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The Jigsaw Puzzle Hobby Blog is a mini journal that..... - lets you know whenever a new page appears on Puzzle Hobby - shares new entertaining stories and photos - updates previous blogs/links - 'GETs' your passion for doing and sharing your completed jigsaw puzzles

Starting a new jigsaw puzzle hobby or are you a jigsaw puzzle enthusiast already? See what we have in ours....

Village Tree Jigsaw Puzzle


The Village Tree Jigsaw Puzzle is such a pretty Christmas activity scene by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company. It's 1000 pieces, measuring 26.6x19.25" and by artist Persis Clayton Weirs. There's close up photos in the review.

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Village Tree Jigsaw Puzzle

The Village Tree jigsaw puzzle is by Cobble Hill and artist Persis Clayton Weirs. I put it on my wall every Chirstmas for decor.

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Village Wreath Jigsaw Puzzle


The Village Wreath Jigsaw Puzzle by Bits and Pieces is 750 pieces, measures 25"x24.5". I bought new because this shaped puzzle was on my wish list.

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Pottery Jars Puzzle


The Pottery Jars puzzle was sent by Cardinal Puzzles in return for a review placed on their Facebook page. Well worth it.

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Pony Tales Shaped Puzzle


The 550 piece Pony Tales shaped puzzle was actually trickier than it appears so certainly doable for adults.

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Pomegranate May Basket Jigsaw Puzzle


This is my very first Pomegranate jigsaw puzzle titled May Basket by Frank Lloyd in 300 pieces. Read the review here.

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Jigsaw Puzzle Size


Decide which jigsaw puzzle size you want. You will need to determine if that means the size in number of pieces or measurements.

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List-Largest Jigsaw Puzzles


The List-Largest Jigsaw Puzzles has a new 48000 pieces image by Grafika titled Travel Around The World added recently.

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Online Spreadsheet Puzzle Tracker


IF you have a Google G-mail account, make your own copy of our Online Spreadsheet Puzzle Tracker.

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Best Quality Jigsaw Puzzles


What are the best quality jigsaw puzzles? Here's a list of the top 30 with review snippets by seasoned puzzlers.

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Polarization puzzle


This Polarization puzzle is reviewed by our Guest Writer/Puzzler, Roberta who says this was so fun that she will do it again.

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Play Girls Puzzle


This Play Girls puzzle is reviewed by our Guest Writer, Roberta and she rates it easy. It's also a delightful and colourful image.

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Pixels Jigsaw Puzzle


Cloudberries sent me the Pixels jigsaw puzzle and I was thrilled with their product. I highly recommend it!

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Pintoo Vase Jigsaw Puzzle


The Pintoo Vase jigsaw puzzle is a combination that uses both ideas. The vase comes with a container inside to add water to your flowers.

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Pintoo-Frame Jigsaw Puzzles


The Pintoo frame jigsaw puzzles have no glue and are a hard plastic that also clicks into a ready made hard plastic frame.

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Pintoo Jigsaw Puzzles


What do you think of plastic jigsaw puzzles? Pintoo produces a wide variety of choices that are difficult to resist.

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Toy Factory Jigsaw Puzzle


The Toy Factory Jigsaw Puzzle is the most beautiful Christmas jigsaw puzzle I have ever seen. It a Piatnik, 1000 pieces created by Y. Kanda.

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Sweet Christmas Puzzle


The Sweet Christmas puzzle by Eurographics is 1000 pieces of pure delicious bliss and quite enjoyable to assemble!

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Stereogram 3D Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle


Try the magic trick of a Stereogram 3D Christmas jigsaw puzzle titled Merry Olde Santa. Just look at it like you are looking at a mirror not in a mirror.

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Pink Flowers Jigsaw Puzzle


If you buy the Pink Flowers jigsaw puzzle by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company be prepared to look forward to the Blue Flowers next.

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Pie Time Puzzle


The Pie Time Puzzle was the most trickiest of the three Cobble Hill Puzzle baked foods series. SO delicious!

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Picket Fence Party Jigsaw Puzzle


The Picket Fence Party jigsaw puzzle is 275 pieces, measuring in at 18”x24”, by artist, Jane Maday and sold by Cobble Hill Puzzles. It has extra large pieces.

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Sparkling Tree Jigsaw Puzzle


It's a Springbok, Sparkling Tree jigsaw puzzle at 500 pieces. It's shaped with glitter embedded on it. There is a video for closeups.

