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Starting a new jigsaw puzzle hobby or are you a jigsaw puzzle enthusiast already? See what we have in ours....

Eric Dowdle Jigsaw Puzzles


Eric Dowdle jigsaw puzzles are very popular among puzzlers and quite detailed with unique images.

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Elvis Jigsaw Puzzles


Master Pieces jigsaw puzzles presents Legends of the Silver Screen starring Elvis Presley and Marilyn Munroe.

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Easter Eggs Jigsaw Puzzle

Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Jigsaw Puzzles - Celebrate the Season with Fun and Colorful Designs. Enjoy Quality Time with Your Loved Ones!

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Easter Puzzle Hobby Magazine


Easter Puzzle Hobby Magazine

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Easter Bunnies Puzzle


Here's an Easter Bunnies Puzzle for the whole family to enjoy. It's a Cobble Hill Company puzzle that's sure to bring Spring!

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Easter Eggs Jigsaw Puzzle


The Cobble Hill Easter Eggs jigsaw puzzle is 1000 pieces of colourful and delightful patterns with a good cut and poster inside.

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James Christensen Puzzles


James Christensen puzzles are very popular. He has such a phenomenal talent. Take a look at some of the images located here.

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Springbok Jigsaw Puzzle List


This article has links to a very extensive Springbok jigsaw puzzle list available in 42 pages of PDF or an Excel spreadsheet.

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List-Largest Jigsaw Puzzles


The List-Largest Jigsaw Puzzles has a new 48000 pieces image by Grafika titled Travel Around The World added recently.

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Jigsaw Puzzle Size


Decide which jigsaw puzzle size you want. You will need to determine if that means the size in number of pieces or measurements.

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Puzzle Brands


250 Puzzle Brands List - Use the submission form to add puzzle manufacturers.

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Use the Puzzle Hobby Sitemap page to browse over 700 pages of content, images and information.

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Puzzle Hobby Sitemap


The Puzzle Hobby Sitemap page will help you search through over 375 pages of jigsaw puzzle related articles and stories.

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No Glue Method Jigsaw Puzzle


Read this no glue method jigsaw puzzle article for a non-traditional option. It will preserve your puzzle for years.

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Jigsaw Puzzle Convention


There is an International Jigsaw Puzzle Convention going to happen in Las Vegas on July 8, 9 and 10 in 2022. There is so much to see!

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Replace Missing Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces


Here's how to replace missing jigsaw puzzle pieces. With technology today it is getting so much easier.

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Used Jigsaw Puzzles


Where to find used jigsaw puzzles and buy previously loved ones cheap. Here's some ideas that won't break your budget.

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Mathematics of Jigsaw Puzzles


The Mathematics of Jigsaw Puzzles is written Scott Davidson who is a retired Computer Scientist so he shares a logistic angle associated with jigsaw puzzles.

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MC Escher Shapes Jigsaw Puzzle


Discover the brilliant imagination of MC Escher shapes jigsaw puzzle. It's 40 pieces in shapes of a unique animals that connect together.

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Jigsaw Puzzle Boards Tables


Looks like you are interested in jigsaw puzzle boards tables. We have shared a few different types here.

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How To Count Puzzles Pieces


Want to know how to count puzzles pieces? The cut will determine how many. Here's some pointer to try.

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Best Jigsaw Puzzle Lights


Looking for the best jigsaw puzzle lights or lamps for your assembly table? Read reviews about lights to use and most commonly purchased by puzzlers.

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Jigsaw Puzzle Hobby


Search, research the best jigsaw puzzle brands, lights, tables, missing pieces and more. Updates on news, events, products and reviews.

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Villainous Puzzles


Villainous Puzzles are produced by Ravensburger and based on the game and film by Disney. There are six in the Series.

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Best Jigsaw Puzzle Brands


What are the top quality, best jigsaw puzzle brands for adults in 2022? See Comparison With Linked Examples, JaCaRou Puzzles, Cobble Hills Jigsaw Puzzle Company, Eurographics, Ravensburger, Springbok.

