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Starting a new jigsaw puzzle hobby or are you a jigsaw puzzle enthusiast already? See what we have in ours....

Global Puzzle Pieces Challenge Master Page

This is the Billion Puzzle Pieces Master Page.

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Best Lights To Use For Jigsaw Puzzle

Need some suggestions on the best lights or lamps to work jigsaw puzzles? We have some suggestions for lights to use for jigsaw puzzles that are most commonly purchased by puzzlers.

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Global Puzzle Pieces Challenge

The Global Puzzle Pieces Challenge uses the puzz2pro APP for this new jigsaw puzzle activity. Please join us.

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The Ultimate Jigsaw Puzzle Log Book

The Ultimate Jigsaw Puzzle Log Book is sized at 6" x 9" in a soft cover with 155 pages to log about 150 jigsaw puzzles.

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Puzzle Hobby's Puzzle Gallery

Puzzle Hobby's Puzzles gallery of completed puzzles.

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Jigsaw Puzzle Boards and Tables

Do cloth mats work well for jigsaw puzzle boards? Read this hobbyist’s opinion. The pros, cons and comparable are discussed here.

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I'd Rather Be Reading Jigsaw Puzzle

This, I'd Rather Be Reading Jigsaw Puzzle by Galison is 1000 pieces of delightful joy which was compelted in 7 hours!

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Forest Enchantment Jigsaw Puzzle

The Forest Enchantment jigsaw puzzle is 300 extra large size pieces and great quality for this brand. Read the review here.

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Herd of Elephants Jigsaw Puzzle

The Herd of Elephants Jigsaw Puzzle looks amazing. It's 2000 pieces and measure approximately 54" x 19".

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Tropical Paradise Jigsaw Puzzle

The Ravensburger Tropical Paradise Jigsaw Puzzle is a 500 piece image of a beautiful beach. Read more here.

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Wolf and Chickadees Jigsaw Puzzle

This is a very lovely poster type 16x34” jigsaw puzzle titled Wolf and Chickadees painted by artist Daniel Renn Pierce 2005.

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Buttons Jigsaw Puzzle

The 500 piece Ravensburger titled Buttons has the makings of a perfect jigsaw puzzle. It's short, sweet and a delight.

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Harbour Sunset Jigsaw Puzzle

The American Harbour Sunset Jigsaw Puzzle is by Cardinal Puzzles, at 1000 pieces, measuring 20x27" and the artist is Dominic Davison.

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Mum's Guest House Jigsaw Puzzle

Cardinal's jigsaw puzzle titled Mum's Guest House is by Artist Cheryl Bartley. It's 500 piece, 18"x 24", has a box lid easel and a sealable bag.

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Puzzle Hobby Tracker

Here is the free jigsaw puzzle hobby tracker. Sign up for our newsletter to receive the download link in the reply.

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Higasa Jigsaw Puzzle

This Eurographics Higasa jigsaw puzzle is a theme I find very attractive as will many others. It was a delightful experience to assemble.

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Backgammon Jigsaw Puzzle

It's an Authentic Springbok jigsaw puzzle titled Jigsaw-gammon. Looks difficult to assemble, boring image to some and sadly missing 9 pieces. Although, all the game pieces are available! Read the review here.

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Balloons Away Jigsaw Puzzle

Balloons Away Jigsaw Puzzle is my second oldest completed puzzle in my collection dating back to the early 1980's.

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JaCaRou 2 Cats A Fish and a Mouse Jigsaw Puzzle

JaCaRou has added more quality to the production of their jigsaw puzzles. The 2 Cats A Fish and A Mouse sent for review revealed 5 points instantly. Read on for the details.

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Girls Best Friend Jigsaw Puzzle

Karmin's jigsaw puzzle titled Girls Best Friend has a bit of a tricky border otherwise it is a delightful quick fix. For the review, click here.

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Flower Patches Jigsaw Puzzle

The Flower Patches Jigsaw Puzzle is available from a new company called Puzzle So Hard. The overall quality is great!

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Best Friends Jigsaw Puzzle

This Best Friends Jigsaw Puzzle by Bits and Pieces puzzle company is a 300 piece, shaped image by Jack Williams who is a terrific artist.

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Love Cookies Jigsaw Puzzle

Who doesn’t love cookies? The Confections jigsaw puzzle Series makes a lovely one with bonus love stationery set included.

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Artist's Desk Jigsaw Puzzle

This Ravensburger, the Artist's Desk Jigsaw Puzzle is a 1000 piece by Aimee Stewart and a perfect puzzle experience.

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Fireworks Symphony Jigsaw Puzzle

This is a big beautiful Fireworks Symphony Jigsaw Puzzle by Cra-Z-Art. It's 1500 pieces with 5 color codes on the back.

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Merry Christmas 2020

A Merry Christmas message.

