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A jigsaw puzzle hobby is more common these days. Follow the links below or the menu above to assist with  questions or queries you have, but most answers are in the menu Book link above.....enjoy and happy puzzling!

Best Jigsaw Puzzle Lights


What are the best jigsaw puzzles lights? The first issue is where your 'puzzle-station' is. Where your puzzle is set up? Is it set up by a window? Is it in a room away from the window? Is it in a windowless room? These will make a difference. Then the second issue is....what direction is your light fixture coming from....is it overhead or behind you or motion-movable? Also the jigsaw puzzle itself....does it have a huge shine on it or is it anti-glare or somewhere in between?  PUZZLE LIGHTS REVIEWS  

Best Jigsaw Puzzle Tables


We combine Jigsaw puzzle boards tables together as often they are presented as one - a board is built right into a table as shown in the examples below. While there are a lot of reviews on Amazon about the following items, a lot of puzzlers do not know they are available. I can recommend any one of the products below IF used properly. Note these are used for small puzzles and should also be used on a stable base. Jigsaw Puzzle Boards Tables Reviews   

How To Replace Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces


Want some ideas on how to replace missing jigsaw puzzle pieces? If you are missing a piece in a new (even sealed) jigsaw puzzle, there is a chance that it did not arrive with the package. Yes it may have 'escaped' during your assembly process or the pets may have ventured into the area and misplaced it during their 'playtime' but you also may be 'quite' certain you were careful enough and were not responsible for the missing pieces. It happens. Replace Missing Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces  

Jigsaw Puzzle Hobby main features

There's over 150 pages on this jigsaw puzzle hobby website so you may want to bookmark it now. Generally speaking there is anything and/or everything jigsaw puzzle related here. However, I also encourage you to share your comments and feedback to add your 'piece'.   CLICK HERE to contact me.

Also, chances are pretty good you are going to discover new ideas, loads of information  and some really fantastic photos from others who already have a jigsaw puzzle hobby.

This site is also based upon the passion associated with a jigsaw puzzle hobby. Many enthusiast will light up the minute you open the topic……let’s talk about yours……

How about your.....

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  • how many years doing this passion
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  • and so much more…….

There's a load of topics to be covered here and so there will be continuous "What's New" on the site. Be sure to come back often or better yet subscribe to the Newsletter so you do not miss out on any surprises!

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