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Thanks for reading our website catalog. We know there are far too many pages of reviews and information so we have gathered what has been the most popular searches according to the Google Analytics platform. 


Hi, my name is Linda Richard and I have been a jigsaw puzzle hobbyist for the last decade. I've been involved with puzzles on the internet since 2013 but started this 2nd website in 2016. You might refer to me as 'seasoned' when it comes to this hobby and clearly I have had ample time to accumulate a lot of knowledge about jigsaw puzzles. Some might think, 'what's to know? Simply buy a puzzle, assemble it and pass it on.'  

While that is the true however, if you are interested in exploring more about jigsaw puzzles, then this is the website that shares a LOT! And according to the Google search engines, you'll see in this Website Catalog just what other puzzlers are searching for. The 'Analytics' numbers verify there is more to jigsaw puzzles than pieces - so I wrote a book (Amazon link) on that too! 

Over the years I have been fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to sample many jigsaw puzzles and of course written reviews. Below is just a few of many sponsored Brands. Free products tend to sway one's opinion on reviews however, I have a reputation to uphold and high level of integrity that allows me to sleep at night. Yes, I have written about the flaws, deficiencies and negative details on all the products I have reviewed. After all, I  do need to be fair to you and the Companies. 


The Website Catalog is broken down into sections which lists the most common searched topics. You can use the links or the 'Find' command to search this page faster.

Be sure to check back often as this online Website Catalog will continue to be updated.

  • Section One - Brands
  • Section Two - Accessories
  • Section Three - Resources
  • Section Four - Social Media


Preamble Intro: When it comes to the best jigsaw puzzle brands, each one offers a unique and captivating experience. Ravensburger excels in precision and artistry, delivering intricate designs and durable puzzles.

Springbok impresses with its vibrant imagery and eco-friendly materials. Cobble Hill stands out for its whimsical illustrations and high-quality, linen-textured pieces. White Mountain Puzzles boasts a rich heritage, offering nostalgic themes and exceptional craftsmanship.

Each brand has its own distinct charm, catering to diverse interests and skill levels. Whether you seek challenging landscapes or delightful family-friendly puzzles, these top brands promise an unforgettable journey into the world of puzzling. (ChatGPT, personal communication, July 15, 2023)

Best Jigsaw Puzzle Brands: First there is a list of the top 10 most purchased jigsaw puzzle brands through the affiliate program. Not surprising it is the long standing well known Brands. I have come to learn that new 'brand' jigsaw puzzles have a tough time 'breaking through' and I expect this has to do with long time loyalty. Social media has immensely help with said 'break throughs'.  IF marketed correctly (even generally marketing speaking), a product can reap huge visibility and rewards quickly. As long as their product is good quality, they may earn loyalty too.

As a result of the above 'situation', IF a new puzzle company faces these challenges as apposed to replying on old school advertising. This modified social media marketing has surfaced over the past 5+ years but continues to be the 'new' way to advertise.  

So see for yourself in the following links - How many of the jigsaw puzzle brands have you tried?

Here's our most searched Best Jigsaw Puzzle Brands page links:

  1. Best Jigsaw Puzzle Brands - This page shares a comparison with a rate scheme we catagorized into four different levels. Read about buying pointers and short reviews on top companies. See how I broke down the criteria into 4 categories with 8 pointers applied to each category. I have listed over 30 Brands that I personally applied my ratings onto.
  2. Puzzle Brands - This page is based on the different companies in the jigsaw puzzle market.  Note that this page is a 'Group' effort of online Puzzlers who are constantly updating the list with new puzzle companies.  You may be surprised that our list is currently over 280 companies. The list can be viewed using a Google spreadsheet that is embedded into the website or scroll down for the same list with individual links that may (or may not) be completely up to date. 

