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Starting a new jigsaw puzzle hobby or are you a jigsaw puzzle enthusiast already? See what we have in ours....

Best Lights To Use For Jigsaw Puzzle

Need some suggestions on the best lights or lamps to work jigsaw puzzles? We have some suggestions for lights to use for jigsaw puzzles that are most commonly purchased by puzzlers.

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MT Blanc France Jigsaw Puzzle

The MT Blanc, France jigsaw puzzle is a vintage TUCO brand with triple thickness pieces and unfortunately overused and smelly.

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Global Puzzle Pieces Challenge

The Global Puzzle Pieces Challenge uses the puzz2pro APP for this new jigsaw puzzle activity. Please join us.

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Puzzle Hobby's Puzzle Gallery

Puzzle Hobby's Puzzles gallery of completed puzzles.

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Jigsaw Puzzle Boards and Tables

Do cloth mats work well for jigsaw puzzle boards? Read this hobbyist’s opinion. The pros, cons and comparable are discussed here.

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Wildlife Circular Jigsaw Puzzles

Some of the best jigsaw puzzles I have seen are wildlife scenes. Mother nature gifts us with alluring images to paint and photograph.

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Great Horned Owl Jigsaw Puzzle

The Great Horned Owl Jigsaw Puzzle is a Cobble Hill, 1000 piece beautiful image of a real Great Horned Owl Mama and her baby.

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Puzz2pro - Introduction

Puzz2pro - Introduction to a new jigsaw puzzle activity. Join our challenge. Starting soon.

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Gearheads Chevy Gold jigsaw puzzle

Gearheads Chevy Gold jigsaw puzzle is new to the market. The image is very impressive. Read the review here.

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Dorothy's Pathway to Puzzling

Dorothy Krusky is a novice jigsaw puzzler who discovered how puzzling has made a difference in her life.

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Hummingbird Magic Jigsaw Puzzle

The Hummingbird Magic Jigsaw Puzzle by Rosiland Solomon is 500 pieces, size 26.626" x 19.25" with a poster and sold by Cobble Hill Puzzles. Excellent cut too.

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Avian Friends Jigsaw Puzzle

This is Galison's best seller jigsaw puzzle titled Avian Friends. The image speaks for itself and the quality is great!

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Cruisin Classics Jigsaw Puzzle

It's a 36" x 11.25" shaped Thunderbird Cruisin Classics jigsaw puzzle by Lewis T. Johnson with over 500 pieces. Read the review here.

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Fruit and Flutterbies Jigsaw Puzzle

This Cobble Hill jigsaw puzzle by Barbara Behr is 1000 pieces but still took 12 hours. The green leaves took as long as the rest of the pieces. Looks great!

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Night Cat Platinum Puzzles

The Night Cat by Platinum Puzzles truly was delightful. It also gives the Puzzler an experience of vintage puzzles made of top quality wood and packageing.

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The Cadbury Gift Jigsaw Puzzle

The Cadbury gift jigsaw puzzle has all the elements and makings of the perfect idea for that special someone on your list.

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Cake Pops Jigsaw Puzzle

The Eurographics Cake Pop Jigsaw Puzzle sure is a delightful 1000 pieces. There is also a mini puzzle included with it!

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Frog Business Jigsaw Puzzle

The Frog Business jigsaw puzzle was assembled by my daughter as her first adult puzzle so it was interesting to get her opinion.

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Grandpa's Potting Shed Jigsaw Puzzle

Grandpa's Potting Shed is a 2000 piece Buffalo games jigsaw puzzle but don't let the size of 38.5 x 26.5 inches discourage you.

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Tiger Jigsaw Puzzle

Springbok, the Tiger Tiger Burning Bright is an impressive image of color and very few colors. Lucky for me all the pieces were there.

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Quilt Blocks Jigsaw Puzzle

The Quilt Blocks Jigsaw Puzzle is by Cobble Hill Puzzles and the fastest 2000 piece puzzle I have assembled. An excellent puzzle experience!

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Garden Friends Jigsaw Puzzle

Garden Friends is part of the Cat and Dog collection of jigsaw puzzle images created by artist Giordano. This puzzle is 100% biodegradable.

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Parisian Flower puzzle

The Parisian Flower is a Cobble Hill Company puzzle with Artist Barbara Behr and 1000 pieces. It is also visually seen as the Cobble Hill Flower Shop.

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To Kill A Dying Man Jigsaw Puzzle

Clue by Parker Brothers, To Kill a Dying Man jigsaw puzzle is the first I have done in a mystery series. Read more here.

