piece, 26.378"x26.378" (67 cmx 67cm) shaped heart by Ulrike Schneiders and part of the Collection Silhouette.

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Holiday Cats Jigsaw Puzzle

The Holiday Cats Jigsaw Puzzle is a Eurographics, 1000 piece and perfect for the Christmas season and highly recommended.

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Toy Factory Jigsaw Puzzle

This is the most beautiful Christmas jigsaw puzzle I have ever seen. It a Piatnik, 1000 pieces titled Toy Factory created by Y. Kanda 2005.

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Dorothy's Pathway to Puzzling

Dorothy Krusky is a novice jigsaw puzzler who discovered how puzzling has made a difference in her life.

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Musical Notes Jigsaw Puzzle

This Musical Notes Jigsaw Puzzle by Piatnik is 1000 pieces which measures 26.5" x 17.4". This was an extreme accomplishment!

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Picture Puzzles on the Wall

See the Picture Puzzles on the Wall with a video and all jigsaw puzzle details. Reviews are included in the article.

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Presenting Blue Jigsaw Puzzle

Back in 2000, Springbok produced the paint can Presenting Blue Family size, 400 pieces Jigsaw Puzzle.

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Merry Christmas Message

Here's wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and Happy Healthy Holidays!!! See you next year!

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Vintage Typewriter Jigsaw Puzzle

The Vintage Typewriter is a 750 piece shaped jigsaw puzzle by Galison. The random shaped pieces make for an interesting yet doable experience and it looks so real.

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Harbour Sunset Jigsaw Puzzle

The American Harbour Sunset Jigsaw Puzzle is by Cardinal Puzzles, at 1000 pieces, measuring 20x27" and the artist is Dominic Davison.

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Mum's Guest House Jigsaw Puzzle

Cardinal's jigsaw puzzle titled Mum's Guest House is by Artist Cheryl Bartley. It's 500 piece, 18"x 24", has a box lid easel and a sealable bag.

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Gnarly Orb jigsaw puzzle

The Gnarly Orb jigsaw puzzle image is known as Fractal Art by Adam Hoffman. It is 500 pieces and measures 20" x 28" with terrific quality.

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Rainbow Seashells Jigsaw Puzzle

This Rainbow Seashells by Galison is 2000 pieces that measures 38.6" x 29.5". It sure had some tricky areas too.

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All Hallows Eve Jigsaw Puzzle

This 'All Hallows Eve' Jigsaw Puzzle by Dona Gelsinger is 1000 pieces measuring 20"x 30" and looks terrific!

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Ashkeri's Trick or Treat Jigsaw Puzzle

The Trick or Treat Jigsaw Puzzle produced by Ashkeri and artist Keri Baker is a 1000 piece, 20" by 28" which is a trickster and a delightful treat when completed.

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Halloween Cookies Jigsaw Puzzle

The Halloween Cookies is a jigsaw puzzle image created by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company. At 350 pieces, the Family size cut is in small, medium and large pieces.

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Halloween Pets Jigsaw Puzzle

The Halloween Pets Jigsaw Puzzle by Eurographics at 1000 pieces is a perfect puzzle experience that is highly recommended for the Halloween season.

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House of 7 Gables Jigsaw Puzzle

Take a look at The House of Seven Gables Halloween version by Eric Dowdle. There is even a link to the actual story by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

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Halloween House jigsaw puzzle

This Halloween House jigsaw puzzle is by a no-name brand which has a poor quality image and very thin pieces.

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Sugar Skull Cookies Jigsaw Puzzle

The Sugar Skull Cookies jigsaw puzzle by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company sure is a delightful and colorful pleasure to assemble.

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Halloween Puzzle Zone

The 2020 Halloween Puzzle Zone has new decor added each year for a fun way to celebrate the season with your hobby!

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Canadian Aviation Jigsaw Puzzle

This History of Canadian Aviation Jigsaw Puzzle was so addictive that I forgot to take work in progress photos!

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Country Pumpkins Jigsaw Puzzle

It's a Standout jigsaw puzzle with 5 extra pieces titled Country Pumpkins by Anita Skinner. Read the review here.

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Jigsaw Puzzle Borders

There are jigsaw puzzles with no borders or are borderless. Then there are jigsaw puzzles with beautiful borders.

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Girls Best Friend Jigsaw Puzzle

Karmin's jigsaw puzzle titled Girls Best Friend has a bit of a tricky border otherwise it is a delightful quick fix. For the review, click here.

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Superdome Sunday Jigsaw Puzzle

This jigsaw puzzle image is as busy as the Superdome Sunday however is also has all the trimmings for a great Springbok!

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Bicycle Jigsaw Puzzle

The Bicycle Jigsaw Puzzle is a Cobble Hill, 1000 pieces and shares the lyrics of the hit song by Queen on the border.

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Northern Exposure Jigsaw Puzzle

The Northern Exposure Jigsaw Puzzle is a Canadian Goose shaped puzzle that is over 3 feet wide made by Sure-Lox. It was quite easy to assemble.

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Balloons Away Jigsaw Puzzle

Balloons Away Jigsaw Puzzle is my second oldest completed puzzle in my collection dating back to the early 1980's.

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Bread and Butter Farm Jigsaw Puzzle

This one is titled Bread and Butter Farms which is part of the Charles Wysocki Americana jigsaw puzzle series.

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Quizzles Jigsaw Puzzles

Not many puzzlers have seen or tried Quizzles jigsaw puzzles because I have never seen them in the social media post. This one is a first for me too.

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The Jigsaw Puzzle Book

It is my pleasure to write this review of Anne D. William’s The Jigsaw Puzzle Book. It was like having a very long conversation with another hobbyist.

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Anne D. Williams Jigsaw Puzzle Price Guide

Anne D. Williams jigsaw puzzle price guide provides in depth historical value and information.

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Ravensburger Krypt 654 Pieces Jigsaw Puzzle

The Ravensburger Krypt 654 pieces jigsaw puzzle looks very challenging yet many puzzlers can assemble it in a timely manner. Read about it here.

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Sunsout Wolf Song Jigsaw Puzzle

If you like a challenge and shaped jigsaw puzzle then the Sunsout Wolf Song will be a good choice for you.

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Pixels Jigsaw Puzzle

Cloudberries was very generous to send me the Pixels jigsaw puzzles and I was thrilled with their product. I highly recommend it!

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