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Christmas Scene Jigsaw Puzzle

The Christmas Scene jigsaw puzzle is 1000 pieces and measure 20" x 28". It is a low cost but poor quality however it is pretty.

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Yuletime Ride Springbok Jigsaw Puzzle

A review is ready for the Springbok Yuletime Ride Christmas jigsaw puzzle. Sadly there is a missing piece.

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Christmas Stories Jigsaw Puzzle

The Christmas Stories Jigsaw Puzzle by Eurographics is a perfect Christmas puzzle for Families with 300 pieces are extra large and lots of common Christmas Stories.

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Teatime Jigsaw Puzzle

The Cobble Hill Teatime jigsaw puzzle was a perfect puzzling experience. I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed drinking tea while assembling it!

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Christmas Ornaments Jigsaw Puzzle

Christmas Ornaments Jigsaw Puzzle by Bit and Pieces is a set of 6 usable Christmas Ornaments in a kit with glue and frames. Pretty cool!

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Christmas House Jigsaw Puzzle

Christmas House Jigsaw Puzzle by White Mountain has been on my wish list for sometime and now it is even more special to me as it was sent to me by a Puzzle Fairy!

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Christmas on the Farm jigsaw puzzle

The Christmas on the Farm is by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company at 1000 pieces, measuring 26.625 x 19.25" and the image is by Greg & Company, LLC. The review is here.

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Winter Patchwork Jigsaw Puzzle

The Winter Patchwork jigsaw puzzle is a Bits and Pieces brand with 1000 random cut pieces. It has a lot of darkness but was not as tricky as I thought it might be.

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Mickey Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle

The Mickey Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle is from the Disney store at 500 pieces. This was found at the Thrift Store for 50 cents and the quality is really good. There are more details and photos in the review.

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At Christmas Give Your Heart Jigsaw Puzzle

Look At Christmas Give Your Heart Jigsaw Puzzle for several cute cut whimsies. This Ceaco is a 1994, 16x20", 500 piece ultra thick, unique die-cut cork board, and shaped pieces border by Mary Engelbreit. See the photos and details in the review.

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Rooster Mini Jigsaw Puzzle

Here is the JaCaRou Rooster, Mini Jigsaw Puzzle which is 150 pieces and 4"x6". It went faster than I first thought it would and it is a really cool quick-fix!

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Peace on Earth jigsaw puzzle

Here is a Cobble Hill Puzzle Company jigsaw puzzle titled Peace On Earth which sends a strong message during the holiday season and is highly recommended.

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Christmas Town Jigsaw Puzzle

The Christmas Town Jigsaw Puzzle by Victor McLindon is a 1000 piece, 38.5x13.5" by WHSmith in Limited Edition Panoramic puzzle which includes a foil finish.

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Christmas Train Jigsaw Puzzle

The Christmas Train Jigsaw Puzzle is one of the Cobble Hill Puzzle Company Family Series which means the pieces are cut in small to large sizes, conveniently working large pieces at one side to small pieces on the other. See the details and photos in the review.

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Village Wreath Jigsaw Puzzle

The Village Wreath by Bits and Pieces and artist Rosiland Solomon is 750 large size pieces measuring 25x24.5 inches or 63.5x62cm for ages 13+ which I bought new because this shaped puzzle was on my wish list the second I saw it. The review is here.

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Christmas Cat Jigsaw Puzzle

I customized The Christmas Cat Story into a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Here's some tips to assemble it.

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Holiday Candy Jigsaw Puzzle

The Holiday Candy Jigsaw Puzzle is 500 pieces made by Cobble Hill and the completed puzzle measures 24" x 18" which is created by Artist Andrea Mistretta. There are lots of close up photos in the review.

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Christmas Wentworth Jigsaw Puzzles

This one is titled “He Looked Like A Peddler” by Ruth Sanderson. It’s a wooden Wentworth with unique whimsy pieces from the UK.

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Winnipeg Jets Jigsaw Puzzle

The Winnipeg Jets Jigsaw Puzzle is a 150 pieces, 11" x 17" NHL logo that's a terrific gift for hockey fans.

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Peanuts Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle

Peanuts Christmas by Galison is a 1000 piece, 20x27" jigsaw puzzle has been on my wish list for several years! I can highly recommend the Galison Brand product.

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Christmas Balls Jigsaw Puzzle

It's a Christmas Balls Jigsaw Puzzle by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company in 500 pieces at 26.6x19.25" and beautiful image when completed. There are more details and lovely photos in the article.

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12 Days Of Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle

Back in 2004 I did the 12 Days of Christmas jigsaw puzzle by Springbok with Artist Lynn Bywaters. The images clearly depicts the song.

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Christmas Angels Jigsaw Puzzle

The Sunsout Christmas Angels Jigsaw Puzzle is huge! I like to use it as a Christmas decoration on the wall every year.

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