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The Jigsaw Puzzle Hobby Blog is a mini journal that..... - lets you know whenever a new page appears on Puzzle Hobby - shares new entertaining stories and photos - updates previous blogs/links - 'GETs' your passion for doing and sharing your completed jigsaw puzzles

Starting a new jigsaw puzzle hobby or are you a jigsaw puzzle enthusiast already? See what we have in ours....

Rather Be Reading Puzzle

This, I'd Rather Be Reading Puzzle by Galison is 1000 pieces of delightful joy which was completed in 7 hours!

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Best Jigsaw Puzzle Lights

Looking for the best jigsaw puzzle lights or lamps for your assembly table? Read reviews about lights to use and most commonly purchased by puzzlers.

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There's More To Jigsaw Puzzles Than Pieces

This book, There's More To Jigsaw Puzzles Than Pieces, written by Linda Richard is packed with topics of interest for the novice and seasoned puzzlers.

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Jigsaw Puzzle Reviews

Jigsaw Puzzle Reviews shares links to all Puzzle-Hobby's assembled puzzles with in depth details and photos.

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The Ultimate Jigsaw Puzzle Log Book

The Ultimate Jigsaw Puzzle Log Book is sized at 6" x 9" in a soft cover with 155 pages to log about 150 jigsaw puzzles.

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Welcome to Puzzle Hobby's Bookshop. Here you will find reviews, sponsored Author books and other helpful workbooks.

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How To Count Puzzles Pieces

Want to know how to count puzzles pieces? The cut will determine how many. Here's some pointer to try.

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Jigsaw Puzzle Size

Decide which jigsaw puzzle size you want. You will need to determine if that means the size in number of pieces or measurements.

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Replace Missing Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces

Here's how to replace missing jigsaw puzzle pieces. With technology today it is getting so much easier.

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No Glue Method Jigsaw Puzzle

Read this no glue method jigsaw puzzle article for a non-traditional option. It will preserve your puzzle for years.

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Jigsaw Puzzle Brands

There are so many good jigsaw puzzle brands these days. The competition is tough and plentiful which is perfect for us puzzlers.

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Jigsaw Puzzle Boards Tables

Looks like you are interested in jigsaw puzzle boards tables. We have shared a few different types here.

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Horse Show Puzzle

The Horse Show Puzzle was a super fun, 500 piece quick fix by Bits and Pieces and looks terrific.

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MT Blanc France Puzzle

The MT Blanc France puzzle is a vintage TUCO brand with triple thickness pieces and unfortunately overused and smelly.

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Lazy Creek Puzzle

Read the review for the Lazy Creek puzzle by Springbok, assembled in July for the Christmas in July promo.

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Valentine Stamps Puzzle

This Bits and Pieces Valentine Stamps puzzle has been on my wish list for years and I got it for my birthday this year!

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Sweet Valentines Puzzle

The Sweet Valentines Puzzle by Eurographics has many very tasty and delicious looking treats to eat and a pleasure to assemble.

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Hennessy World Map Puzzle

Here is the Hennessy World Map Puzzle at 1000 pieces and measuring 19.25 x 26.75". It's quite an enjoyable map with great quality.

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Smurfs Jigsaw Puzzle

The Cobble Hill Smurfs jigsaw puzzle looks fantastic, was a good challenge with a tricky border but totally fun!

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Springbok Coke Jigsaw Puzzle

The Springbok Coke jigsaw puzzle titled Decades of Tradition coke is a top of the line experience.

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Buffalo Splash of Coca Cola Jigsaw Puzzle

This Buffalo Splash of Coca Cola jigsaw puzzle was whipped up in just over an hour. Not to mention delightful.

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Cupcakes Puzzle

YUMMY! The Cupcakes Puzzle is just as delightful as it looks. Cobble Hill Puzzles has a winner here as it was perfect.

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Harbour Sunset Puzzle

The American Harbour Sunset Puzzle is by Cardinal Puzzles, at 1000 pieces, measuring 20x27" and the artist is Dominic Davison.

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Avian Friends Jigsaw Puzzle

The Avian Friends jigsaw puzzle image speaks for itself. The quality is great and it's dellightful to assemble.

