Start A Jigsaw Puzzle Hobby To Instantly Improve Your Health

You read that correctly! It's being proven over and over again. A jigsaw puzzle hobby is the fastest and easiest path to boost your quality of life. Gain the advantages of using this non-drug, self medicating tool. 

What's the benefits? The Researchers say.......

  • it's the quickest way to CUT into your stress
  • it's the fastest way to rapidly unwind and relax
  • it's the activity that directly increases your brain's capacity and efficiency
  • it's the best way in delaying future long term old age problems
  • it's the path to maintaining your memory level
  • it's the solution to increasing your concentration
  • it's the answer to lowering your breathing which then reduces your heart rate
  • it's the easiest action to decrease your blood pressure
  • it's the form of meditation without sitting on the floor

If you want to get into the how's and why's and what makes it work, CLICK HERE to read the mental wellness article in more detail. IF not.......

Start here.....   

I am a firm believer in self help and while we may/may-not require clinical therapy, having a puzzle hobby is THE funnest form of therapy that is socially acceptable. In fact, you are enjoying your 'therapy' without even knowing it.

The following links below are the best place to start.

  1. The first set of links got you covered for planning.
  2. The second set of links gives you informational resources.
  3. The third set of links provides you with other options.

There's about 150 pages in this site so you may want to bookmark it now. Generally speaking there is anything and/or everything jigsaw puzzle related here. However, I also encourage you to share your comments and feedback to add your 'piece'.   CLICK HERE to contact me.

Also, chances are pretty good you are going to discover new ideas, loads of information  and some really fantastic photos from others who already have a jigsaw puzzle hobby.

Are you hungry?  Looking for a unique gift idea?

Try making these deliciously shaped shortbread more 

( may want to get some tea or coffee with those cookies...Mmmm sooo good) .... ;)

Ok, down to the reason you have landed on this site....

It's pretty clear you have some sort of interest in a jigsaw puzzle hobby. Maybe you just want to scout about the Hub to see what we have going on here. Well let me share some of the wisdom available to you.

The Jigsaw Puzzle Hobby Hub - A Passion

This jigsaw puzzle hobby site is all about 'anything and everything' jigsaw puzzles! 

You will be able to read fun stories, find cool APPs, shop for gifts, look at the latest brands, discover unique ideas, share tips, tricks and storage and download free items or coupons when available.

This site is also based upon the passion associated with a jigsaw puzzle hobby. Many enthusiast will light up the minute you open the topic……let’s talk about yours……

How about your.....

  • favorite puzzle types
  • "must haves” 
  • best brands
  • top choices
  • wish list
  • what’s in queue (up next)
  • how many years doing this passion
  • where to find the lowest prices
  • Tips to framing 
  • The assembly board 
  • How to sell 
  • and so much more…….

There's a load of topics to be covered here and so there will be continuous "What's New" on the site. Be sure to come back often or better yet subscribe to the Newsletter so you do not miss out on any surprises!


Trust in the puzzle dust!


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