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Snowman Delight Jigsaw Puzzle


Check out the Springbok Snowman Delight jigsaw puzzle. It will make an excellent Christmas decor on your wall.

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Secret Santa Puzzle Exchange


Here's a fun activity. The Secret Santa Puzzle Exchange is happening worldwide in the Facebook Groups now. Join in the fun!

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Santas Toy Shop Jigsaw Puzzle


The Santas Toy Shop jigsaw puzzle is from the UK at 1000 pieces, measuring 27.5 x 20" (70x50cm). The Artwork shows signed by Simon Treadwell.

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Photocall Jigsaw Puzzle


The Photocall jigsaw puzzle is a lovely 2-sided image reviewed by our Guest Writer, Roberta.

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Photo Jigsaw Puzzle


This is a Heye Puzzle titled Photo. Our Jigsaw Puzzle Connections Facebook Group Member, Sherri, says the linen finish grid cut pieces were great to work with.

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Pharaoh Legacy Puzzle


This Ravensburger puzzle title The Pharaoh's Legacy comes highly rated at A++ by our Guest Writer, Roberta in her review.

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Petals Jigsaw Puzzle


This Petals puzzle looks tricky but with good sorting, our Guest Writer, Roberta says this one is quite fun.

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100 Jigsaw Puzzle FAQs - General, Health Related, Tips and Buying


Top 100 Jigsaw Puzzle FAQs - General, Health Related, Tips and Buying

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Top 10 Disney Characters Available in Jigsaw Puzzles


Discover the top 10 most popular Disney characters available in jigsaw puzzles, from classic favorites to newer heroes and villains.

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Santa Surprise Jigsaw Puzzle


The Santa Surprise Jigsaw Puzzle is a 150 piece, 30x21cm or 12.2 x 8.2", Marks and Spencer puzzle with 20 discrepancies which is also made in Poland.

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Santa Has Arrived Puzzle


This Santa Has Arrived Puzzle is an early Christmas gift sent to me from Wentworth Puzzles to help them celebrate Christmas early.

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Ready for Christmas Puzzle


The Ready for Christmas Puzzle is a Eurographic, 1000 piece and a delightful image which is perfect for the season.

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Persian White Jigsaw Puzzle


Look at this Persian White jigsaw puzzle by the Great American Puzzle Factory. For 750 pieces in semi random cut it was purchased for 50 cents.

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Penguin Plunge Jigsaw Puzzle


This is a Springbok 500 piece titled Penguin Plunge jigsaw puzzle which was quite testy but all the pieces were there!

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Pencil Pushers Puzzle


This Pencil Pushers Puzzle is reviewed by our Guest Writer, Roberta who shares the negative quality issues on the very popular brand.

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No Glue Method Jigsaw Puzzle


Read this no glue method jigsaw puzzle article for a non-traditional option. It will preserve your puzzle for years.

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There's More To Jigsaw Puzzles Than Pieces


This book, There's More To Jigsaw Puzzles Than Pieces, written by Linda Richard is packed with topics of interest for the novice and seasoned puzzlers.

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10 Types of Unusual and Unique Jigsaw Puzzles You Need to Try


Discover 10 types of unusual and unique jigsaw puzzles that will challenge and delight puzzle lovers of all ages.

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Replace Missing Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces


Here's how to replace missing jigsaw puzzle pieces. With technology today it is getting so much easier.

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James Christensen Puzzles


James Christensen puzzles are very popular. He has such a phenomenal talent. Take a look at some of the images located here.

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Springbok Jigsaw Puzzle List


This article has links to a very extensive Springbok jigsaw puzzle list available in 42 pages of PDF or an Excel spreadsheet.

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Peanuts Diamond Painting


This Peanuts Diamond Painting post will show you how I mount my diamond painting onto foam boards and hang on the wall.

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Peanuts Multi Shaped puzzle


Peanuts Multi Shaped puzzle

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Peanuts Charlie Brown Snoopy Puzzles


Peanuts, Charlie Brown, Snoopy puzzles. This is a feature page filled with a variety of vintage-to-date Peanuts jigsaw puzzles.

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Peanuts Cast Jigsaw Puzzle Review


Check out my review of the Aquarius Peanuts Cast Jigsaw Puzzle! Perfect for fans of Charlie Brown and Snoopy, this puzzle is sure to provide MANY hours of fun.

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How To Count Puzzles Pieces


Want to know how to count puzzles pieces? The cut will determine how many. Here's some pointer to try.

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