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Einstein's Rainbow Jigsaw Puzzle

Einstein's Rainbow

Check out this beautiful wooden puzzle titled Einstein's Rainbow by Peaceful Puzzles.

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Eggs in Frames Jigsaw Puzzle


The JaCaRou, Eggs in Frames jigsaw puzzle is one of the first productions by Anie Maltais and reviewed by us.The quality is great.

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There's More To Jigsaw Puzzles Than Pieces


This book, There's More To Jigsaw Puzzles Than Pieces, written by Linda Richard is packed with topics of interest for the novice and seasoned puzzlers.

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eeBoo jigsaw puzzles is a company owned by women, run by mothers and has fantastic artist images to assemble.

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eeBoo Desserts Jigsaw Puzzle


At 1008 pieces, the eeBoo Desserts jigsaw puzzle is terrific for family entertainment. For more details read the review here.

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eeBoo Cats at Work Jigsaw Puzzle


Get your paws on eeBoo's Cats at Work puzzle. 1000 pieces of feline fun to keep you entertained.

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Shakespeare in the Park Puzzle


Piece together your love for the Bard with Shakespeare in the Park jigsaw puzzle. 100 pieces of theatrical delight await for a therapeutic quick fix.

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Meadow Run Horses Jigsaw Puzzle


This Puzzlebug jigsaw puzzle titled Meadow Run flew three feet in the air then rained down to the floor. All 500 pieces!

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Earth Fire Air Water Puzzles


The Element Series consists of the Earth, Fire, Air, Water puzzles sold by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company and come in 1000 pieces each.

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Check out this Kuala Lumpur puzzle reviewed by our Guest Writer, Roberta. It's a fantastic image.

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Earth 3D Puzzle


The Earth 3D Puzzle is a Ravensburger with 540 pieces and its size is 8.7” or 22cm that also sits in a stand. Pretty cool!

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Pencil Pushers Puzzle


This Pencil Pushers Puzzle is reviewed by our Guest Writer, Roberta who shares the negative quality issues on the very popular brand.

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Dusty Plains Puzzle


Now this Dusty Plains puzzle by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company has so few elements to deal with that it really isn't that difficult! I have to admit that I enjoyed it.

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Corn Pops Puzzle


The Corn Pops puzzle is reviewed by our Guest Writer, Roberta who "can definitely recommend these little boxes of calorie free fun".

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Drops of Color puzzle


The Drops of Color puzzle is reviewe by our Guest Writer/Puzzler, Roberta, who says, "it’s as perfect as it gets!"

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Honey Smacks puzzle


The Honey Smacks puzzle is reviewed by our Guest Writer, Roberta who says this is an effortless enjoyment.

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Dream Worlds puzzle


The Dream Worlds puzzle is reviewed by our Guest Writer and Jigsaw Puzzle Connections Facebook Group Member, Sherri. She says it's like a slow dance together.

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Circle Colors Mandala puzzle


Circle Colors Mandala puzzle is reviewed by our Guest Writer, Roberta. She rated the quality A+ and the fun factor A++.

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Kittens by the Dozen


These Kittens by the Dozen are actually 12 mini puzzles by Bits and Pieces jigsaw puzzles. They really were quite delightful. The review shows all 12 individual kittens.

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Surfer Girl Puzzle


This Surfer Girl puzzle is reviewed by our Guest Writer, Roberta. She compares Surfer Girl to Surfer Dog.

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online puzzle St Patricks Day


online-puzzle-St-Patricks puzzle

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St Patricks Day puzzle


This St Patricks Day puzzle was self published by me. It cannot be purchased in stores. It's 500 pieces, 19" x 13.5 in glossy finish

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Dowdle What A Wonderful World Puzzle


Dowdle, What A Wonderful World puzzle has become a 60k piece, 60 day challenge for AddictedToPuzzles social media influencer.

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