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Dowdle Banff Jigsaw Puzzle

The Dowdle Banff jigsaw puzzle image is very close to where I live and have visited more than once. Dowdle quality is great.

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Mid Century Modern Puzzle

The Mid Century Modern Puzzle has a unique style of images and the random cut is helpful but not extreme.

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Wildlife Circular Jigsaw Puzzle

The Woodland Wildlife circular jigsaw puzzle is one of the best wildlife scenes I have seen thanks to Mother nature.

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Horned Owl Puzzle

The Great Horned Owl Puzzle is a Cobble Hill, 1000 piece beautiful image of a real Great Horned Owl Mama and her baby.

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Gearheads Chevy Gold jigsaw puzzle

The Gearheads Chevy Gold jigsaw puzzle image is very impressive. The dark colors makes it perfect for puzzlers who enjoy challenges.

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Global Puzzle Pieces Challenge Master Page

This is the Billion Puzzle Pieces Master Page.

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Flower Patches Jigsaw Puzzle

The Flower Patches Jigsaw Puzzle is available from a new company called Puzzle So Hard. The overall quality is great!

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Mums Guest House Jigsaw Puzzle

Cardinal's, Mums Guest House jigsaw puzzle is by Artist Cheryl Bartley. It's 500 piece, 18"x 24", a box lid easel and sealable bag.

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Frog Business Puzzle

The Frog Business puzzle was assembled by my daughter as her first adult puzzle so it was interesting to get her opinion.

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Matilda Puzzle

The Matilda puzzle by Cobble Hills at 500 pieces with a poster included and the size is 19.25" x 26.625".

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Love Cookies Jigsaw Puzzle

Love the Love Cookies Jigsaw Puzzle. The Confections jigsaw puzzle Series makes a lovely one with bonus love stationery set included.

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Cadbury Gift Jigsaw Puzzle

The Cadbury gift jigsaw puzzle has all the elements and makings of the perfect idea for that special someone on your list.

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Global Puzzle Pieces Challenge

The Global Puzzle Pieces Challenge uses the puzz2pro APP for this new jigsaw puzzle activity. Please join us.

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Donuts Jigsaw Puzzle

Yummy, the Donuts jigsaw puzzle by Cobble Hill is every bit delightful as it look. It's 1000 pieces at 9.25" x 26.626".

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Herd of Elephants Puzzle

The Herd of Elephants Puzzle looks amazing. It's 2000 pieces and measure approximately 54" x 19". Quite difficult too.

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Springbok Jigsaw Puzzle List

This article has links to a very extensive Springbok jigsaw puzzle list available in 42 pages of PDF or an Excel spreadsheet.

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Cake Pops Jigsaw Puzzle

The Eurographics Cake Pops Jigsaw Puzzle sure is a delightful 1000 pieces. There is also a mini puzzle included with it!

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Dog Quotes Jigsaw Puzzle

The Cobble Hill Dog Quotes jigsaw puzzle is cute and funny. The 1000 random cut, mat finish pieces are good quality.

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Potting Shed Puzzle

Grandpa's Potting Shed puzzle is a 2000 piece Buffalo Games but don't let the size of 38.5 x 26.5 inches discourage you.

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Tiger Jigsaw Puzzles

There are 2 Springbok tiger jigsaw puzzles here. The Tiger Tiger Burning Bright and Sitting Pretty came in the same box.

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Pride Jigsaw Puzzle

Here is a brilliant Pride jigsaw puzzle filled with the colours of joy, love, peace and of course pride.

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Quilt Blocks Jigsaw Puzzle

The Quilt Blocks Jigsaw Puzzle is by Cobble Hill Puzzles and the fastest 2000 piece puzzle I have assembled. Love it.

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Garden Friends Jigsaw Puzzle

The Garden Friends jigsaw puzzle is part of the Cat and Dog collection of images created by artist Giordano. Also 100% biodegradable.

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Four Seasons Puzzle

Recommended, the Four Seasons Puzzle by Cobble Hill Puzzles, Artist: Janet Stever, at 2000 Pieces, size: 26.625" x 39.25".

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Friday Street Puzzle

Made by the House of Puzzles, the Friday Street puzzle was a delightful experience of colour, quality and complete satisfaction.

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