Poster Box Lid Stand

Here's a nifty little Poster Box Lid Stand for your jigsaw puzzles. I was contacted by to see if I was interested in reviewing their product - the answer was quite easy of course. The following video gives you a quick view for using the stand or you can read more details below the video. (ps, I know I used the word horizontal in the video but I really meant 'vertical' - my bad :(


Poster Box Lid Stand Review

First it was delivered by UPS which is quite reliable for their service over the years. It was well packaged and arrived without any damage - these days anything goes. The box looked to be the correct size of a puzzle stand and as you can see below, the stand itself as it sits beside the box it comes in. The side panel shows how easily the puzzle box lid fits perfectly into the 'slanted-back-slot' so it positions the puzzle box lid perfectly for viewing. 

You also see on the box, the back side of the stand/puzzle box lid. It sure is secure in it's position.


The next image is showing the actual size in comparison to that of a 1 cup measuring cup. Now you can go and look at your own 1 cup measuring cup or see the image below. Now I have to admit, I was quite surprised to see how small the poster box lid stand actually is. There was not only one stand in the shipping box, there were three. The actual size of the stand is height 5 inches by width 2.5 inches by depth 4 inches.


Poster Box Lid Stand Poster Review

So the big test here is to see which poster sizes work best.  Puzzle posters tend to be relatively close to the size of the puzzle box but that is not always the case - but it is for the Cobble Hill jigsaw puzzle I am currently assembling. Clearly you can see how the poster warps backwards as it is way too big for the 'poster' stand. 


Then I scouted out another poster where the poster is NOT the same size as the box. It is the Galison Rainbow Seashells, 2000 piece puzzle. And even though the box is a fair size for a 2000 piece puzzle, the poster in the inside is 8" x 10" which fits perfectly on the poster box lid stand no matter whether I put it horizontal or vertical.


Follow up to Poster Box Lid Stand - Poster Test

Then it was brought to my attention {and I totally missed this, my bad :(   ...} that a Puzzler can still use the vertical box standing up AND place the vertical poster into the poster slot - how did I miss that on the side of the Poster Box Lid Stand packaging side of the box?  I do recall seeing the image but I wasn't focused enough to see that was the poster layered against the box. So, I went back to one of my puzzles, Gnarly Orb and tried using that poster because I knew the poster was in fact bigger than the box.


You can see to the left the poster is substantially larger than the puzzle box and it has been folded into 4 squares to fit inside the box. 

I set the box into the puzzle slots nice and snug. Then I placed the poster into the slot to lean it up against the box lid.

It took 4 tries to get the poster to remain sitting into the slot without it sliding down. Ok, that's doable or I could continue to use the box lid.


The same would work for other puzzle posters like the Cobble Hill puzzles as the posters are basically the same size as the box. Still a nifty, handy puzzling tool!

Poster Box Lid Stand  - box lid display

The following image shares a couple of jigsaw puzzle box lids on display. One horizontal and one vertical. One is a larger 2000 piece box and the other is 500 pieces. The boxes are really secure in their position and work quite well.


Poster Box Lid Stand Comments

Final thoughts - It's a great little compact unit for jigsaw puzzles lids.  I do like the size and the solid-sturdy plastic the product is made of.  I expect it will work great for the majority of puzzle box lids but when it comes to posters, it will be a matter of size. Then there is the price. It is little on the higher side but the sturdiness and how useful it is for the majority of puzzle lids and a fair portion of the posters will be suitable for it. Plus it will be a perfect Christmas gift. I would definitely recommend this for any puzzlers. You can also purchase it on Amazon for free shipping if you have Amazon Prime.

Special thanks to for giving me the pleasure of reviewing their product. It was fun! :)



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