Here's some examples of some of the best jigsaw puzzles I have had the pleasure of assembling which are not necessarily sponsored:


Preamble Intro: Using good lighting, puzzle trays, puzzle mats, and puzzle scoops can greatly enhance your puzzling experience. Adequate lighting reduces eye strain and ensures you don't miss any intricate details. Puzzle trays keep your pieces organized and prevent accidental mixing, while puzzle mats enable you to safely store and transport unfinished puzzles. Puzzle scoops make sorting and picking up pieces effortless. These tools not only streamline the process but also add convenience and enjoyment to your hobby. Embrace these puzzle accessories to create a comfortable and efficient puzzling environment, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the joy of assembling your favorite jigsaw puzzles. (ChatGPT, personal communication, July 15, 2023)

Jigsaw Puzzle Accessories: Over the years, I have had an opportunity to try different lighting with jigsaw puzzles and discovered that overhead lighting which is slightly off to the left or right is my best solution. While using different puzzles under different lighting, I noticed puzzles that have a sheen or shine could be tricky. But also, on the puzzle image itself, especially puzzle images that are actually photos, the shades in the photo tended to be tricky and not 'true' to the color image box compared to the puzzle pieces.

Then with tables, I find that standing works best for me as it saves strain on my back for reaching over to the top of the puzzle or having the task of turning the puzzle. That said, puzzle tables NEEDs to be at the correct hight too.

I have had matts sent to me for testing. Matts also make for great storage 'tools' when your puzzles needs to be moved from the kitchen table. I recommend you try the Grateful House mats because the matt tends to be solid, thick and does not slide.

I have been gifts trays and tray samples have been sent to me. I do find them useful but my preference is to lay out all the pieces onto a foam board.

I tested the Puzzle Scoop and I highly recommend it - it's quite useful and has a light on it too. And lastly, there are options for puzzle box stands. Puzzle Peak has a nifty little product that will serve your purpose.

Here's our most searched Jigsaw Puzzle Accessories page links:

  1. Jigsaw Puzzle Lights - For lots of details and advice on lights, this page will give you enough information to help you make a solid decision.
  2. Jigsaw Puzzle Tables - Looking for table options? There's a few ideas here that will help you make some good choices
  3. Puzzle Tables - I am sharing this link because there is instructions to build your own table with measurements if you are interested.
  4. Jigsaw Puzzle Mats - These Grateful House Puzzle Mats were sent to me for testing and they are by far the highest quality mat I have ever seen. With the quality comes the price however, if used responsibly, they will be a lifetime accessory.
  5. Jigsaw Puzzle Trays - When you open this link, you will see the Grateful House jigsaw puzzle review for Cats Playing Poker, but it has the Grateful House puzzle trays which I love! I have a few different options of trays that I use but I am getting the most use out of these ones because I can link up 1 a 1000 piece puzzle in these trays, then stack them up - works perfect for me!
  6. Jigsaw Puzzle Scoop - What puzzler could be without this perfect little tool! It's not only a scoop but also a magnify glass AND has a light on it - extremely useful and highly recommended.
  7. Jigsaw Puzzle Box Stand - Make your puzzle experience more enjoyable with the convenience of using these PuzzlePeak.com box stands. It's the small size of these that make a big difference for seeing your puzzle image without that contact glare - well worth it! 
Grateful-house-2Grateful House
Grateful-houseGrateful House
Puzzle-scoopCeaco Puzzle Scoop
Poster-box-lid-stand-box-displayPuzzle Peak Stand


Preamble Intro: Once again, one might be wondering what kind of Resources could a Puzzler possibly need? Well, take a look at what this section has to offer.  We have gathered a list of different topics that can open your puzzling experience to new levels and ideas.


Preamble Intro: Social Media is the 'new' marketing. When's the last time you looked at a store catalog? I miss them. Intact I often sign up for free puzzle catalogs just to get them. That brings me to the 'new' marketing strategies and I don't mean those 'punch-you-in-face-pop-out' ADs either. Those worked for a while but now we have just become 'blind' to them.  

Nowadays, a lot more of the ADs are being done online by using social media marketing. It didn't take long to realize that humans would revolutionize how quickly products could be marketed down to the niche buyers.   

Puzzle Hobby Social Media links:  The following are links to our four mail social links but we have several more. Also 



We have collected a massive list of jigsaw puzzles in numerous categories on our Amazon Store link. It's a quick way to browse most current puzzles and/or specific seasons, accessories and themes. Makes for a terrific one-stop jigsaw puzzle gift giving shopping centre. CLICK HERE