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Friday Street Jigsaw Puzzles

Made by the House of Puzzles, the Friday Street jigsaw puzzle was a delightful experience of color, quality and complete satisfaction.

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Song Birds Jigsaw Puzzle

The Jigsaw Puzzle Factory is a new division and brand. They sent the Song Birds puzzle for review. To read it and see close up quality cut images click here.

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Pottery Jars Puzzle

The Pottery Jars jigsaw puzzle was sent by Cardinal Puzzles in return for a review placed on their Facebook page. For the full review, click here.

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Common Quilt Blocks Jigsaw Puzzle

This Cobble Hills Puzzle is titled Common Quilt Blocks with 1000 pieces and the size is 19.25" x 26.625″. It's nice and colorful too!

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Earth 3D Jigsaw Puzzle

The Earth 3D Jigsaw Puzzle is a Ravensburger with 540 pieces and its size is 8.7” or 22cm that also sits in a stand.

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Globetrotters World Jigsaw Puzzle

This is a 2000 piece, Eurographics Globetrotters World Jigsaw Puzzle that tours over 80 places around the world. Great puzzle quality too.

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Springbok Lazy Creek Jigsaw Puzzle

Read the review for the second Springbok Lazy Creek jigsaw puzzle for the Christmas in July promo.

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Dog Quotes Jigsaw Puzzle

Here's a jigsaw puzzle that will entertain you. The Cobble Hill Dog Quotes is cute and funny. Read all about it here.

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Classic Cars Jigsaw Puzzle

Tha Classic Cars jigsaw puzzle is a very attractive image but be prepared to spend some time doing the tricky bush and green areas.

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Butterfly Kingdom Jigsaw Puzzle

The Butterfly Kingdom jigsaw puzzle was sent for review from Bone Owl puzzles in Canada. It's approximately 20" x 27", 1000 pieces. Read the review click here.

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Wild Birds Jigsaw Puzzle

The Cobble Hill Wild Birds of North America jigsaw puzzle is very appealing to the eyes when completed. Read the review here.

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I'd Rather Be Reading Jigsaw Puzzle

This, I'd Rather Be Reading Jigsaw Puzzle by Galison is 1000 pieces of delightful joy which was compelted in 7 hours!

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Vintage Library Jigsaw Puzzle

The Vintage Library Jigsaw Puzzle by Phat Dog and sold at Galison puzzle have foil on some of the book binding :)

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Herd of Elephants Jigsaw Puzzle

The Herd of Elephants Jigsaw Puzzle looks amazing. It's 2000 pieces and measure approximately 54" x 19".

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Matilda Jigsaw Puzzle

The Matilda jigsaw puzzle is by Cobble Hills at 500 pieces with a poster Included and the size is 19.25" x 26.625"..

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Buttons Jigsaw Puzzle

The 500 piece Ravensburger titled Buttons has the makings of a perfect jigsaw puzzle. It's short, sweet and a delight.

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Wolf and Chickadees Jigsaw Puzzle

This is a very lovely poster type 16x34” jigsaw puzzle titled Wolf and Chickadees painted by artist Daniel Renn Pierce 2005.

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American Cars Sample Jigsaw Puzzle

American Cars is a complimentary 100 piece, 7"x9" sample jigsaw puzzle sent with other puzzles I chose to review.

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Higasa Jigsaw Puzzle

This Eurographics Higasa jigsaw puzzle is a theme I find very attractive as will many others. It was a delightful experience to assemble.

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Beaucoup Bouquet Jigsaw Puzzle

This Beaucoup Bouquet painted by Barbara Behr is produced by Cobble Hill puzzle. This is another most delightful experience!

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Love Cookies Jigsaw Puzzle

Who doesn’t love cookies? The Confections jigsaw puzzle Series makes a lovely one with bonus love stationery set included.

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I Love USA Jigsaw Puzzle

I Love USA is by CraZart at 500 pieces, measuring 18.5" x 11". It was a very fast and fun assembly too!

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Bouquet Jigsaw Puzzle

This Galison Bouquet shaped Jigsaw Puzzle looks terrific once assembled. Don't bother trying do to the border though till the end.

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Artist's Desk Jigsaw Puzzle

This Ravensburger, the Artist's Desk Jigsaw Puzzle is a 1000 piece by Aimee Stewart and a perfect puzzle experience.

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Greetings From Canada Jigsaw Puzzle

This Greetings From Canada Jigsaw Puzzle by Cobble Hills is a collage type image that captures features in each province of Canada.

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