Monopoly Jigsaw Puzzle

This wonderful Monopoly jigsaw puzzle is actually the game too. I remember playing this game for hours as a child. I am really pleased the image is so true to the old game as it brings back such fond memories for me. The image above does not show all the terrific details but I to like the center piece that  holds the 'Chance' cards and the 'Community Chest' cards. There's even foam dice and/or real dice. 

 The 'Bank' tray is extra cool too. Take a few moments to look at the images below and watch the little video I recorded for some real-life images......this surely was a treasure to find and no missing pieces. Can't go wrong there for $2.00 

Monopoly-jigsaw-puzzleMonopoly jigsaw puzzle game board size 20.5" x 20.5" x 3"

Monopoly Jigsaw Puzzle Video

Monopoly 3D Jigsaw Puzzle

Brand: Wrebbit Puzz-3D

Title: Monopoly jigsaw puzzle game

Artist: Parker Brothers Games/Wrebbit

Pieces:  755 foam cut

Size: various separate sections

Monopoly Jigsaw Puzzle Game Parts

The Wrebbit Puzz3D Monopoly jigsaw puzzle is also a fully functional game. The following images shares the details included with the product. Research shows it being sold from $50 to over $200.00.

Overhead view of all parts included with Monopoly jigsaw puzzle game.
Monopoly jigsaw puzzle game pieces
Monopoly jigsaw puzzle game bank

The bank holds the money and property cards very conveniently. The hotels and houses have their own little containers. Even the dice are made of foam pieces and the original dice are included.  

The entire game is completely organized to include as much Monopoly jigsaw puzzle reproduction as possible.

Monopoly jigsaw puzzle game dice, Chance and Community Chest cards
Monopoly jigsaw puzzle game hotel and houses
Monopoly jigsaw puzzle game bank, hotel and house containers

It was my lucky day to locate this at the local Thrift store for $2.00 as shown in the yellow circle on the front of the box on the left below. The back of the box shows the complete set up images and packaging. This Puzz3D was made in Canada (Montreal, Quebec) in 1998.

Monopoly jigsaw puzzle game Box with price $2
Monopoly jigsaw puzzle game back of box

Monopoly jigsaw puzzle game views

Overhead view of the game.
Monopoly jigsaw puzzle game board view 1
Monopoly jigsaw puzzle game board view 2
Monopoly jigsaw puzzle game board view 3
Monopoly jigsaw puzzle game board view 4
Monopoly jigsaw puzzle game board view 5
Monopoly jigsaw puzzle game board view 6
Monopoly jigsaw puzzle game board view top
Monopoly jigsaw puzzle game board view jail

Monopoly Jigsaw Puzzle Comments

I have to admit that I was totally pumped to see this Monopoly jigsaw puzzle game on the shelf. As a youngster, we played the game for hours so there are many fun memories. Now to have it combined into a jigsaw puzzle too I am delighted to play it again because as an adult it's even more fun.

I am really impressed with this idea of combining the game and jigsaw puzzle together with the extra containers for the money, hotels, houses, dice, treasure chest, railroads and other signs. The whole package is conveniently compacted together. Even the Jailhouse is so fun with the drop from the top to the opening door at the side.

This is one I do highly recommend for a 3D jigsaw puzzle plus you get the dual action of playing the game with all the extras! That said, this particular Monopoly jigsaw puzzle was produced by precious company owners. The new Wrebbit Puzzle Company produces the following the 3D foam back puzzles.

I have also assembled another jigsaw puzzle game titled Backgammon which also has all the 'tiles' and dice.

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